The Tragic Tale of Germany’s Chris Chan…

At what point does trolling become Genuine harassment and bullying is it When the haters make memes about you and Leave your a few harshly worded comments On your Platform or is it when they actually try To destroy your career and show up to Your house every day to torment You more importantly what type of IND Individual feeds this type of behavior And attracts such vengeful haters hi I'm The internet Anarchist I create weekly YouTube documentaries and today we'll be Exploring the tragic tale of dra Lord a German streamer that inadvertedly Created one of the most cruel trolling Communities on the entire internet we'll Also examine the actions from both sides That accumulated in multiple people Getting arrested and even receiving jail Time an entire town being vandalized and One man left homeless on the brink of Mental collapse to truly understand Dron Lord AKA raino Winkler we have to go all The way back to his childhood and look At the events that shaped him into the Man he is today Raina was born on the 2nd of August 1989 to Rudolph and Rich Winkler his father worked as a truck Driver and his mother stayed at home Looking after the kids they lived on a Farmhouse near Al chelberg in Franconia And had a somewhat comfortable lifestyle Raina and his sister had a relatively

Normal childhood playing and interacting With other children in their small town The first side of trouble would appear When Raina parents were advised to send Him into a special needs elementary School after his performance on an Enrollment test just lady wasn't the Sharpest tool in the shed the move Separated Raina from his original friend Group and put him into an entirely Different environment that he wasn't Used to he found it difficult to make Friends and lashed out at authority Figures these Troublesome traits bled Into a sequent years in school skipping Class inability to cooperate with other Children and constant bullying were all Unfortunate components of raina's Teenage years some see this as a Genesis Of his behavioral issue issues and Instability by the 21st of July 2006 Raina would be unable to properly Graduate from secondary school and Received a failing gr On's individual Certificate leaving him without a Diploma he was able to eventually find Work at a local company and had stable Employment for a few more years but on The 2nd of July 2011 things would take a Turn for the worst when raina's father Unfortunately passed away from prostate Cancer their relationship was strained At times but Raina always looked up to His father and learned what he could

This event had a profound impact on Raina's life both psychologically and With regards to his living situation as Just a month later his mother and sister Would move out leaving Rainer alone with His grandmother and family horse both Needing to be looked after although Rainer inherited the house the building Surrounding it and a sizable amount of Money he was completely overwhelmed by The responsibilities that came with it He arranged for his grandmother to be Moved to a retirement home and left the Hol to R the fields boarding the the Property Raina just turned 21 and was Living alone without any supervision Raina was free to do whatever he wanted Whenever he wanted and how he had used That freedom would forever change the Trajectory of his life and set him up For battles that he wasn't ready to Fight on the 10th of August 2011 Raina Launched his first YouTube channel under The name draon Lord 1510 he didn't Upload anything to his channel for a While but simply used a platform as a Consumer of content this was the first Time Raina had free access to the the Internet since his father did his best To restrict and often completely remove His access to Internet in their Household he didn't fully understand how The web worked and lacked the experience Of someone who grew up using it this

Meant two things he wanted to explore And express himself as much as he could But lacked the filter to properly Regulate himself during heed situations This would cause severe problems for him Down the line but for now he learned new Things and consumed whatever piece of Content that caught his attention by the 30th of June 2012 Raina was already Recording and uploading videos of Himself even shouting out the eight Subscribers he had at the Time Bob Silent B you know his presentation left Much to be desired but he was genuinely Expressing his creativity he even shared More personal aspects of his life by Making a video in memory of his father As time went on Raina settled on a few Topics to talk about on his channel Mostly making headbanging videos Discussing various types of metal music And crafting let's plays on his gaming Channel from the outside looking in it Seemed like Raina was just an ordinary Metal fan who would go on to create an Account on the Forum in September of 2013 with the goals of promoting his Channels and Publishing the stories that He wrote but naturally Raina received a Bit of criticism from the viewers when It came to the quality of his content But with Raina being the person he is he

Didn't take it too well and basically Told them to leave if they didn't like It this was one of the earli signs of Raina's inability to handle constructive Criticism and the tendency to be Aggressive towards anyone that didn't Agree with him he frequently made videos About the quote haters and made attempts To remove them from his Forum He was giving those that did mean him Harm recognition and validation which Only escalated the matters but Unfortunately raina's worst mistake was Yet to come on the 2nd of February 2014 Raina's temper got the better of him and Uploaded a video titled I'll finish you [ __ ] haters issuing a direct Challenge to the haters that send his Sister a threatening voice message a Challenge that contained his house [Music] Address It was obvious that Raina didn't fully Understand the concept of privacy anyone Who used the internet knows it you Should never dox yourself but to Raina It seemed like an empty threat to scare The hater and it was like that for more Than a year in the meantime Raina fed Into the Hate by uploading a video Titled haters support where he spends The most of the video ranting about Haters and their various catfishing

