The Tragic Downfall of Boyinaband…

From amassing 2.9 million subscribers And collaborating with the likes of PewDiePie UBS and the odd ones out all The way to losing 200,000 subscribers Coupled with a comment section painting Him as a dangerous predator the mystery Around a once YouTube Legend has more Questions than it does answers with the Once beloved Creator completely Disappearing from the Internet only Leaving a path of allegations and Alleged victims in his Trail hi I'm the Internet Anarchist I create weekly YouTube documentaries and today we'll be Taking a dive into the abandoned career Of a once respected YouTube Star Bo a Band also known as simply Dave we'll go Through how he rapidly became a renowned YouTube Legend the events that led up to His sudden disappearance from the Platform and the gradual decay of the Empire he had left behind from his very First upload on the 28th of June 2008 Titled tutorial making an epic translate Effect in reason it was evident that Dave possessed a combination of Knowledge about music products and a key Knife a presentation that was extremely Difficult to to find on the platform at The time this makes sense when you Account for his role as a technical Backbone and member of Indie UK rock Band you went what army which was formed Only a year prior Dave started his

YouTube channel as a side project to Promote his band and website but that Would quickly change as the years went On the first sign of which would come on The 12th of July 2009 with his Vlog boy In a band blog one choose your tutorial 7day song and glitch hop although he Didn't have his trademark red hairstyle Yet Dave still had his usual goofy Funloving personality that duio is in This video also foreshadowed three main Traits that later contributed to a Success on YouTube a good intuition for Music production a likeable personality And a longing to share his knowledge With others oh hi guys I'm Dave from Boab I say guys apparently 20% Of my viewers are girls so to them hey Ladies welcome to my studio well I say My studio it is like any self-respecting Studio an absolute mess this is my real Studio as he continued to create more Tutorials he would gain a reputation for Being a reliable source of musical Insight on music related topics on YouTube it was this very reputation that Earned him many notable collaborations One of the first being a pop song with a Fellow music YouTuber V the song was Made in 24 hours and was posted on the 22nd of May 2013 hi I'm Dave from Boer Band I've heard people say that they Think music of the charts these days is Really simple and that a singer and a

Producer could get together in a studio And knock out a generic number one hit Single for the club was in like a day Let's see if they're Right we in this we going to get drunk [Music] Drunk the video was a hit with fans and Gained almost 2 million views by the 15th of July 2014 Dave would be involved In another major music project this time With Emma blacker it would once again Surpass the 1 million view Mark and Begin the formation of what would later Become his core fan base face emotional [Music] Teenagers so many thoughts in your Head like better better let me tell You whilst entertaining and beautifully Performed the song spoke to deeper Issues like mental health depression and Loneliness all of which were relevant to Dave's teen audience topics that went Widely as talked about back in the early 2010s these themes would gradually Become a dark and pervasive part of Dave's online Persona and brand which Will be brought up in a different light Later on the video for now Dave was Entering a new phase in his career as His band announced that they'd be going On an indefinite Hiatus from the 10th of July 2014 although they had already Released an EP had several live Performances and were voted the third

Best unsigned act in rock sound magazine It seemed like their time together was At an end but that didn't matter to Dave As his next major song launched him into The YouTube Hall of Fame on the 2nd of February 2015 Dave made YouTube history With his music video don't stay in School that as the name suggests Questioned the effectiveness of the School system and highlighted many Issues that plagued It I wasn't taught how to get a job but I can remember dissecting a frog I Wasn't taught how to pay tax but I know Loads about Shakespeare's Classics I was Never taught how to vote they devoted That time to defining Isotopes I wasn't Taught how to the C to my health but Mitochondria is the PowerHouse of the Cell never spent a lesson on current Events instead I studied the old American West I was never taught what Laws there are I was never taught what Laws there are let me repeat I was not Taught the laws for the country I live In but I know how Henry VI killed his Women divorc beheaded died divor up Until that point David released a number Of music videos that were received very Well but this single upload overshadowed Them all currently the video sits in an Astonishing 47 million views 1.5 million Likes and 200,000 comments Millions upon Millions of people were introduced to

Dave and apparently they liked what they Saw hundreds of reaction channels made Videos on Dave's latest upload and it Was being shared across other social Media platforms like Reddit and Facebook That being said there were those who Didn't look too kindly on the Video hi I'm Dave from boy band today We're going to look at some of the don't Stay in school hate comments and also Some of the nice and constructively Critical ones too so my fragile Self-esteem doesn't get shattered this Has been a freaking surreal few weeks I Released my song don't stay in school And 5 million views on Facebook later it Seems a few of you guys agree with me And ah it's freaking cult out here screw This there much better but not everyone Agreed with its message that the school Syllabus is flawed it was a slightly Contentious issue I'm soft serving it Someone posted it to Reddit and that day It was at the top of the controversial Page for the entire freaking website Clearly this shows it's something we Need to discuss hate comments and Criticism aside there were those in the Academic system that took the the Concerns Dave brought forward to heart And decided to make a few necessary Changes one message really stood out Because this person's School actually Listened don't stay in school is

