The Satisfying Downfall of iilluminaughtii

5 months ago I published a video titled How Illuminati ended her career in 7 Seconds where I discussed the disgusting And predatory behavior of a once Respected YouTuber Illuminati but things Have since got a whole lot worse so bad That she's resorted to sending out legal Threats and even personally censoring me But I won't be silenced hi I'm the Internet Anarchist I create weekly YouTube documentaries and today we'll be Dropping the content n on Illuminati a Million YouTuber who managed to hit rock Bottom and dig herself even deeper to Get a clear understanding on the recent Developments in Blair's downfall we First have to take a look at her latest Targets for legal abuse her ex-boyfriend OS media on the 16th of September 2023 Following a ceas and assist letter osw Upload a video titled let's talk an Update on Illuminati drama a video that Was intended to give viewers further Context about his upcoming 3-hour long Video on Blair as well as recording her Ongoing eort to ruin his life first and Foremost I need to make everyone aware For reasons that I hope this update will Make clear for my safety I need to put a Short and temporary pause on production Of my video on Illuminati the video will Still of course be produced I just need To put things on a lower burn in return To regular content for the time being

For many reasons some of them being the Honest truth that I can't afford to Continue at this rate both fiscally and Physically the first quarter of the Video was spent on recounting events That led him members of sad milk and Blair to the predicament that they now Found themselves in he also explained His need to continue posting other forms Of content to support himself while Gathering information on Blair's past I've put a lot of things in my life on Hold to produce this video ending up With nearly 110 pages of a manuscript Which details as much of what I can and Let me tell you something converting This monstrosity into a video with its Accompanying half th000 screenshots has Been one hell of a Monumental task for Me a oneperson team to embark on as a Quick note Blair's name is not on any of The original documents related to my Home I'm providing all of this Information to give full context to the GoFundMe as I feel it's more than Deserved as honestly I would feel guilty As hell putting the video on pod shortly After it hit its funding goal followed By me just continuing to upload regular Content without warning Oz went on to Present some shocking dat tells about His relationship with Blair and methods Of manipulation that she used not just To gain control over his home but his

Entire life as well even though these Are allegations they followed Blair's Tendency to take advantage of other People and the fact o acknowledged that His video could end up in the courtroom Leads credibility to his message According to Oz at the start of their Relationship Blair coers him into taking On several poor financial decisions like Co-signing loans with her and paying a Deposit for a custom multi-million Dollar home Blair was exploiting his Good credit score for her ear selfish Gain and in the process ruined it which Eventually put oz in debt I'm 23 almost 24 in the beginning Blair walked me into Several poor financial decisions my Naivity caused me to believe her Reassurances that I could handle all the Financial obligations being dropped onto My shoulders by someone more experienced In life than I was why these obligations Were placed onto me at the time Blair Had bad credit so all of the purchases Loans everything with was being placed In my name this included the car that She purchased then revoked from wond Struck I was on the loan as a co-signer Only because of my credit at the time Eventually though the financial Responsibilities that I incurred would Stack up on me building a mountain of Monthly debt that would lead me into Several financially tight months and

Eventually just breaking this would lead Me to asking Blair my partner for Financial help financial help for things Such as my home which she was living in Help from my partner who at any given Time would be making up to 30 times my Monthly income these amounts of Assistance would be added to a ledger of Debt and I want to clarify again Blair Wasn't my bank she wasn't my landlord She was my partner at this time Blair Not only devastated oza's credit score But also sought to extend her influence Over his life she wanted to have Complete control over USS and the debt She created was only one part of her Cruel plan Blair isolated Oz by Spreading gossip about his unfortunate Financial situation with with everyone They knew and even convinced him to be Grateful for the quote assistance he Received from her once oza's debt to Blair had grown to almost $180,000 he decided to start working for Both her main Channel and crypto Farm in Order to have any hope of repaying the Loan this led oo abandon his own channel In service of Blair but unfortunately it Wasn't enough I avoided telling anyone Who could have helped who could have Helped me see what was happening out of Fear of further confirmation more eyes Looking down on me something to note When you're around Blair your world

