The Story Of TikTok’s Dirtiest Predator

Bone chilling Snapchats horrible videos And a real-life sting operation where He'd try to meet a minor this is the Incredibly creepy story of Buddy Haynes AKA tick tock's dirtiest Predator his Account going by the name of the buddy Was first registered back in 2018 on Which buddy would describe himself as a 26 year old Jujitsu athlete and gamer His early videos were a laughable Display of what you might call his Dancing skills and while this kind of Content was fairly innocent at the start He then began to post these bizarre Provocative videos in which you try to Come off as a sexy Tick-Tock bad boy who Really look for in a guy you don't have To be funny yeah you don't even have to Be really that good looking what do they Really want is they wanted Batman in the Streets and a Joker in the sheets the Videos were unbelievably stupid yet in a Bizarre turn of events they were judged As being so terrible that they'd gained The attention of a few notable YouTubers She's got a Zelda handbook he's a little Good boy but then he does that 360 pulls Out some handcuffs leather coat boy you Best watch out for him he gonna be Snatching up your girl all day this held The Buddy to receive an influx of over 25 000 followers during which the YouTuber Slazo would also give his opinion do not

Let this man near you with handcuffs Never do that that's not a good idea and While nobody knew it at the time slazo Was wise in suggesting to avoid this man With handcuffs as the Buddy's content Only became weirder and weirder from Here on out instead of posting innocent Dancing videos or even cringy bad boy Videos he rather began to post various Creepy Tech talk Duets often involving Girls who looked under age there were Multiple videos that followed the same Kind of premise some were innocent While Others were a little more dicey leading The Buddy to receive his first bit of Hate which he'd address in a dedicated Upload to my haters all you're doing is Fueling the fire when you comment like My stuff follow me and react my videos Trying to down me you're just making it Worse for you so do yourself a favor Block me because I will continue to do Duets with my my fans that love me and I Will continue to do videos from my house Where I live with my parents who love to Support me and I support them because They need me however this did nothing to Stop those who disliked him as he then Posts another video explaining that People had been looking for his personal Information so as you can tell I'm still Here but I now have another issue I have Not people that found me on Facebook you Harass me on Facebook and I will take

You to the police because this is Getting way too far people this is too Far and it's really no wonder why he was Making an effort to hide it as anonymity Might have been the only thing saving Him from what was about to happen on the 2nd of October 2018 a tech Talker by the Name of bit hoji would upload a video Explaining that the buddy had been Acting a little unethical behind the Scenes buddy budame talks to girls from The ages of like 12 to 15. he messages Them on Instagram with very lewd videos And lewd messages and pictures Etc a Group of people including myself called Him out on it and now law enforcement is Taking over as mentioned the but I had Been messaging various underage girls Via Instagram and there was a bunch of Evidence to go with it oh how old are You 14. I mean may I be honest yeah of Course if it was me I try to make the Relationship with you last for years lol I feel like I look stupid you're okay Don't worry about it I kind of sort of Have a crush on you and shouldn't and That's basically where he just dug his Grave 100 in a different chat the butt I Sent an inappropriate photo to a girl Who he knew was underage while in Another he threw himself a pity party Stating just feel ugly and unwanted no Girl finds me cute or anything am I that Ugly I feel like it however the best

Chat logs were gathered by Jay Aubry as He was able to message some of the girls Back in 2018 when all of this first went Down why don't you just send me Something well it's like blowing a kiss Or something if you don't want to that's Fine and of course it doesn't change Once he got her phone number you're a Hottie and I'm an ugly oh something I See some sugar daddy accident play here Don't do something on Snap oops may I be Honest yeah sure haha I shot those Videos because I'm sort of turned on and Wanted to tease you the videos in Question were abundant and took the Story to a whole new level of creepy Yeah you're the cute one here not me so Not fair like I can't even make you Blush those things like Making me crush on you even more however Apparently this whole thing was nothing More than a big misunderstanding as the Buddy would take to his Tech talk to State that he'd been hacked and it was Rather bit hoji the girl who originally Exposed him who'd been trying to frame Him by sending these messages she'd Respond to these claims in the days that Followed I'm flattered that he thinks I'm smart enough to hack into someone's ICloud and I'm honored that he thinks I'm smart enough to know how to hack Into someone's Instagram and send fake DMs I would not make something up to

