The Scummiest Family Channel On YouTube

The royalty family YouTube's scummiest Household they've amassed over 20 Million subscribers by spoiling their Kids Beyond Comprehension and lying About everything from their family History to their house being broken into This is all while concealing an Extremely controversial past by instead Publicizing their modern stressful Moments like not knowing which Mansion To buy the family of three created their Channel back in 2017 and with a name Like the royalty family it should come As no surprise that materialism and Self-image is their entire identity Their early videos featured them wearing Shirts dating king queen and Prince Titles which they also unironically use During the interview segments while the Dogs wore Louis Vuitton clothing and Went by the names of Princesa and Gucci They began to blow up with videos where The parents spend stupid amounts of Money on their son such as Eight-year-old takes parents credit card No budget at mall and parents can't say No for 24 hours with these kinds of Unrealistic videos understandably Annoying parents I walked in and watched A segment of a video from the royalty Family Channel and it was so terrible First everyone on it had an unwatchable Personality yet but the real discuss was How materialistic money Obsessed the

Whole family is I feel like their Parents just pimped their annoying kid Out for likes and Views and it's Amplified when the kid has zero Talent Or personality the parents responded by Simply stating that their son wasn't Spoiled without providing any actual Evidence a lot of people talking about Him being spoiled he's a spoiled brat he Gets what he wants honestly it's just Ridiculous before making the argument That they work hard so their son can Have anything and we work our butts off To give things to our kids that we never Had growing up which is literally the Definition of being spoiled despite the Backlash the royalty family gained a Million subscribers after only one year On YouTube although with a growth in Income also came a growth in flexing Highlighted perfectly by Cody Coe the Kid is wearing Fendi shorts Dior socks And Yeezys dad is wearing a Gucci shirt Gucci shorts and a Gucci bag egg it's Like I guess why it bothers me is Because like the motive is very clear It's like we're not doing this for Family we're doing this for money now Eight-year-old son finally got his Lamborghini his dream came true while These videos are nothing more than Clickbait garbage it's probably not Ideal to raise a kid in an unbounded Materialistic environment you can go to

Any stories you want all those stories That you want to go to you can go to any Store did I stutter however when these Are clearly the values held by the Parents it's not like the kid has a Choice the parents likely justify the Kid's involvement by thinking that it'll Be set for life afterwards although in Doing so they're raising him with an Entitled unlikable attitude you say you Don't want it no because two back seats Oh you don't want back seats at the same Time however you could make the argument That the family was simply making what The audience wanted to watch as the Video is spoiling the sun almost always Gained the most views throwing a dart on A map and buying whatever it lands on 15 Million views buying everything I I Touch blindfolded challenge 11 million Views if you guess the price I'll buy it For you challenge 24 million views Pulling these kinds of numbers they were Missing only one thing to complete their Terrible Family Channel Arc a mega Mansion although in order to justify Buying one that first stage a video at Their existing house claiming that fans Were showing up and pestering them the Premise of the video is that fans were Outside of the house taking photos of The family come check this out like look At this guy this is like the fifth time I've seen him look at this can you

Believe this after which our lead goes Outside to confront them resulting in Quite possibly the fakest interaction on YouTube hey bro why are you taking Pictures of my house hey bro why are you Taking pictures in my house you think That's cool bro rolling up in your Previous you think you're cool Bro yeah so cool you bro I did a shout Out very classy very crafty boat you Guys diesel patches dissected this Little segment with some pretty funny Commentary I'm a fan excuse me if I'm Having a hard time believing that grown Ass truck drivers are fans of a family Vlogging child's kid Channel after Confronting the apparent fans Ali Supposedly called the police after which An officer showed up who is also more Than likely an actor with the whole Situation being so traumatizing that the Family was apparently unable to sleep That night guys let's try to forget About what happened we can get through This as a family we're here for each Other we're strong however when they'd Upload another video the following day Titled we have bad news guess what it Became pretty obvious as to why they'd Staged the confrontation the family used The fake incident to claim that they now Needed a bigger house with that being Said we have exciting news for you guys Yeah we're gonna move out guys of course

Never missing a chance to reinforce Their materialism what kind of house do You want I want a big and modern house Else I want a modern house I'm a big fan Of modern house you know that guys we Deserve a nice house we deserve a house With a pool I don't know let's let's go Let's go look around I also want a nice View within only 10 days the royalty Family had supposedly bought their dream Mansion however only eight months after This the family was being evicted so Basically guys this is a 60-day notice To terminate to Tennessee which means we Gotta leave the royalty Palace in two Months showing that they never owned the House in the first place the royalty Family then moved to a new property Where they'd take the chance to stage Yet another fake video titled somebody Broke into our new home live camera we Just got news that somewhere broke into Our new house as you guys know we just Bought a new house the new royalty Palace of the stated that their new House was being broken into Ali decided He didn't want to call the cops for the Strangest reason I'm honestly not cool With calling cops on on homeless people Or whatever I don't know if it's a Homeless person or not and he therefore Decided to go and confront the Trespasser himself he then chose Crystal Clear security camera footage of the