Antics this video also marked the Beginning of a long running series hater Support in which he only talks about the Haters he published a follow-up video The next week and revealed that the Hater had also gotten his phone number Trolls realized that they could get an Almost immediate reaction out of Raina If they harassed him one nasty comment Could get you in one of raina's videos And that was exactly what the haters Wanted so with that being said they'll Constantly on the lookout for a way to Annoy Raina by the end of February he Broke the 100 subscriber Milestone and Celebrated with an hourlong video about Nordic mythology Raina didn't understand That most people following him at this Point were only interested in trolling And instead let the numbers inflate his Ego in April Raina was forced to delete His Facebook account due to trolling Shortly after a popular German Forum Named discovered Raina and flooded Him with memes The Forum was to host Funny images of memes from all over Germany but now what Raina was the main Attraction this would also be the start Of a significant boost in raina's Viewership as new people discovered the Content around him one could argue that Without this we side Raina wouldn't have Become as popular as he is the fact that He reached 800 subscribers by May of the

Same year made this even more plausible Raina went on to have two fan meetups One at the out and Loud festival and Another during the Summer Breeze Festival Raina really enjoyed the new Levels of Fame and recognition that he Was now getting for the first time in His life people actually seemed Interested in Raina it was a good sign To him that the effort that he put into The channel wasn't a waste but the fame Only fit into his ego consequently Blinding him from the Legion of trolls That were mess behind the scenes on the 18th of September 2014 Raina published a Video titled dragon lord and Dragon Lady Introduction in which he brings one of His friends and her brother for an Interview the conversation was Light-hearted and Rainer appeared to be Enjoying himself something that the Haters obviously didn't like within days Of the video being uploaded trolls found Dragon lady's Facebook and began Harassing her this caused a rift between The two and according to Raina she no Longer wanted to be part of his video This would have a significant impact on His motivation for YouTube and Raina Even expressed thoughts of quitting YouTube in a video titled Vlog of the Dragon number 18 do I stop or continue I Don't know for the rest of 2014 Raina Went on a rampage against the trolls he

Deleted YouTube comments to banned People and thrown them with legal action And in the short term Raina was able to Mitigate the Troll's efforts but whilst Doing so he also harmed ordinary viewers That genuinely cared about his content This turned what little supporters he Had into to haters in December trolls Were sending him chocolate in the mail And got a radio interview cancelled After flooding the radio station with 1,000 angry emails in just one year Raina went from signing fan autographs To turning everyone who watched him into A hater and unfortunately this was only The tip of the iceberg the first ever Documented visit to raina's home was Made by the use of Sleepwalker 87 this Was done on the 20th of December 2014 West Sleepwalker quoted we went up a Small hill and then we saw saw the Casset to Winkler majestically situated On a small hill an extremely dilapidated Rundown property that was certainly a Very nice farmhouse in the 1960s Although it was already 2:00 p.m. no Noise came from the house we rang the Bell and honked our horns no reaction From the Lord this gave other users on The Forum the courage to pay Rainer a Visit after all he was the one who asked Him to come over by March two other Users on Laxon documented a visit to Raina's dwelling aka the dragon bunker

Quoting the rubbish is still in the Front of the yard in the backyard There's even more rubbish and the dragon Didn't go to work if he even has one Anyway at 11 his car was in the yard the Year had just begun and the trolls had a Lot in store for Raina entering July a Troll by the name of Bas God went as far As swatting Raina they called the fire Brigade and falsely claimed that there Was a fire in the area during one of Raina's Streams This event was not only significant in a Story but also for Germany as a country As this was actually the first time Anyone in Germany had ever been swatted Before and it was apparent that trolls Are more than willing to break the law To Target Raina the rest of the year Would follow a similar pattern of Outright cruel and Despicable Behavior But if you thought that was bad one of The haters was able to emotionally Manipulate Raina into thinking that she Was in love with him going as far to get To propose to her own stream in front of Thousands of [Music] Viewers Yeah some of the trolls called the sick Practice of trolling Raina the dragon Games and continue to partake in it for Years they'd show up to his house and do

Whatever they could to get a reaction Out of him whether that be throwing Bottles at him in the middle of the Night launching fireworks during his Dreams And even pelting him with Eggs Raina didn't take any of this lying Down and retaliated by assaulting the Trolls with pepper Spray and a large [Music] Stick this may have worked in the moment But it put Regular People In Harm's Way And it wouldn't be long before this type Of behavior would eventually land Rainer In court with Raina having to pay €300 In property damage the greatest feat of Trolling wouldn't come until the 20th of August 2018 when several 100 haters made A March to the dren bunker for shunsen Fest local police were able to prevent Them from getting to Raina and arrested A few of the haters after they broke Into a riot Naturally an incident on such a massive Scale attracted the attention of both German media and the Government this wasn't the first time Random made the news but it was by far The most shocking example even the Bavarian minister of interior Jan Herman Made a statement on the Issue they knew that something serious Needed to be done to stop this type