Revolves around her in my case my home Was hers despite her name not being on It I had no friends out in Colorado a State that I moved to at the behest of Blair only Blair's friends were out here All of my connections had to be approved By her I wasn't allowed to be friends With people she didn't like such as Click in one topic or even wonder once That bridge was burned and reduced to Cinders I was was even in a position Where my finances were nearly entirely Controlled by her from what debts I took On to later being the fact that she was The person who signed my paychecks all While my world was painted to me in a Light where I should be grateful for her Generosity by December of 2022 Blair Took further advantage of O's Predicament and convinced him to sign a Document that was far from being in his Best interests when I was 23 and Blair Was nearly 31 Blair with her lawyer Would create an honestly quite confusing Legal document for me to sign where I Would agree to pay back her debt Blair Being the person who signed my checks Knew that I couldn't afford legal Representation Blair also knew that the $25,000 that she was having me pay Monthly towards that debt was almost as Much as I was making monthly working for Her this would mean that I could barely Pay for anything else in my life other

Than the debt that I owed her everything I made working for her was going right Back into her pocket Blair would bring Me to her lawyer's office put me in a Room alone with the two of them with Papers in front of me papers which I Foolishly signed for a myriad of reasons Ranging from Blair expressing that this Would mend our relationship that it was The right thing for me to do that this Would also protect her legally and Prevent her from getting into trouble With the IRS she also would describe to Me and while I can't remember if this Exact word was ever used she essentially Explained to me that because she used Company funds to assist me that she had Committed embezzlement and by converting The amount that I owed her into a loan With her company this would save her Skin legally in the 3 years that they Spent together Blair orchestrated the Demise of O's credit history isolated Him from his support network and got him To sign away whatever chance he had from Escaping her prison of death even though Things seemed Bleak there's still a Silver lining prior to uploading this Video o set up a GoFundMe to help pay For living expenses while he created his Documentary on Blair and covered the Inevitable legal fees that he would face In his battle to keep his home as of This recording oza surpassed his funding

Goals and currently sits at $44,000 raised considering the details On Blair's alleged crimes that Oz Intended to share it only made sense That she would try to [ __ ] him Financially just like what she did with Wuck Blair feels threatened by Oz and is More than desperate to keep him quiet While she frames herself as being the Victim with Discord screenshots reading The worst part honestly is that Oz Worked for me worked with a team and he Knew that doing this would hurt their Livelihood like you want to be a bit of EX that's mad I moved on and Found Love Fine go to therapy doing this to get Back at me or punishing me for leaving Him it's insane I still cared about him I didn't realize he was the one Masterminding this his mainly doing it's Because he owes me almost $200,000 that He took from me like God damn we broke Up at the end of 2021 is and when I Finally started to see someone new in January he broke into my computer and Read through my Discord DMS to find Messages he found them lost his [ __ ] Told my employees I quote cheated and Told them the channel is going to fall Apart in a couple of months and to look For new jobs he ploted this from the Start with a brainwashed member of the Discord server saying wow that's Psychotic these are leaked screenshots

From Blair's private Discord server from A user by the name of FPS Diesel and They perfectly picture blaz need to bend The truth in order to satisfy her own Ego even if she was the one that lied Manipulated and used someone else that She previously called a partner as Horrible as that might sound this isn't The first time Blair abused her Boyfriend as the one that came before us Suffered an equally terrible fate on the 6th of June 20123 a YouTuber by the name Of swoop released a documentary that Brought to light one of Blair's previous Relationships that went unnoticed during Recent times but in retrospect Foreshadowed many of the patn of abuse And manipulation that we've seen Recently according to the allegations And information from the interview that Swip conducted Blair and a retired YouTuber named azothan dated for around 2 years and 6 months while things were Relatively Pleasant at the start it was Only a matter of time before Blair began To show her true colors during the Relationship Blair would quote take me To Vegas to confess her love but had a Backup ticket to send me home that night If I didn't reciprocate unquote once the Pair had settled in together Blair would Attempt to control his life even further As she quote demand I spend my time Exclusively playing Dark Souls 3 with

