The Sad Life Of YouTube’s Most Canceled Creator

Was on track to become the next big Minecraft Youtuber until he was canceled Over 40 times in less than seven days Who was jakishi what did he do and how Has his life been impacted as a result Of these actions let's begin by looking At an early video posted to his Twitter During which Takeshi would give a quick Overview of who he was hello my name is Jacquisio Demetrius I'm a 22 year old Minecraft and just chatting streamer and I've been streaming for like seven years My favorite part about streaming is the Fact that I get to meet awesome people And make Amazing Friends There were Definitely some elements of weird in This introductory video such as him Calling himself a catboy it's time for My lore I'm a catboy while showing his Cat ear collection before stating this I I can meow if you want but for the most Part this video was fairly innocent with His solid reputation being summarized by The countless positive replies in other Twitter threads jakishi was described as Not only one of the best people I know But also one of the best and most Hard-working CC's I know helping jakeshi To get noticed by dream who randomly Great education's twitch Channel wait What what what huh hello what there's no Way wait yo what the what welcome Everybody what the Everybody what I'm trying not to cry

Thank you guys so much you love my nails Thank you thank you for all the gifteds Thank you for all the thank you for all The biddies the follows dream Yes Actually dream before dream would double Down on the congestion by donating two Thousand dollars to him a dream there's No freaking way a two thousand dollar Donut dream What the heck Thank you so much according to a former Friend by the name of pocket jikishi was An extremely hard worker and therefore Deserved the recognition shikishi was Somebody who always worked hard you know He never gave up he kept things pushing When his support wasn't there and this Is just well deserved man I'm just super Happy for you so congratulations yukishi And to the credit of jakeshi it was Extremely grateful for the shout out Posting on Twitter invest in jakishi Stocks right now thank you dream was Taken you and your community are amazing Which received replies of further praise Such as that you deserve it you seem so Chill after being raided by dream Jakeshi's twitch viewership exploded Shikishi was getting like 30 to 60 Viewers per stream this is game changer Now he's getting a couple hundred while Almost every single tweet hit post began To receive between 100 and a couple Thousand likes and he's getting like

Thousands of likes per Tweet now like One to two thousand which is insane bro Like just overnight additionally his Follow accounts grew to 57 000 on Twitch 27 000 on Tick Tock 7000 on YouTube and More than 10 000 on Twitter with this Growth being highlighted in a tweet Rating I'm still so shocked that I went From like 1.5 Kish to 11.5 K ish in like 4 days you guys are Bonkers which once Again prompted reply after reply of People reiterating just how much he Deserved the growth however jakishi's Biggest success would come four months After these tweets when he'd announce on The 24th of October 2021 that he'd been Invited by dream to join his SMP what's This I'm one of the newest members of Dream SMP I can't wait to make new Friends and great memories the reason This post received over 26 000 likes and Hundreds of positive comments was Because being invited to the dream SMP Was like winning the lottery for Minecraft content creators for example Tommy in it gained 8 million subscribers In the 12 months after he joined the Dream SMP while almost every other Member has an extremely recognizable Name as a partial result of the server's Influence therefore being invited to the Dream SMP Gabe jakishi an extremely high Probability that he was going to be one Of the next big names amongst that group

With is Twitch gaining over 32 000 Followers after announcing that he'd Joined the server jukeshi instantly Began to exhibit the same kind of Outlook and attitude as these other Minecraft streamers making a Twitter Post only one day after being accepted Into the SMP reading so I had something Brought to my attention that one of my New mods said something that wasn't okay In any circumstance they have been Unmodded because that doesn't fly with Me at all that isn't the kind of stuff I Want in my chat not from mods not from Anyone love you guys for people asking For context there was something said About self-harm and it wasn't okay with This post seemingly try to establish the Idea that he was of good morals and Could do nothing wrong which also seemed To be the goal of his countless other Tweets where he was trying to come off As extremely nice and overly accepting Of others however you should always be Cautious of a Creator who seems too nice Because everybody has an unseen dark Side and perhaps shikishi's overwhelming Kindness was nothing more than a Cover-up for his own horrible past My experience with jakishi Demetrius Popped up on the 26th of October 2021 Only two days after he was accepted into The dream SMP it had been posted by a User named Ren who had attached a

Twitlonger which read as follows Due to the recent event of him joining a Considerably large content creator group And gaining exponentially more exposure I feel like it's my responsibility to Bring this to light in order to prevent This person from taking advantage of More young girls the twit longer then Explained that the two had begun talking When she was 14 Jakes she was 18 or 19 And that things had gotten heated in the Chat pretty quickly the two are joked About sending pictures to each other Which they would eventually do and it Also talked about meeting up quote if we Would have met up that summer I would Have been 15 while he was 20 alone in a Hotel with a man who said that he would Try to not make sexual advances on me The post concluded by stating I can no Longer ignore it as his audience of Young and impressionable girls is Growing by the second I blocked him on Snapchat Twitter and Instagram several Months ago after we eventually grew Apart and have not spoken to him since I Also know that I was not the only Underage girl that he was sexual with Ren had all of the screenshots to match And with the expose receiving over 50 000 likes it was only going to be so Long until your dream realized what was Going on who would take to his private Twitter in a post reading remove

Demetrius from the SMP for gross Accusations that he also confirmed Privately were accurate no questions no Toleration disgusted and Incredibly Disappointed we'll never let things like This stop me from trying to uplift Members of the community and smaller Content creators it's part of what makes Our community great so stick together be There for people who need it and always Be safe online however jakishi being Removed from the dream SMP was really Only the beginning of his problems on The original expose a user by the name Of mackerel had replied by stating my Friend had a bad experience with him too Indicating that yukishi may have been a Repeat offender well over the next 24 Hours 18 different people came forward Explaining that they had had a similar Experience we talked on Discord and it Started out innocent until he suggested That we add each other on Snap he'd Bring up my age pretty often and always Ask me if I'd never tell anyone because He doesn't want to get exposed like he Is right now like this was his biggest Fear he brought it up so often that I Don't know how I missed the fact that he Had other victims the funny thing is That after I turned 18 he never Interacted with me in a sexual way again I was a young Miner 12 to 14 not saying Specific age I told him I wasn't

Comfortable with those jokes and how he Needed to stop he never stopped he Continued I didn't want to completely Cut connections with him because I Trusted him he was my best friend and I Didn't want to lose the person I enjoyed Talking to we were 11 12 we lied about Our age and said I was 13. we were on a Discord server with jakeshi we ended up Dming each other because of a mutual Friend and became pretty good friends at First he seemed nice and we had a pretty Normal relationship but about a month or So in it became very weird it would ask To call us constantly even when I said No and make NSFW jokes to us even when We said we were uncomfortable and by the Following day the count of allegations Had reached 30 and by the end of the Week approximately 41 people had come Forward all of which citing a very Similar experience She's bizarre post from earlier Requesting that his fans apply to be his Children had suddenly aged incredibly Poorly to the extent that he didn't even Try to issue any kind of apology and Instead simply disappeared from the Internet his twitch channel was Terminated for breaking terms of service While he delete every single video from His YouTube channel his Tech talk was Deleted his Instagram was erased and Even his merch store was taken down

Completely the only piece of remaining Jakishi social media is his Twitter Which sits vacant following his final Tweet of nothing more than the word Minecraft with a smiley face so where is He now jakishi was smart enough to never Give out his surname possibly because he Knew he might end up in this situation And as a result there's very little info On what ended up happening to him there Are Reddit threads such as this one Questioning whatever happened to jukishi After the drama although besides from Some people hoping that he ended up in Prison the only information we have is For all we know he disappeared Foreign

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