Break-in where the person clearly climbs Over the fence however when Ali and his Friend then show up at the house they State that the Intruder had instead gone Through the gate so ladies and gentlemen That was the gate That someone came through oh it's still Open You see it's still open when they find The Intruder staying in the back house He gives a long sob story about how he's Got nowhere else to go where leading Ali To become the hero by giving him a bunch Of money yeah so this guy's telling me That he lost his job and he's got Nowhere to stay I don't want him to stay On the streets can't be selfish I'm Gonna give you some cash but I'm gonna Need you to leave all right the video Ends with Ali framing himself as a super Compassionate person I truly feel bad Like every people are going through a Rough time right now although Hilariously only four months later their House was actually broken into by an Intruder during which they gave a Completely different reaction while During the fake invasion Ali was so kind He didn't even call the cops the real Invasion instead began like this hey can I help you bro well what made you think It was cool to come here call the cops All the cops Yeah 9-1-1 are you serious bro going to

People's homes and sleeping in the back Hey Serge call the cops after the Intruder was escorted off the property The family didn't offer him any money to Go get a hotel and instead brought three Police officers to investigate the now Empty scene which is pretty funny when Compared to the first fake video however It would then become apparent that on Top of faking their videos they were Also lying about their own history as The family's extremely shady past began To get exposed brutally on the 1st of March 2021 the royalty family uploaded a Video titled I am not faran's father Truth revealed in which they explained That the sun was actually from the Mother's previous marriage and Ali was There for his stepdad I met Pharaoh when He was three years old I'm not his Biological dad but I consider myself as His dad I love him to death he's amazing He's like my son I treat him like my son After mentioning that Ali wasn't foran's Actual dad the biological father came Out of nowhere creating a GoFundMe Titled help me see my son King faran From royalty fam family which explained The mother Andrea from YouTube channel The royalty family has not allowed the Biological father Pierre leopard to see Or talk to his son Ferran leopin for More than four years and both the child And father have the same right in

Addition to the child is exploited and Manipulated in social networks without The authorization of the Father which is Followed by the biological dad appearing On the dad challenge podcast where he'd Spend over an hour completely exposing The family in the royalty Family Video Mentioned prior the mother explained That she'd come to America to work as a TV host I came here for work as you know I'm a TV host although what she failed To mention was that she'd fled from her Life in Colombia as an adult film star Where she'd gotten into trouble with Some pretty scary people she went to get Out from Colombia because she have a lot Of drug dealers that are bothering Bothering on top of this for Anna told a Nice story about how Ali and his mother Had met Run and then we ate and then from that Day which a lot of fun although in all Actuality the mother began shading on Her former husband after her and Ali met In a gym they say that they meet in a Restaurant like a perfect moment you Know the there's a bunch of liars about Houses she's just lying yeah wow after The biological father confronted Andrea About her cheating things got even Crazier while like driving she crashed My car she jumped out of her car went to My window she broke the window the Police came take it to jail which was

Then followed by a confrontation in Person before the family retaliated by Spray painting the biological dad's car When the father returned to the dad Challenge podcast three months later He'd claimed that Andrea's entire life Was a show for the camera where she Showed in the in the video that she is Cooking it's painting it's all fake what We found out is that she is not present In their lives at all she is a greedy Disgusting selfish woman Ali and her They are married but it is a business Relationship they hate each other they Fight all the time and Ali only stays With her because it's money they are in It for money and on top of everything Fran is strictly forbidden from Accessing the internet under any Circumstances and this is what we found Out as well Faron is completely and Utterly never allowed on the internet I Don't even think for Ron knows how Famous he is Ali blocks him from every Incoming anything he's not allowed to Have a phone with the internet on it Quran is not allowed to go to other People's houses because Ali cannot stop Him from looking at the internet and Those kids get on the internet and see a Video like this it's over for Ali Because Ali has kept this all a secret From Faron this whole time the podcast Ended with friends dad breaking down

Crying although Andrea and Ollie Completely manipulated the situation by Filming a tick tock in which they'd Obviously forced Fran to state that the Biological dad was lying about Everything to be honest bro I'm just Tired of this okay all this lies that He's putting out there about my mom my Family is just like so tiring it's like A super annoying like I've seen all the Videos all that disgusting stuff that He's doing it's just It hurts man it hurts to know that That's my dad and it's like it's sad Somebody please tell him to stop bro you Can tell the video is scripted just by How the kid talks in just the last week Bran's biological Dad announced it after Four years he'd gotten a Visa and was Now in Los Angeles looking for his son Yet after messaging the mother with the Goal of arranging a meeting she told him To talk to her lawyers who don't respond To the Dad's messages meanwhile the Royalty family's views haven't slowed Down one bit although something deep Down feels like over the long run this Channel will end in complete disaster

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