Her in my free time any attempt to go Out to parties karaoke or just make any Social and emotional ties other than her Were met with punishment unquote the Punishment that aoan was referring to Took the form of BL verbally abusing him Ignoring him for weeks while she went Off to a party with other men she met on Snapchat and then alluding to all the Quote fun she had without him when they Resumed contact at some point Blair Promised to do a collab video with Azothan since she had a much larger Audience that could help increase his Reach on YouTube sadly when it was time To follow through on those promises Azothan was met with some serious push Back what I'm saying is that I was angry About the fact that you were the one who Proposed a collaboration and then as Soon as I was ready and put all this Effort into it you just kind of shut me Down it just seemed so it had nothing to Do with the fact that I go oh I'm moving I'm busy I'm doing every single day the Only thing you had to ask me is when are We collabing when are we collabing when Are we collabing and it's like oh you're Treating me like a fan BL I'm like well Perhaps you should have stopped acting Like one you want to say you don't Attack me but then you straight up [ __ ] call me a liar over things that You are no 100% true I'm done with I'm

Done with you because God knows why Because you're bitter about a breakup Cuz your cash cow left you like by this Point their relationship was over but Blair's abrasive attitude towards Azothan wasn't the only contributing Factor before they broke up Blair had an Obsession with taking down two Particular creators that were growing Faster than her and made similar Reddit Based content from the 19th to the 23rd Of April 2019 in two now deleted videos Aoan addressed Blair's efforts to Destroy the reputation of a competitor Named misery box even using the on Showing controversy to boost her own YouTube metrics it's important to call Out bullying lying doxing and threats Unfortunately I'm here to tell you that Illuminati has engaged in all of these Behaviors I feel that I must State Upfront and for the last 2 and A2 years I was involved in a romantic Relationship with the YouTuber known as Illuminati this relationship ended Recently and while none of the facts Stated here are related to that Association it would be dishonest for me Not to State this immediately hey Continued by explaining Blair's Motivation for attacking another Creator As well as her slow descent into Obsession that eroded their already Weakening relationship when confronted

With the harsh reality of her own Actions Blair defaulted to throw azaran Under the bus in order to save her own Skin and I asked you a simple yes or no Question were you talking ill of me to Other content creators I even said I Didn't think you were it was just the Answer was no I don't understand but now Dodged it now it might change to a yes Because now I'm going to have to protect My ass another Point worth noting is That during Blair's quest to tarnish Misery Box's image she took audio assets From his former Discord modes and Refused to credit them she even went as Far as threatening them if they spoke Out about it if you stood in Blair's way Didn't give her what she wanted or Called her out on a borderline psychotic Behavior she would use any and every Method possible to get her perversed Revenge even if am men to using past Trauma against you quoting Blair and I Had a phone call where she told me that I was beneath her that I was always Going to be mediocre and that she was Better than that about her calling me Mediocre and burden those words were the Exact ones I used 5 months before when I Attempted to from the revelations during The sad milk controversy to the Strikingly similar allegations brought Forward by two of Blair's ex-boyfriends It seems like it doesn't matter who she

Has to hurt or what lies she has to Spread as long as she has something to Gain from it manipulating and then Discarding friends or colleagues once They'd outlived their usefulness for a Time that strategy worked out pretty Effectively for her as she ruthlessly Dominated the MLM Niche and made Millions in ad Revenue tragically what Goes up must come down and currently Blair's maav valan Empire has certainly Come crashing down following the many Allegations stacked against Illuminati's Brand Blair's only remaining friend Group the leftist mafia severed all ties With her on their latest podcast Appearances you can't do this to people And then just not respond like there Needs to be accountability there needs Apology and like I believe in Restorative justice but in my opinion Blair has not even started to take those Steps for restorative justice she hasn't I like I genuinely don't even know if She thinks that what she did is wrong on The 26th of July 2023 an anti-mlm Creator I cruel world Happy mind further Expanded on her own unpleasant Experiences with Blair in a video titled The full of Illuminati YouTube's biggest Bully I am sorry that I was ever friends With you did you see legal eagle was Accused of plagiarism by another YouTuber called Illuminati I can