Changing our school so many of his Students shared it on Facebook and Twitter and some even emailed it to the Head of the school and now we're having An assembly tomorrow to discuss what we Want to learn about and how the school Can help that so I was like this is Amazing I need to find out more and tell Everyone so I Skyped her hi how's it Would you care to recap what has gone on On your end right a load of students From my school had been sharing and Posting your video don't stay in school It actually got sent around on email to A couple of teachers and it got noticed By them we've had assemblies and we've Talked about it in forms the lyrics have Been sent around to everyone we've even Had proper discussions discussing what We want to sort out what we want to Substitute Dave's musical Masterpiece Had sparked serious conversation about Whether or not the school system needed To change and even though it didn't Cause Monumental societal change it Still had a positive impact on both Students and teachers unfortunately that Positivity didn't quite reach David Himself on the 9th of July 2015 Dave Posted a video with a striking title I Hate myself wherein he discussed his Recent self-loathing and struggles with Finding motivation to be productive Despite his astronomical growth I

Actually haven't posted a video since March and haven't even freaking tweeted Since miday and and it's weird because I've been having the most success I've Ever had in my life and the least Motivation to do anything when I was Planning to make this video I kept Thinking how can I make this more Sharable or how can I make it more Relatable and useful and I think it Specifically shouldn't be I want you to Understand me a bit better and I feel Like if I try to make this more sharable Or relatable then I might not get across Accurately what I'm feeling he went on To describe his frequent emotional Detachment and his experience going to a Therapist to help solve the problem While there was progress Dave felt that He was in uncharted waters So eventually After therapy and a lot of reading I Came to a conclusion I want to deal with The fundamental issue of me hating Myself into working to see if that makes Me more consistent and happy and this is The first time I've tried to address This issue of hating myself into Proactivity so I've been trying to Figure out what I value and can I use Another method to motivate myself other Than self-hatred cuz as it stands right Now deep down I still hate myself but The rational part of my brain is getting Much better at caring for myself like I

Would care for another person that was Having this kind of problem this is a Fundamental change to my personality so I don't expect it to be quick and I Haven't figured this out yet but I am Slowly starting to get myself into a Routine of working not based on Self-hatred which is how I've released This video here would close out the Video with an open and honest message About how unsure he is about this new Part of his life I actually wrote here In the notes for this video to come up With a strong ending but I think that's Part of the problem I it real life is Messy if you got anything from this Video brilliant but there is no obvious Message I don't know where this is going Yet and I will keep you informed I will Do my best to now that I've explained This I feel a lot more comfortable that You understand why I'm doing this I will Try to post on Facebook and Twitter and Tumblr and everything more frequently to Keep you updated with how I'm getting on And as soon as I am ready I will post Videos again hopefully much more Consistently because I don't hate myself Cheers for watching and have a nice day Naturally his fan base made their Support for Dave quite clear with Comments such as Dave you're a beautiful Human you're more intelligent and Self-aware than most people are even

Capable of comprehending as well as take Your time Dave being mentally healthy is Way more important than videos for us I'll wait for your content whether your Next video is next month or next next Year I love you internet hug fans would Certainly have to wait as Dave made one More upload on the 10th of August 2015 Before completely disappearing from the Platform for exactly 1 year this was the First time Dave had been off YouTube for So long but it wouldn't be the last by The 10th of August 2016 Dave made his Return with a music video dubbed I'm not Dead which was meant to express his Mental battles that he had gone through Over the past year-long break in the Months that followed Dave maintained a Somewhat consistent upload schedule ual And many of those uploads would do very Well some gained a few hundred thousand And others got several million views Dave hadn't lost any of the momentum That he' built up in the Years prior and In fact his stability was increasing by October of 2017 Dave would join forces With UBS during his content cop series In order to create a diss track on Rice Gum at the time the video went Completely viral and the large portion Of the people that viewed the video went Over to Dave's channel to see what else He had created unfortunately the song Was later deleted and Dave had to give

