The Penguinz0 Situation Gets Worse…

The controversy between snicu and Penguin zero has recently been taken to Another level of crazy as snico has Resulted to threatening Charlie's life Hi I'm the internet Anarchist I create Wiggly YouTube documentaries and today We'll be looking into the horrible Situation between penguin zero AKA moist Critical AKA Charlie and ex-youtuber Sneako on the 14th of March I'd publish A video titled how penguin zero Destroyed snico where throughout the Video I would discuss the historical Beef between the two the main points Charlie had against Nico was the fact That he is a Kirk tried to drag his Girlfriend into the drama and also Defended the movie cuties but after Charlie was unanimously crowned the Winner by the internet it was expected That things would stop here but things Would take an extreme turn for the worse As sneaker would step things up by Literally threatening Charlie's life Following the upload of my video sneaker Would tweet out this soy keyboard Warrior moist critical we all knew that He wouldn't accept a fight lowbro was a 5'3 pasty gaming man alert have some Empathy well matters is how the most Influential commentators have no Specific beliefs they never get canceled They just talk why do you listen and Whilst Charlie wouldn't respond to this

Tweet directly within hours he would Post a video titled sneaker who is Horrible yet another video absolutely Demolishing what ego and reputation Sneak your head remaining throughout the Video Charlie would once again not hold Back the video would start off with a Bang by addressing how fragile sneaker Is and the fact that he hasn't been able To stop talking about Charlie ever since They first interacted three months prior That you have not stopped whining since It's already been three months can you Believe that how time flies you started [ __ ] with me by insulting me and my Girlfriend out of nowhere so naturally I Responded by making fun of you in return And showcasing the reasons why I don't Respect you but unfortunately I failed To calculate just how much of a Sensitive [ __ ] loser you are because This hurt your feelings to such a high Degree it's become like an Armageddon in Your brain three months you have Continued to melt down about it but here Is where things would take a violent Twist as Charlie would reveal a clip From sneaker's stream where he was Waving and dancing with a gun Threatening not only Charlie but Everyone else who had previously Criticized him in the past the day after I posted my response he went on stream And had a huge unhinged tantrum and

Meltdown about the whole thing and then He sent some of his viewers over so I Was joking with them saying like oh you Guys must have just stopped the cuties Watch party over there it's Nico's Stream right welcome Cox that kind of [ __ ] and it got really under his skin in A big way so he started dancing around With the gun and threatening to come Shoot me so he kept saying oh you're in Tampa right I'll come see you waving his Gun around and dancing you want to watch My Clips watch my clips watch my clips You wanna oh you want me to watch your Own Clips watch my clips He's the only good Sunrise you are but This is where sneaker would make an Embarrassing mistake and where Charlie Would take grip of the situation and Give sneako a lesson in gun anatomy and I'm sorry to be that guy this is like The grammar police of guns but he's a [ __ ] imbecile you absolute buffoon What you have there is not Cliffs these Are mags they're mags not Clips you Absolute [ __ ] dummy the same way that This is also a MAG they're all mags stop Saying Clips you look [ __ ] stupid Here anyway sorry for the gun Anatomy Lesson he was very upset so he was Threatening to come shoot me beat me up All of that because I hurt his feelings And it's been festering for quite some Time now as everyone thought things

Couldn't get worse for sneaker they Would as Charlie would also bring up the Fact that sneaker was relying on his Discord server to come up with arguments On his behalf I also love that you treat This Discord server like it's your PR Team so you have them work on your Responses on Twitter because you're not Witty enough to come up with anything on Your own you have no ability to Banter You can't insult anyone anytime you're Pushed all you fall back on is one of Three things soy boy bot or NPC and That's it you never deviate from this Path which is ironic because you're like Literally a sheep you have three Programmed responses you're like the Absolute worst character side character In an MMO later in Charlie's response he Would once again bring up sneakers Life As a cook another thing that I talked About for a reason I don't respect him Is because he battles with his own Sexuality he is very public about how he Used to go to these swinger parties I Think he says four in total over the Course of like two weeks where he Watched his girlfriend get [ __ ] by Other men even telling the story of how He was literally in the bed watching his Girl get [ __ ] by a different man Moaning intensely and it it was Traumatizing yet he recommends that Everyone should try it at some point for

Some reason so my point with this was Why is this the guy that it's lecturing Everyone on their relationships [ __ ] On people's relationships when he Himself is in one that makes him very Upset and he can't come to terms with it Now if he's open about being a cuck and Happy and proud to be a cuck that's fine But he's not it makes him mad every Single time so why the [ __ ] is this Insecure Guy the one that's the moral Authority on healthy relationships all Of a sudden it wouldn't be until later In the video that Charlie would finally Discuss the Twitter feed that he had With sneaker two days prior in a Hilarious clip stating fast forward to Two days ago I was streaming a moist Esports tournament and I went up to go To the bathroom I had to take a [ __ ] it Was a double flusher so I was on the Toilet for quite some time and I saw a Sneako post that he's posted quite a few Times now and I thought you know what [ __ ] it not doing anything else right Now on the porcelain Throne I'll play in The pig pen so I did for three months Now sneakos had this adorable little Collage that he made that looks like It's straight out of a 16 year old Girl's diary with pictures of boys from Her class that she doesn't like all About people that have hurt his feelings This is his Wall of Shame for people