Completely understand why she would be Compared to Creep Show art after the Situation she went from seeming to be Petty to seeming to be outright Malicious and full on evil this is a Perpetual onslaught of accusations Backed by convincing evidence by the People who knew her best she outlined Blair's slander campaign against her as She was going through a very stressful Pregnancy something that blle was very Much so aware of attacking her at the Slightest opportunity for pointing out Similarities in video topics covered I Was terrified of losing my baby the Doctors were just urging me to stay Healthy and limit my stress and then all Of a sudden I end up in one of the most Stressful dramas I have ever experienced Where someone is trying to ruin my Career and attack me on online and it Feels like they have so much more power Than I have that there is nothing I can Do about it cow well happy mind wasn't The only anti-mlm creator that came out With allegations of blaz misconduct and Content theft and uh we had multiple Group chats full of other creators other People who weren't even creators who Were just like really into researching MLM stuff like we had a lot of people Behind the scenes digging up a bunch of Stuff for lack of a better term and one Of the group chats I was in was also the

Group chat that had like all the mods to A Facebook group that we had called boo Is woo and they one day sent a message To the group chat and was like by the Way just so you guys know uh Blair Illuminati's writer just requested to Join the group I denied them and Obviously literally the reason why and I Think she even says it in the messages I Sent you the screenshots but I'm pretty Sure she straight up is like after what She did to Madison like we don't want to Help Blair we don't want anything to do With her like we've been working too Hard on this yeah at this point I'd have Been like already scripting my deep dive For a week or two maybe like I mean just Kind of organizing everything like so Much it's more so just knowing that she Probably was not going to credit you Guys like properly exactly what it was Blair didn't stop there and copied Information from Savannah's Olive Tree Video a few weeks later while all these And many more allegations were being put Forward Blair Channel had rightfully Been withering away in addition to the Massive 330,000 subscribers lost the Average video on her Channel only gets About 20K views and on closer inspection It seems like she's been deleting Comments that referenced her downfall The decline and engagement is rather Ironic when you realize that Blair's

Channel is about to be surpassed by The Click A creator that she once tried to Destroy in every metric possible average Viewership sub count and channel Engagement to make matters worse users On Twitter have begun informing Blair Sponsors of her misconduct at mintmobile You need to drop Illuminati from your Sponsors list she has done things that Aren't becoming of your brand and you Shouldn't want her to represent you as Well as another screenshot showing Someone reaching out to expressvpn who They themselves stated that they Wouldn't be working with her anymore in The past almost all of Blair's videos Had included at least one sponsorship But that doesn't seem to be the case Anymore only a select few of a recent Uploads feature a sponsor and the rest Include Blair promoting her patreon Subscription speaking of patreon Blair Has steadily been losing paid Subscribers since the controversy began Back in April money was always something That Blair would do anything to get and Now it seems like she's losing it by the Truckload her viewership is plummeted to Record lows sponsors are dropping her And now she's bleeding patreon members On a daily basis Blair built her Pyramid-shaped Empire on the backs of Her closest friends and fellow creators While also harshly censoring them when

They tried to speak speak up she Weaponized her influence and subscriber Base to bully others into getting Whatever her heart desired and felt No Remorse for doing so it was this exact Lack of remorse and overinflated ego That led her to pick a fight with legal Eagle which ended up giving her past Victims the courage to speak out it Started with the click then Wonder Struck all the way to OS media creators That she stole from like C world Happy Mind and savan Marie made their voices Heard all it took was Blair making one Impulsive tweet that pulled back the Curtains on a dark past abusing her Power was Blair's blueprint for getting Ahead on YouTube but it was also the Reason for her downfall now the channel That she spent years cultivating is a Shadow of its former self and there's Still the matter of Oz's featurelength Documentary that might prove to be the Final nail in Blair's corporate casket Subscribe

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