The Most Intense Arguments In Joe Rogan History

With almost 2 000 episodes of The Joe Rogan Experience it's no surprise that There have been a couple of pretty Heated arguments and we're going to kick The video off by looking at one between Joe and a guest by the name of Candace Owens who initiated the conflict after Stating in a very smug way that humans Don't need to care for the environment Because climate change doesn't exist I Don't think we have to care about the Environment Not even a little bit no okay let me let Me clarify this I don't throw trash on The ground like I'm not saying like we Need to like you know trash the Environment like um but do I believe in Climate change no Joe pushed back on This initial statement by arguing that The topic was incredibly complex and That maybe Candace wasn't in a position To make this claim things became even Worse when Jaime brought up a website to Support Joe's side of the argument the Vast majority 87 of scientists said that Human activity is driving global warming Yeah I don't I don't believe this like At all just so you know which resulted In Candace implying that they were Specifically searching for data support What Joe already believed I guess look Up the opposite right instead of instead Of looking for what you're searching for Looking for what you're not looking for

I didn't search for it that's what I Found myself Joe then doubled down on Just how detrimental the climate Situation could be yeah this could Negatively impact all sorts of coastal Cities this could be a gigantic problem This is not like propaganda that's Drummed up by some sort of big business That seeks to make money off of this yet Candice showed no interest in changing Her belief on the topic escalating the Conflict even further I don't believe It's real okay so I can't say But why have a belief why have a belief As to whether or not global warming is Real or not real because I just I just Find that with things you don't Understand the science you are correct But why have a belief in it right so It's my belief it's not a belief in it I Don't believe in it Joe was eventually Able to get Candice to admit that she Didn't really know what she was talking About how about not have a belief until You really okay so you would prefer if My language as opposed to admitting that I do not know this I Wouldn't Die myself I've never made it I've never made a Public statement you would have Preferred if I had just started by Saying I have no I have no opinion no I Don't know okay that's what I'm saying You you say but I said I didn't know you Say I don't believe in it yeah I don't

Believe in it you're saying really Clearly that you don't think it's real However Eddie Bravo was significantly More stubborn who found himself in an Argument with Joe after refusing to let Go of the idea that the Earth was flat Show me a real picture show me a real Picture listen NASA does not have one of Those satellites fake why does it look Fake it looks like it looks like Something you would see in a movie That's because when they do it in a move They try to make it look like this which Is what looks real why would it be fake Propaganda man after Eddie kicked off The argument by claiming that every Round picture of the earth is fake Joe Continued the conversation by requesting To see a legitimate photo of a flat Earth is there a photo of this Flat Earth no I don't like I just said again There's no photo of of the Flat Earth From space there's no photo of the round Earth that's right that's not true Why do you say they're fake though they Look fake they look CGI but you're not An expert in imagery after being backed Into a corner Eddie made the argument That the sources Joe was using were Being paid for to keep the conspiracy Going where did you get this information Jamie where'd you get it Where'd I get What this information what is this Coming from this is coming off the

Internet exactly so we're reading some Information I'm reading some memories Here there's a book called The American Journal of science I'm sure that which Is which is bought and paid for well Maybe why would anybody be paying money For people to lie about the world which Is followed by Eddie stating that there Was no evidence to confirm that the Earth was in fact spinning Eddie people Have known it's spinning forever that's How you that's how the season's gravity Been that's how you see the sun we spin Around that's why I mean that's why you Can track time zones that's why you Could put a piece of stick in the ground It acts as a sun dive after over 40 Minutes of back and forth between the Two Joe completely lost it Eddie I used To say this is talking about the Earth You think they're all wrong that's so Insane you haven't looked into it I have No you have oh my God how could I not Have you don't think I have hey there's Websites dedicated to debunking it There's so many people working on these Things Eddie the idea that they're all In on some sort of a giant Global lie is Insane however while this argument could Certainly be dismissed as a bit of Banter between two friends the same Can't be said for the argument between Joe and Matt Walsh who began the heated Exchange after claiming that gay

