The Time Tyler The Creator Obliterated DJ Khaled

In 2019 DJ Ked picked a fight with Tyler The Creator it became the biggest Mistake of ked's whole career but before We talk about exactly what they said to Each other let's first briefly discuss Why they began fighting in the first Place Tyler the Creator had gained a Reputation for dropping an album every 2 Years although none of them had ever Debuted at number one on the billboard 200 Goblin debuted at number five Cherry Bomb debuted at number four wolf debuted At number three while flow boy debuted At number two by following this trend it Seemed his next album could be the first To take home the number one placement Provided he could bypass the biggest rat In music DJ CED as hard as it might be To admit khed was definitely more Successful than Tyler in terms of Commercial performance by 2019 DJ khed Already had two number one albums while His most popular music video had almost 10 times the views in comparison to Tyler's most popular music video with Over 50 placements in the Billboard Hot 100 it's no surprise that Tyler himself Described DJ J khed by stating his whole Identity is being number one is we the Best we the number one which is without A doubt the position that DJ khed was Hoping for when he began to work on Another album for release at the same Time as Tyler's next project titled

Father of Assad DJ ked's album was what You might call commercially perfect with A feature from a massive artist on every Single song Jay-Z future beonce Chris Brown Little Wayne Justin Bieber Travis Scott and post Malone on the same song The album even had a feature from nipy Hustle at a time when he was already Dead on top of this every song had a Full team of writers while in addition To DJ Ked almost every track also Featured at least three producers when Considering his history the names and The clear work that had gone into father Of Assad DJ Khaled likely thought that He'd easily cooked up another one album When it finally dropped on the 17th of May 2019 that would be until Tyler the Creator on the very same day released Eigor eigor had a much deeper story than Any of Ty's previous albums Characterized primarily by his Ridiculous blonde wig one not for some Deep thematic reason but rather because Tyler simply liked it where did the idea For the wig come from what is igore like Why are we why are we looking at you the Way we are I just thought it was cool The track list itself was only made Cooler by the fact that each song was Written and produced solely by Tyler Which when tied in with a unique Recognizable album cover gave it the

Strength to bait DJ Ked aor number one Father of Assad number two a result that Seemed to surprise a Tyler himself and This is no disrespect to callid or Anyone everyone cardi B 21 Savage Travis Scott post Malone Beyonce J everyone who Sells billions of records and the fact That I beat him with this was [ __ ] Crazy bro Tyler's win was covered in News article after news article and Celebrated by those rooting for the Underdog imagine having 20 features on Your album just to be number two to a Man with a synth addiction aore out now Although if there was one person who Wasn't too happy about the final result It was definitely DJ Ked DJ khed Reportedly freaked out on his label when His album failed to debut at number one Various sources have now told page six That khed stormed into his label offices And threw a temper tantrum upon learning That father of Assad would debut a Number two per One Source colored Stormed into epic with an Entourage he Was angry and yelling another source Added this he was Furious there was some Nasty stuff said publicly he's all about Positivity but there is a mean side to Him that people don't see he overhyped The record and lwed up as his biggest Album ever with this article prompting An instant response from the public in Comments roasting DJ Ked such as just a

Thought here maybe make music that Doesn't suck who knew DJ khed had a Vocabulary big enough to even express Anger was about to say we the second Best music but somebody already did that One then again if there's anything I've Learned from DJ Khaled it's to take Credit from other people's work by Screaming something loudly as DJ ked's Temper tantrum began to go viral he'd Backpedal in the face of criticism by Stating that apparently he was only Annoyed at billboard DJ K's reported Anger about the sales of his album have Nothing to do with the success of Tyler The Creator which seemed to clear DJ Khaled of any wrongdoing until he'd post This video on his Instagram story just a Few hours later I make albums so people Can play it and you actually hear it you Know Drive in your car you hear another Car playing it you know go to the barers Shop you hear them playing it you know Turn the radio on and you hear them Playing it you know it's playing Everywhere it's called great music it's Called albums that you actually hear the Songs not no mysterious [ __ ] and you Never hear it all it took was a single Number two placement for khaled's facade Of positivity to completely and utterly Crumble should never complain Complaining is a weak emotion without Saying Tyler's name DJ Ked implied that

Eagle wasn't real music as it was Mysterious you apparently couldn't hear The songs and it wasn't being played by The carss around him or in any barber Shop his irate video was reposted to YouTube and Twitter where it received Over 65,000 likes whilst receiving Comments such as for someone blessed and Humble he sounds bitter man I was at my Barber shop just this past Friday and They weren't playing his album either Went from we to Best to we depressed Leading DJ C to remove the video almost Immediately however it was too late Everybody had already seen it the media Began to weigh in on ked's bitterness by Stating what the dj/producer slot very Inventive hype man seems to have Miss Though is the fact that the exposure of A record is literally what gets it on The charts Tyler's album simply did Better the fact is grabbing a bunch of The most hype names in hip-hop slapping Them on a fairly generic trap beat and Introducing each song with the same Soundboard another one literally just Doesn't stack up against Tyler the Creator's Innovative songwriting Production and visuals while YouTubers Such as Anthony fantano completely Mutilated khed by stating this this Metric of well if they're playing it in The barber shop the album's got got to Be hot that's kind of an old way of of

Looking at things khaled's indignant Whining and complaining here is Disgusting and all it really shows at The end of the day is how out of touch He is you can't just assemble cardi B in 21 Savage onto a generic ass trap beat And expect people to love you and praise You and think you're a genius and think You're amazing things became even worse Down in the comment section where one User highlighted it's worth mentioning That when Tyler dropped Flower Boy A Debutant number two behind Lana Del re's Album by just over 1,000 units instead Of being upset he congratulated Lana and Continued to flex his Artistry even more With eore showing that Tyler acted Humbly when placed in the same position Therefore everybody began to wonder what Was Tyler's response going to be back to DJ khed well in the beginning Tyler Stated that he simply let that number One position speak while using the brief Window of opportunity to drive even more Exposure back to his album wow doing Pretty good for some mysterious [ __ ] Yeah I am e got out now with his Twitter Exchange coming alongside a different Response over on his Instagram rap media Personality DJ academics made a post Reading who had the better album to you Tyler the Creator or DJ khed to which Tyler would continue his trolling by Commenting who TF listens to Tyler the

Creator which was pretty much all he'd Say until over 2 years later in June 2021 Tyler's next album call me if you Get lost once again debuted at number One on the billboard 200 prompting a new Tweet by Tyler still roasting khed for What he' said 2 years prior mysterious Music ha 1 month later Tyler would Appear in a Hot 97 interview bro that c Thing was like it was fun it was just Watching a man die inside because the The weirdo was winning I was Moon Walking In A Wig everyone on his album Everyone and he wasn't wrong like I'm Not in the barber shop I'm not at the Club I'm not did didy Skitty I'm not in The back of the mayback so for some guy Like that to kind of indirectly be like That ain't real rap that ain't real Black music that's what it felt like However this story actually has somewhat Of a happy ending DJ khed and Tyler the Creator squash beef at Rock nation's Preg Grammy brunch explaining that Though K nor Tyler didn't mention Anything of it the two posed for a quick Picture together appearing to confirm That there aren't any issues between Them the article referred to this Picture posted to DJ ked's Instagram and Considering on the HOT 97 interview Tyler said this it's no hard feelings Towards him what he's done and he was an Underdog too built his way up from

Nothing R so I got I do have some sort Of respect for him it's really no Surprise that the two got together for a Photo

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