This extent just to make someone look Bad and it's safe to say that nobody Else was buying the Buddies excuses as He'd go ahead and turn off his tiktok Comments before vacating the account Altogether Tick Tock is such as bit hoji Began to celebrate stating that the Buddy cases come to a beautiful close With a common sentiment being that he'd Been arrested from everything I've seen It's most likely that he's been arrested And thank God yet unbeknownst to Everybody at the time this was only the Tip of the iceberg as buddy would return Shortly thereafter by posting the Following video [Music] [Music] There's no stopping the storm the fire That is the bidet more followers I get [Music] I love to be on here even if it's just a Piss and you are The buddy was back and creepier than Ever although it's not like people had Forgotten about his past as Jay aubry's Original expose had gone viral amassing Over 2.7 million views with this newly Found infamy leading the Buddy to defend Himself further in a late Snapchat Message those girls that I did duets With yes I did Duets they asked those Duets first off it was not DeMent to be A sexual or anything they weren't

Supposed to come off that way the FBI Has already investigated me they've came To my house back in 2018 then when all This went on They were just asking me what like stuff About Tick Tock and what it was and That's it as mentioned law enforcement Had zero interest in what buddy had done Possibly giving him the confidence to Continue as only four months later a new Video was uploaded by inform overload Confirming that the buddy was back to His old ways in a brand new series of Snapchats cute I was gonna say you don't Have to cover up for me haha you're cute I'd love to get to know you more wish I Was there I'd want you you're beautiful I kinda like you you'd be a good girl 16 Right this is the Snapchat that she was Talking about that proves buddy Haynes Knows about her age but he had stated in An Instagram q a that he typically went For girls between the ages of 18 and 36 So to be caught Snapchatting a girl he Knew was 16 wasn't the best look after Being asked were the allegations true He'd simply State nope and after a Follow-up question of how do you feel About all the allegations toward you It's simply right it's all bull which Didn't exactly disprove anything Especially since there was more evidence Just around the corner Less than two weeks after stating that

The allegations were untrue where a YouTube account by the name of jadika Uploaded a video talking about a new Experience with the Buddy which is best Described in her own words I found her Snapchat and I started posing as a 16 Year old to try and catch him in the act And here is where I was like well you Know I'm not really all that experienced And flirting and he said that I can Practice on him that's when he said Really about me saying oh I'm not that Experienced and flirting you know and Then here I told him that I was bored And he said he could make it better and Then I asked him what he meant by that And he said oh well I'd probably make Out with you haha and I don't remember Why but at some point he said this and I Was like um okay well what do you mean By that and he said don't need you Falling for me only three months after This exchange the buddy was catfished Once again this time by a YouTuber named Activist plug who had spent three months Convincing the buddy that he was a 17 Year old girl however buddy had Apparently learned somewhat of a lesson From his past experiences as he kept the Conversation platonic the whole time yet He'd still agree to meet up with the Non-existent 17 year old where activist Plug was there to confront him how are You doing good yeah what you up to him

No so you don't know anyone by the name Of cat no oh anybody That you weren't meeting anyone here by Six no You sure yeah buddy had been busted once Again this time in the most embarrassing Setting to date after which it seemed as Though the Buddy Shenanigans might have Finally been coming to an end he'd Retire his presence on Tech talk and Instead become a streamer on Twitch However with his most impressive twitch Clip being him getting five kills on Fortnite it's not difficult to see how His account going by the name of Papa Freak was unable to gain more than 300 Followers but he would also try to Launch a SoundCloud music career under The name freak Alpha however to put it Lightly the music wasn't very good who Would have thought that farming and Reverse would be the claim to fame and After all these mines still King of The Game everyone knows my name it seemed as Though the body had run out of ways to Progress on the internet so we delete His Instagram Twitter and Facebook Before going silent rumors began to Circulate that he'd been arrested for Driving slowly in a school zone although He wasn't even on the internet to give His side of the story that would be Until January 2021 approximately 18 Months after anybody had heard from him

When the body would create a new YouTube Channel called Papa freak before Uploading a video titled Camp via chat Clearing the air in which buddy would Finally give his full side of the story He began by talking about why he joined Tech talk in the first place back in uh 2018 I started Tick Tock I started Enjoying it I wanted to find an outlet To entertain people you know me being The butt of the joke you know making Cringy videos and be just not really Caring what people think before giving a Possible motive for his own poor Decisions I dealt with a lot of Depression anxiety schizophrenia alcohol Abuse there's a lot of those videos that I was not necessarily in my correct State of mind but he would then explain That he was making an effort to fix his Life I'm staying away from Tick Tock as Much as you people ask me to go back I've stopped drinking completely I'm Back on my medicine I'm in therapy the Buddy's last real offense seemed to have Been his park meet up in 2019 so perhaps After everything the Friday has finally Learned his lesson

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