Marriage shouldn't be allowed as it Threatens the institution of traditional Marriage but then why are you opposed to Two gay people doing that it's not about Choice it's about what this institution Marriage is an institution and what is It and what purpose does it sir Joe then Made the point that a gay marriage Doesn't damage a straight marriage in Any way I don't think gay people and gay People getting married in any way shape Or form changes a bond that you have With your wife twitch Matt responded With the following point if marriage is Not what I'm saying it is why do we even Need it a thing that actually exists Which is which are you know man woman Couples creating creating babies but Optimet stated that the point of a Marriage is for a man and a woman to Make babies Joe questioned the following If marriage is only for procreation and To bond a family together what about People that are deeply in love that Never want to have children I don't think it's it's not only Procreation right but if people want to Be married and don't want to ever have Children are you opposed to them being Married I think this would be a couple That is rejecting one of the fundamental Aspects of marriage they should be open To to life I would hope that in the Future they would be it seemed as though

John Matt could have argued back and Forth for hours on end but what happens When Joe invites one of his haters onto The podcast this is what happened with Brian Dunning who had written an article Claiming that Joe was one of 10 Celebrities who promote harmful Pseudoscience in which he'd write Comedian Joe Rogan does what he can to Promote virtually any conspiracy theory That he stumbles onto apparently Accepting them all uncritically with a Wholesome Embrace he believes the Apollo Astronauts did not land on the moon he Believes the US government was behind The 9 11 terrorist attacks he believes The Oliver Stone version of the Kennedy Assassination he believes that aliens Crashed at Roswell in 1947 and the Government is covering it up Joe if You're going to put so much effort into Promoting conspiracy theories and Eroding what little rationality the Public has left at least had the courage To come forward with a cogent argument And well-sourced evidence instead of the Lameness of I'm just the guy asking Questions take the responsibility here Joe would take this responsibility by Inviting Dunning onto the podcast which Resulted in a three-hour back and forth Arguing about everything beginning with Conspiracy theories well it's just Factually inaccurate on so many

Different levels I don't understand why You wrote it like that like there's Things that you said that I believe that I don't that have never said that I do Before eventually concluding with diet And alcohol it's not correct that's not The way the Body Works that's not the Way the digestion system works when you Say that there's a supplement that can Prevent you from getting drunk you're I'm sorry you're you're against all Reasonably established science and You're trying to you're trying to make a Buck off of people potentially getting Killed and I had a huge problem with That to the point I had to turn the show Off however if we're on the topic of Diet and alcohol then we have to look at The Joe Rogan Experience number 1267 which became one of Joe's most Hated episode episodes after two Opposing diet Specialists began to argue About nutrition For a long time and I'm going to talk For as long as I want now throughout the Whole episode the two guests were Continually mocking each other in a very Subtle way yeah how does the brain Regulate that I didn't say it regulated There we go hold on that's so Fascinating muscle which accompanied Other segments where the guests made it Very obvious that they hated each other Data are very clear on that Gary so no

No no yes they are look we have David we Can't say things like that stuff because We're going to disagree let's let's move On you think they mostly fish that's Incorrect okay according to the data That's I remember you saying that in Your book something to that effect read What you've got my book read well okay Anyway just read what I said let's let's Go let's argue about it I'm going to Move on here the adversity between the Two guests became so great that Joe had To intervene on more than one occasion Gary I I really continue to get the Feeling that you do not understand human Energetics because that's not how it Works well no I'm just saying 10 Calories stored in the fat tissue yeah 10 calories 10 calories I didn't say Anything about how much you have to eat I'm not done okay no but you're Insulting me yeah you gotta stop doing That dude you keep acting like you think I'm an idiot all right are you done now Are you done can we be clear that we're Talking about are you done now can I Just finish this no you can't until I am Done without knowing yeah you have time To respond you can respond write down Notes on what you want to respond to and After he's done you can do yeah but We're going to get into it Something that's not the point Thank you okay but despite like this the

