The SSSniperWolf Situation Gets Worse…

December 31st 2018 house tour red dress July 14th 2019 House tour same red dress whilst this May seem like an insignificant detail This is just a few of the many examples Of snip wolf completely sing the Identity of another YouTuber and to make Matters worse snip wolf went on an Extensive smear campaign in order to Ruin the reputation of the original Creator weaponizing her young audience In all the worst ways possible hi I'm The internet Anarchist I create weekly YouTube documentaries and today we'll be Diving into the recent horrible Developments in the SS sniperwolf Situation to fully understand this video I recommend you watch my last video on SS sniperwolf but here's a quick recap Of what we went over SS sniperwolf AKA Leah is a YouTuber who gained notoriety For stealing content and reuploading it To a 34 million sub YouTube channel with Minimal commentary she was arrested and Charged two separate times for cases of Armed robbery and a disorderly conduct Which she tries to hide from the public Historically Leah has always been Completely unhinged going as far as to Slander other female YouTubers to ghore Attention for herself it was recently Revealed that her entire rise on YouTube Was fake being completely orchestrated By her soon to be ex-husband Evan

Sausage who would write the scripts Record the gameplay and have involvement In every aspect of the video creation Process this however would only be Revealed to the public when the legal Documents were exposed showing that Leah Had stole the channel from a hus husband In an attempt to cut him out of the Business that he mostly built on top of This she recently docks YouTube at Jack's films due to the fact that he was Critiquing and making fun of her content But this isn't even the half of it Leah Or Sniper Wolf has easily one of the Most controversial Paths of any big YouTubers on the platform and by the end Of this video you'll see that none of This was even her own idea on the 3rd of November Jack's films would break his Silence on the situation uploading a Video titled what comes next where he Would explain how ever since being Ducked him and his family fear leaving The house whilst at the same time fear Living in the house due to the world Knowing where they live hey everyone Long time no chat uh these last few Weeks have been pretty rough to say the Least Aaron and I are okay but we're Just in this weird limbo of scared to Leave our home and strongly considering Moving so it hasn't been great Jack Would also announce that he'd be making A shift in content to be a positive

Version of SS Sniper Wolf instead of Simply stealing content and adding no Value it will be accepting requests from Other creators to review provide Feedback and bring attention to their Content essentially creating a stage to Shine light on underrated creators or Provide some of his YouTube knowledge to Help others improve their content I'm Not going to go to Tik toks for you page And just grab whatever has a million Likes and on the flip side if you're Brave enough to send me your work I'm Not just going to stare at it jaw gape And go man that was something I aim to Constructively pick it apart do deep Dives tell you what works and what I Think could use some work and kind of Turn this channel into a workshop for Creators at least that's what I want to Try even after things seemed like they Couldn't get any worse for Leah they did As a controversy would shine light on Another disturbing and strange part of Her career the fact she may have Completely stolen her accent video ideas Personality and style from another Female reaction YouTuber ailand ailand Who we'll be simply referring to as a Has over 13 million subscribers on YouTube and is most known for her Reaction Content okay seems easy enough it Probably isn't what that's so

Satisfying and her hit autotune song Bragging about [Music] Money Whilst Azie has less than half of sniper Wolf's subscribers Azie is Leah's Biggest competitor and if you watched my Last video You' know that Leah does not Like competition and is willing to ruin Their reputation to be the prime Creator In the niche over the past four years This Behavior has been evident as on the 2nd of May 2020 Leah would upload a Video titled funniest yearbook quotes Where 2 minutes and 42 seconds in she Would go on the offensive calling out Ailand for quote stealing her identity I'm the words of Michael Wilson remember To always be yourself unless you suck Then pretend to be somebody else and That's on ay land this wasn't the first Time Leah was smearing ay's reputation As just a month prior a fan replied to a Tweet asking if they were friends or Something where Leah responded quoting No we are not friends and she's been Copying my videos thumbnail style the Way I talk for years like she's trying To convince people she's me up until This point Leah controlled the public Narrative that as he was stealing her Accent personality video ideas and Content style however this would all Change on the 10th of November 2023 when

Commentary YouTuber nerd City would Publish a video titled SS sniperwolf Stole her life where in the video he Would host the platform for azy to Finally share her side of the story and Flip the narrative by sharing her Experiences with Leah and how Leah was Allegedly the one stealing the content Accent and personality from her whilst Many have labeled this controversy as The battle of the mid due to the nature Of both azy and Leah's content it's Actually quite disturbing just how far It seems Leah has gone to completely Clone her identity while simultaneously Claiming a he was the one being fake Copying is not a big deal I feel like it Doesn't become as big of a deal when You're an adult but it's also the Difference is Sniper Wolf is telling Them that it's a problem that so it's Not just that these fans notice and They're organically being like Oh I saw Sniper Wolf's video first and now I see A's video and this is the same and They're reaching their own conclusion That you had copied her what is your Opinion on okay let's talk about this Person since a lot of people ask me About her does she copy me and a lot of People think she is me today we're going To be raing my lookalikes wait hold up These videos look familiar I'm going to Have to give that one a