Thing from happening again the battle Between Rainer and the trolls harmed not Just them but everyone who lived in the District the entire Village had endured Years of constant intrusions from haters Who caused havoc and it was about time To put it all to an end in a bit to gain Control over the situation the local Government made a decree to prohibit Large Gatherings end quote unreasonably Bother hinder endanger or damage another Person or the general public but Unfortunately this wasn't enough to Prevent a second shuns and Fest just 2 Months later in all of this Raina went Back to assaulting anyone that came Close to his residence and it didn't Matter if there were trolls or simply Just passer Byers by his 30th birthday the almost Daily trolling and harassment had truly Gotten to Raina as he evidently had a Complete meltdown on the Stream the monster had followed further Strain Dura psyche during another one of His many co trials Raina was sentenced To 7 months in prison suspended on Probation this was due to a pepper spray Attack on a hater he was already on Probation for separate assault charges But the court made an exception and gave Him double probation he was also given 50 hours of community service and Deigned a probation officer the cult

Went on to offer Rainer a deal if he Voluntarily deleted his 100,000 sub YouTube channel stopped streaming and Sold the dren bunker then his record Would be cleared and his depths from the Numerous finds would be forgiven but Raina didn't seem to like these terms And continued on as usual he must have Assumed that he would be able to fight Off the haters as a oneman army the near Constant police supervision didn't stop The haters from coming to the dren Bunker and rainar finally saw the riding On the wall he knew there was only one Way to stop the trolls and escape from This vicious cycle without prison time So he gave into one of the Court's Demands and on the 5th of October 2021 He announced that he would be selling The dracken bunker I must say that it Was one of raina's most sens decisions But would that be enough to save him From the Wrath of the judicial system Once More on the 25th of October 2021 Raina Was sentenced to 2 years in prison Without parole the sentencing was due to Crimes of serious bodly harm and assault But if the prosecution and defense Submitted appeals immediately the Prosecutors wanted to increase his Sentence whilst raina's lawyer wanted to Overturn the decision fortunately the Decision wasn't final so Raina was still

Free to do as he pleased he went back to The dren bunker bought a pickup truck And continued streaming to many it Seemed like the situation didn't fully Register in raina's mind how could he be So relaxed whilst his fate hung in the Balance and the house he lived in no Longer belonged to him to top it off the Residents of the Town desperately wanted Him gone and they didn't care how Raina Would officially say goodbye to his his Home in February of 2022 after he was Literally escorted out by police Officers shortly after rer announced he Was going on a road trip across Germany To get away from their haters they Responded by making an interactive Google map to track his whereabouts by March 20122 the new owners of the dren Bunker demolished it all to prevent Trolls from Gathering there finally After almost a decade of nonstop Visitations the town and all its people Were finally free rainers appeal also Went through and he was given one year Of probation however this came with a Few conditions he was required to get Psychological treatment for his Adjustment disorder contact a media Consultant report his location to the Police and donate €2,500 to a charity For children with cancer the haters were Of course there to cheer raater on as They party outside the courtroom one of

Them was even called as a witness Although with that being said he gave His testimony whilst drunk and was Promptly arrested for disorderly conduct Lady Luck seemed to be on raina's side As he was able to walk away from two Separate prison sentences with only a Slap on the wrist but now the only thing Left to worry about was the haters Throughout raina's legal battles the Haters put in extra effort to make his Life as miserable as possible they even When as far as destroying the cell tower Near the dren bunker shortly after he Moved out and now that the trail was Over they were dead set on finding his New address and the fact that Raina had Gotten his truck impounded after he lost His driver's license only made tracking Him EAS Ey he was also banned from every Motel One in Germany after the trolls found Him there further shrinking his housing Options and on the second of August 2022 Raina's Financial opportunities would Also shrink after his YouTube channel Was banned for breaking Community Guidelines not long after Raina lost his Tik Tok and Snapchat after he made the Brilliant decision to promote his only Fans there but to make the matters even Worse for Raina the banhammer also fell On his only fans account the same day Raina's life was in a downward spiral

But when 2023 rolled in it seemed like There was a glimmer of hope for him a Fundraiser was started to help Raina get Back on his way and though able to raise Around £1,000 a few of his supporters managed To get Raina to agree to stop begging For money online and work on himself With that being said there are still Negatives in his life such as files from Raina's private cloud storage being Leaked and an altercation in a train Station It's safe to say that Rainer is still Trapped in a NeverEnding battle with the Trolls and it doesn't seem that his life Is changing any time soon raina's story Is indeed one of the most tragic Examples of online trolling going wrong Instead of ignoring the hate he fed into It constantly allowing it to grow beyond Anything he or the German government Could handle you could argue that Raina Wasn't fully able to process what was Going on given his mental state and that The haters took advantage of someone who Was mentally handicapped and couldn't Stop himself from responding given Rain's upbringing it doesn't seem Unlikely that he developed a very Aggressive reaction to bullying but There is some justice to be had many of The trolls ended up facing consequences For their actions a number of them being

Convicted of trespassing an assault as Of this recording raina's new address Isn't known to the public and most of The trolling is now done online as long As he's able to avoid getting his Address leaked Raina should be able to Keep the trolls at Bay but will Raina Ever be able to fully shake off the hate And live a normal life or will he face Constant harassment for the rest of his Life if you enjoyed the video make sure You Subscribe

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