Two diet experts fail to agree on almost Anything what do you disagree with well Virtually everything as we've seen so Far Joe Rogan is pretty good at keeping His core whenever things get spicy However in a recent episode with Dave Portnoy Joe struggled to keep his call After Dave stated that Tommy Fury wasn't A real boxer I saw Tommy Fury box he is Not a box well he's definitely a boxer Well he puts on gloves he's definitely a Boxer Dave went on to make the point That Tommy was only famous due to his Brother's name we would not know who Tommy Fury was if his last name wasn't Fury Probably we wouldn't know as much about Him I don't but he's still a good Looking guy he's built great he you know He looks well he looks that looks the Part looks the part and while the Conversation was somewhat amicable in The beginning the tension escalated After Jaime pulled up a video of Tommy Fury's boxing look at this look at this He's fighting a professional boxer the Guy's fighting looks good dude you're Crazy if you don't think Tommy feelings Look at that uppercut find the Tommy Fury find the Tommy Fury fight can you Find me the record yes stop watch this Watch this look at this you're out of Your mind look at this That was in slow motion no it's not in

Slow motion I think you slowed that down No he is 100 a legitimate professional Boxer if you don't think so you're just Being a hater the argument between Joe And Dave felt like it was coming from a Fun perspective however Joe Rogan's Argument with Adam conovar was Significantly less friendly which began When Adam stated that he saw nothing Wrong with transgender athletes sports With uh trans athletes who are uh you Know competing with the you know with Their gender right that's uh that is a Sporting world that I'm more interested In Joe responded to Adam's position by Making the point that it's unfair for a Biological man to compete against women If you're a woman and you're a natural Woman and you don't take any extra Hormones or male hormones you're not Taking steroids or any sort of Performance enhancing drugs you're doing Your very best to compete and you're at The top of the Heap but then someone Comes along that was a man for 30 years And decides they're going to be a woman And this has happened and literally Transitioned a few months ago and Competes as a woman and destroys records And dominates you in that sport that's Not competing on a Level Playing Field It's not fair it's it's is as much Cheating as taking steroids when the Other person doesn't I I disagree and

And what do you disagree about I've Already well I don't think that there is Such a thing as a perfectly Level Playing Field I think we did decide what Kind of playing field we want to have Sure but we do make the distinction Where we don't allow men to compete in Women's divisions and I think that that Distinction may be breaking down a bit Right and I think it may be time to Break down that distinction so you think That males should be able to compete in The women's division of weightlifting uh No I don't necessarily Um but they can if they transition uh Well first of all uh uh the the debate Became even more hated after the two got Onto the topic of transgender children If you're shooting hormones into a child And you're affecting the child's Development you're saying that's not a Choice that's nonsense of course it's a Choice you're choosing to chemically Change this child's body which then Turned into a weird debate about the Existence of alpha males it's not Scientific but it is true that women are Hardwired to be attracted to confident Athletic men I don't know well I don't Know if I agree with that Um but uh really yeah but if you ask Girls like what are you into and you say If you are you into tall all muscular Confident men who are also nice to do

Jesus Christ it's going to be off the Charts it's going to be like most of Them I'm you know I'm really not sure That's the case really however at least Joe was sober for the Adam Conover Debate as alcohol was one of the main Drivers for Joe's heated 2017 argument With Stephen Crowder which began with Stephen stating that the legalization of Weed has led to an increase in motor Vehicle accidents traffic fatalities Regarding marijuana have skyrocketed Google that because that's a nonsense Drunk driving arrests have dropped what Do you mean you've what first of all They run about what the source but Steven then tried to convince Joe that He didn't really care about the use of Weed I don't care about it yeah you do I Don't care you're the guy that thinks People should be able to do whatever You're a free market guy so if you're a Free market guy why wouldn't you be in Support of something whether it's the Most beneficial or equally beneficial But you're not necessarily because You're denied because right now which is Followed by Joe mocking Steven for his Attitude things that are good and don't Sure man just like you don't sure Turmeric you don't Shore Ginger you Don't Shore A reduced sugar diet all Those things that reduce inflammation Are good yeah I know I don't I don't buy

That smoking marijuana would be as Beneficial as a reduced sugar diet after Bringing up a study to support Joy's Point the following exchange ensued Since marijuana legalization Highway Fatalities in Colorado all right We have been bringing up the source that You want Washington bring up the study Right there yeah Washington Post bring Up the study that we wrote we wrote About on our website look I don't care About your website since marijuana Legalization Highway fatalities in Colorado And after Joe sobered up the following Day he issued an apology for the way he Acted during one of the most hated Arguments in Joe Rogan history

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