An apology for the harsh things he said About rice gum after a brief break in Early 2018 Dave made his way back to YouTube and attended VidCon where he had The opportunity to further network with Other well-known creators as you'd Expect this resulted in collaborations With other creators that also wanted to Make their own music videos the first of Which being the song Empty that was made Alongside Jaden animations one of the Most popular animated storytime creators On the platform topics like anorexia Bulimia were a prominent part of the Song's message and showcased Jaden's own Feelings about the issues being Discussed the song was adored by fans And the behind the scenes was posted to Buy the band's YouTube channel where it Received over 14 million views Dave's Next hit song was with James from the Odd ones out another large storytime Animator the song was titled life is fun Featuring James upbeat personality Contrasted with Dave's dark outlook on Life the project completely dwarfed all Of Dave's Other collaborations with the Video gaining over 150 million views as Incredible as this achievement was it Would soon be surpassed by his Collaboration with PewDiePie on his Congratulations song with the video Garnering over 230 million views Dave Had done it he managed to cement himself

In YouTube history with not just one Hard-hitting song but several his Networking production and musical skills Took him from making beat tutorials on YouTube all the way to producing hit Songs with some of the largest creators On the platform so where did he go from Here what did Dave do with this newly Built Empire well not much actually he Was still fting a wall with his mind and As the years went on his uploads started To dwindle although he assisted in Creating lyrics for PewDiePie's minor Day music the uploads would stop in December of 2019 the last remaining Interaction between Dave and his fans on YouTube was a community post where he Asked his viewers to vote whether or not He should take all his medication at Once where 94% of the 170,000 votes told Him not to do it the last known posts on His Twitter and Instagram were made on The 7 of April 2021 if things ended here For Dave it would have been perfectly Fine a well respected YouTuber that left The internet jental strain would have Been somewhat a good way to end things But unfortunately for Dave things Weren't that simple on the 7th of September 2022 an anonymous Reddit user Made a post on r/ boy in a band that Brought some radically chilling Allegations against Dave to light Quoting sometime ago a group of his ex

Partners wrote a letter to his family in Hopes of stopping the outgoing patent of A you can read that letter what followed Was a letter that alleged some Incredibly dark patterns of behavior Dave engaged in for several years with Numerous partners that had quote led to Many horrific and dangerous situations That included years of lies Manipulations and emotional financial And physical and even sexual abuse of Many young girls they went onto account Dave's polyamorous relationship style And history of dating girls much younger Than him the chief example presented was A girl named Rachel that was a fan of His band and later became a part of Dave's musical projects apparently she Fell in love with Dave after attending One of his live performances and the two Ended up having relations together there Was even a clip on Dave's YouTube Channel of the 17-year-old girl singing Lyrics quoting take me without my Consent unquote they also detailed his Methods of praying on unsuspecting fans And his problems with medication misuse Pay word Addiction and disgusting Interest on people aged between 11 and 14 it was also alleged that he used his Depression as a weapon to gain control Over the girls who was with with and Would also show the same manipulative Behavior to his close friends and former

Bandmates the post would end with the Following statement below you can find a Little bit of proof of how he treated People confirmed and proven by multiple Of his ex-girlfriends and friends that He'd hurt and replaced over the years we Know that you care about the Persona he Made for himself on the internet he Destroys people we know this is hard we Never wanted to do this but what about Those girls what about future ones They're people this needs to stop he Needs to be stopped please the proof Proof that was presented at the bottom Of the video were cropped out Screenshots of conversations between the Alleged and while it's possible that These are genuine it's equally likely That they aren't to say that the full Out from this post was shocking would be A gross understatement hundreds of People in the subreddit argued over the Legitimacy of the claims presented some Said there wasn't any concrete evidence Provided Beyond screenshots and ruled Out the post as an attempt to gain Clouds that made similar disparaging Claims about Dave's past once the Alleged misdeeds of Dave reached YouTube The community would see a blaze of Videos that detailed the contents of the Letter coupled with their thoughts on The matter the entire controversy even Spawned memes about how Dave quote

Wasn't taught what laws there are Although humorous this spoke just to how Much of a contrast there was between Dave's online Persona when in comparison To his alleged behavior in real life Many did take issue with the easily Falsifiable evidence presented to Support the letter why was there no Conversation between Dave and the Alleged victims if they numbered in the Double digits was it all just a product Of a vindictive individual from Dave's Past or was this the real Dave that was Hidden from us for over a decade we'll Probably never know what we do know is That unless some new information is Brought to light then the reputation and Image that Dave painstakingly built will Be forever tarnished and left to rot in The face of these unanswered allegations The undertones of depression and Emotional turmoil that were the Inspiration for Dave's music also became The reason he disappeared during his Time in the Limelight Dave was a guiding Hand in the YouTube music community and Seemed to have a genuine desire to help People create their own amazing music It's very possible that Dave may never Return to YouTube to put these Allegations to rest the real reason Behind them may never truly be known Given Dave's disappearance from the Internet and the fact that the accusers

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