Five she created The Narrative that you Had cloned her when it was the other way Around yeah I have fans like I guess Playing both sides and like messaging me And tell me that she she's dming them And like she's kind of like encouraging People to hate on me I think like that's Very manipulative because she's in a Position of power and she knows that by Messaging children that they'll be Star Struck they believe her they'll be Star Struck the video would also cover the Levels of harassment as he was getting As a result of Leah weaponizing her Young audience against her what was the Scale of this kind of harassment of you Like how many short form videos were you Seeing that were accusing you of copying Her this became like a a really big Issue as soon as Tik Tok became popular And it started blowing up on there Because anybody can make a short firm Video and things can go really viral in There like there was fans that had like A 100 followers they would post it and Within the end of the week they would Have like 5 million views on it and that Really encouraged people to make these Videos and I think it accumulated like People just like hating and it was Hundreds and hundreds of fans making Videos yeah An nominus accounts later in The video n city would uncover how would Photoshop her photos whilst targeting

Others who did the same one of your First negative interactions with her she Was trying to say that she does not edit Her photos and you Do yeah which it's just why even go There it's extremely obvious that Leah Believes there's only room for one Person in her Niche and she's willing to Do whatever it takes to wipe out her Competitors she doesn't want to be Compared positively with you she wants To crush you and be the only one getting The compliment me versus other girls Anyways I commented on this girl I was Like you look so [ __ ] or something One pick was a super filtered pick of The girl oh did I mention she had too Much Photoshop and filter I just that And then they're saying I'm fake um but The chubby girls posting pics in their Braun undies it's greedy she wants it All she wants to dominate that Comparison and have no peer later in the Video would also expose how Leah Completely stole ay's accent for context As he was born and raised in Toronto Canada and spent some time in Amsterdam And their accent completely reflects That no don't even pass that [ __ ] to me And everyone knows like if you don't Really like the person you better have Your own full splizzy you know Cuz what you see how she made her the Bed what I cannot do that I'm impressed

It was so smooth it's a ducky it's a Duggy oh he slipped in his collar so Perfectly Okay that's cute but like also isn't it Going to fall off his neck when you're Walking him for anyone who was saying Leah talk you would know that her voice Is extremely similar a 4-year-old girl Is miraculously found drifting alone a Half a mile from shore on a unicorn Float where's her family she just be Floating out in the middle of the ocean She lucky a boat found her it got so bad That AEL felt the need to change her own Voice just to separate herself from Leah Ironic thing is I wanted to separate Separate myself so much from Sniper Wolf That I started forcing myself to not Talk like that and now I don't know how To talk like that anymore I like forgot The worst part of all this is that Leo Completely deflects the fact that she's Stealing someone else's voice and tries To play it off like others are actually The ones copying her in this case azy The copying doesn't end here though as a Large portion of Leah's videos ideas and Titles are directly taken from azy Without credit how many times have you Noticed that she's copied your Thumbnails or a title or whatever did You ever bother to count them things That are like very obvious like exact Replicas it's minimum like 50 but if

You're not counting those like up to 200 Ones where you've got a dead to rights Like for sure 50 and then somewhere it's Like maybe just coincidental but it's Like partial Copying 200 I think she has made her Community obsessive about like copying And how wrong it is and I see them like Constantly attacking like other like Creators who are like starting up when It's not they're not even copying it's Like they're they're playing the same Game as somebody else and I think that That's really toxic nerd City's video Was over 30 minutes long and went into Great depth explaining just how many Ideas Leah stole from azy and just hours After nerd City's video was published Dexerto would post a viral tweet Covering the situation reading SS snip Wolf has been accused by fellow YouTuber Azy land of copying her content stealing Her presenting style and inciting Harassment from fans and lying with fake Evidence to cover her tracks with the Tweet gaining almost 10 million views Within 48 Hours it was only a matter of Time before Leah made her response sure Enough Leah would post a thread Responding to the accusations only a day Later reading I have a backup of videos And screenshots before she changed the Thumbnails to make it look like I copied Her I have proof she copied my

Thumbnails SEO the way I speak the jokes I make the way you're trying to Manipulate this is fraud I have Screenshots of you uploading the same Video video as me minutes after I upload On multiple occasions the fact you can Go on a video and lie about everything Is insane to me a community note on the Tweet would State this doesn't prove Anything the video cited for evidence Only have similar titles and don't Contain the same thumbnail or Clips both Ailand and SS Sniper Wolf have created Videos with almost the same title before The following day on the 12th of November commentary Legend penguin Z AKA Charlie would upload a video titled new SS Sniper Wolf drama where he would shed Light on on the recent developments and Cher's opinion on the subject at the end Of the day it's Tik Tock reacts it's Like the simplest thing ever there's Probably like 10 other YouTubers that Have this exact same format and style That may have even preceded them it's Something that tons and tons of YouTubers will just [ __ ] out but I'm not Here to really dive into the quality of The content it's more so the claim and All the evidence presented for it and Based on everything in the nerd City Video as well as a couple of other Things that have been revealed it really Does seem like Sniper Wolf directly

Tried to copy from ailand in quite a few Aspects even outside of just like Thumbnails and all of that and at the Very least Drew huge inspiration from it If I'm going to be extremely charitable And generous there are a ton of Similarities an an outrageous amount for It to just be a coincidence in my Opinion the mounting evidence paints a Disturbing picture of someone who is Willing to steal ideas identities and Unfair smear others just to gain more Views and subscribers Leah's response to The allegation show a lack of remorse And accountability and a pattern of Behavior indicates son prioritizes Fame And greed over integrity and honesty the Case around Leah is likely going to Continue escalating so make sure you Subscribe to stay updated if you thought The case of Sniper Wolf was bad watch my Video on screen about Illuminati who not Only Built her career upon the backs of Others but ended up trying to sue them All

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