That have insulted him online what's Even sadder about it is he purposely Leaves out people that he's afraid of so Turkey Tom for example made a whole Video talking about snico and how Pathetic he is and snico tried to talk a Big game to him even challenge him to a Debate which Turkey Tom accepted with Jubilation he was ecstatic and then Snico kept ducking him ghosting him so He leaves Turkey Tom off of this list Because he's afraid to actually talk to Him and he also leaves off quite a few Other people but the most notable other One that is comical for the absence is Brandon Buckingham Brandon Buckingham is An internet content creator that sneako Lied about for a long time and they had A lot of beef and Brandon Buckingham Actually challenged them to a fight and Snico is very fearful of him now I will Say it again what I did and what I am Doing right now is not canceling you Sneako I am insulting you I am making Fun of you something that you were Supposed to be a huge proponent of right Wasn't like one of your big things like Bullying needs to be brought back so now That I'm making fun of you what all of a Sudden now it's now it's off limits now It's canceling you have become the sjws That you criticize so much I don't know How you don't realize that Charlie would Also destroy sneaker by addressing the

Fact that sneaker constantly resorts to Wanting to fight whenever he is insulted Online further proving that he has no Genuine comebacks or defenses for what People say about him I think this is Important to talk about and I just Talked about it recently when you are Getting your feelings hurt and your Immediate response isn't to fire back With insults jokes whatever it's to Challenge someone to a fight you've Taken a huge L you've shown that the Person has got under your skin and the Only thing you can resort to is a Caveman brain of I'll beat you in a Fight sneako you beating me in a fight Doesn't unfuck your girlfriend from the Numerous men that had sex with her in Front of you it doesn't do anything Everything I've said still stands Nothing changes it does doesn't even Salvage your ego all it is is a pathetic [ __ ] attempt at attention and I don't Think you believe half the things you Talk about I really think snico just Panders as much as possible he himself Doesn't even stand by the things he Talks about I really don't think he has Any beliefs of his own he just Echoes What he thinks is going to get him the Biggest audience slash the most money it Would also state that sneaker was just Attention seeking as YouTuber branding Buckingham offered to fight sneaker with

Sneaker would instead ignore and try to Avoid it this puffing out his chest have Challenged me to a fight is clearly Attention that's what it feels like Because you don't have the same energy For Brandon Buckingham Brandon Buckingham is more than willing to fight You any day of the week but with him you Don't want to do that for some reason Why do you not stand by your beliefs When it comes to Brandon Buckingham he Has said all the same things about you That I am saying about you so why is he Exempt why don't you want to fight him That's so weird this is what you said About Brandon Buckingham and fighting Him and then finally when Brandon Buckingham is down to meet sneak go he's There to box them they're both similar Sizes Nico would now rather just sit at Home and tell jokes behind his computer I'd rather just I'd rather sit at home And yell at a camera tell jokes than you Know risk my manhood falling flat for Branding Brandon Buckingham you know if I lose the fight so now it's suddenly Cool to just stay at home and keep it All online later in the video Charlie Would state that he doesn't want to Fight sneaker while simultaneously Roasting sneakers physique I've also Been super vocal about how I don't want To fight like I'm not afraid to say like I don't want to get hit in the head

Right like I'm afraid of taking Headshots it's probably a super normal Fear to have so I'm averse to going into A boxing match especially one that's Just a clout driven spectacle like this That'd be completely [ __ ] worthless And I've been super open about that Which I'm sure you know since you keep Saying that you've watched my content so You probably know that I was never going To accept the fight in the first place Especially since you're like Significantly taller than me right like It does it does it wouldn't make any Sense and even though you would probably Beat me in a fight you're certainly not Beating me in like an aesthetic physique Competition because God damn I blow your Ass out of the water look at this [ __ ] anime character physique I'm Rocking meanwhile you're over here with That Abercrombie and Fitch from 1998. The video would go completely viral Gaining Omar's 2 million views within Just five hours and whilst Charlie would Be extremely harsh with sneaker the Video would be received well by the Audience with comment stating watching Charlie dabola's sneaker was truly the Merman of all time and he seemed like Such a down-to-earth respectful and Thoughtful person in his old content I Guess watching his girlfriend enjoy Another man's pipe really broke his

Brain it's unfortunate that this Situation had to Resort in threats of Violence and hostility but it's safe to Say that this is on sneaker's end of Things as Charlie has not once Threatened sneako in this whole Situation and if you're wondering how Charlie became so popular to begin with Click on the video on screen to find out

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