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This is penguin zero and moist critical At the 2022 streamer Awards so with that All said I just want to say [Music] Penguins you are also known as moist Critical or simply Charlie spawned one Of the most incredible memes in Internet History but like most memes and Trends It quickly got out of control and would Take on an interesting life of its own Hi I'm the internet Anarchist and in This video I'll be taking you on the Journey of the legendary moist birds and What better way to begin than taking you All the way back to where it began on The 1st of August 2021 a channel under The name of chalulu would upload an Impression of Charlie's Brew yeah meme In Spanish dubbing himself the Puerto Rican waste critical Culo It didn't take long for viewers to pick Up on the visual and auditory Similarities between chalulu and Charlie They had the same face hair and tone of Voice within days fans brought the video To Charlie's attention and he decided to Make a video on it titled the internet Found my brother so you can imagine my Shock and surprise when the internet Showed me yesterday that I have a Puerto Rican twin brother his name is Nathaniel And if Dominic Toretto taught me Anything it's how to identify family

When I see it you know what I see I see Family now I found a translation for What he says because unfortunately I Can't understand my own brother it seems I'm not fluent in the language so I Looked up the translation he says what's Happening guys it's critical Puerto Rican just wanted to say I just [ __ ] my Ass it was also at this time that Charlie brought up the idea that this Wasn't just another YouTuber doing an Impression of him but rather an Alternate version of himself though I'm Also not convinced that he's Just My Doppelganger I think this truly is me From a different timeline that has Collided with hours and now we're able To observe two Charles's at the same Time but during this Charles's Wacky Adventures through the Multiverse the up Different path was taken at the time Charlie thought of the video as a funny Coincidence of meeting his doppelganger But this idea of alternate Charlie's Existing at once stuck with his audience And spawned even more impressions of Charlie from different timelines Variants like black moist critical Japanese moist critical and arap moist Critical soon uploaded their impressions Of Charlie however the seeds of the most Of us had been planted just a few months Ago by the Channel greencat TV with Their fat moist critical sketch

Hey everyone it's moist criminal from The chunky people universe also known as Chunky Charlie by now the moist Furs had Taken roots and would continue to be Spread across the entire internet in Charlie's video the family I never knew I had posted on the 20th of November 2022. Charlie began to notice how Popular the meme was getting and she Would take note of the different Versions of him popping up across YouTube because since this video there's Been a lot of other moist criticals all Over the globe popping up like variants In the Multiverse I promise you Marvel's Multiverse is dog [ __ ] compared to this So I don't know how many Charlie's my Mother gave birth to but it must have Been a lot maybe the people on Xbox LIVE Were right everyone was [ __ ] my mom Because I there's a lot of Charlie's out There that I didn't even know about and Not even all just Min Charlie's there's Female Charlie's too that are popping up A lot of moist criticals everywhere it's It's wild you know I'm starting to think Maybe I wasn't even born like I was made In a lab by December 2021 the meme had Fully resonated with his audience and There were over 1 000 different variant Of Charlie that had joined the moist Verse you could find a Charlie from Every country and almost every Profession like Janna Des Moines

Critical German moist critical or even Attorney moist critical the moist verse Was trending on YouTube with different Variants being discovered every hour and The videos received anywhere from a Couple thousand views to over a million The moist verse was having extremely Positive impact on fans a good example Of this is the story of Calamity also Known as Filipino moist critical before Joining the moist verse calamities Content on the platform mainly consisted Of short comedy sketches horror art and Memes but they didn't get that much Exposure however one decision Dramatically altered his trajectory on YouTube as on the 10th of November who'd Upload his impression of Charlie gaining Almost 1 million views the story gets Even more heartwarming when Calamity Reacts to Charlie recognizing and Commenting on his video I cannot I cannot I I don't know How to respond to this like imagine one Of your Idols one of the people that you Look up to they recognize you and they See you and they They just know that you're there and uh They they recognize your existence that That just means a lot and uh calamities YouTube went from a few hundred Subscribers to around 7.5 K subscribers In just a couple weeks the moist verse Had become a huge online phenomenon of

Fans imitating their favorite Creator And said Creator being fully willing to Participate in the joke but Unfortunately all good things must come To an end and as New Year came Charlie Had some unsettling news for the moist Verse by the 2nd of January 2022 Charlie Had decided that the moist verse had run Its course and that it was time for the Meme to be led to rest and now that 2022 Is here I think it's time it finally Gets put to bed let it rest but I Thought it'd be fun to give it like a Viking burial you know where they push a Corpse out onto a lake and then shoot Flaming arrows at it till it blows up so That way they sail in the Valhalla with A smile on their face and a full chub in Their pants and what better way of doing That than a company telling touching Profound and beautiful animation Charlie's attempt to end a trend on a High note was well received by fans with Comments such as they've all returned to Their original timelines to fight cringe In their home worlds as well as Rip Moist verse so glad I got to take part In that thank you Charlie making the Decision to end the meme before it Became irrelevant was logical because Letting it overstate's welcome might Leave a bad taste in the mouths of his Viewers however choosing when and how to End the moist first Saga wasn't up to

Charlie he may have been the one who Spawned the moist verse but he wasn't Going to be the one to end it and on the 3rd of February 2022 Charlie voices Change of perspective on the moist verse I don't claim to be the smartest man in The world though I would put myself Somewhere in the top 10 of that list I'm Prone to making mistakes I'm not perfect I may have the perfect height 5'6 but I'm not infallible and about a month ago I made a goddamn fool of myself publicly I was blind by my hubris and believed That I had the power to close the portal To the moist verse I thought that was Probably where that whole Trend was Going to to fizzle out and die and I'm Always the kind of person that doesn't Really like to see something like Overstay it's welcome it's just always So yucky and sad to see a meme reach Dank status and just get a bit rotten And sour so I wanted the moist verse to Go out on a bang and a high note so I Thought by taking it out to the back of The barn and putting it down it was the Right thing to do but it only seemed to Make it stronger the proliferation of The meme was now out of Charlie's Control new variants sketches and comedy Videos based on the moist Furs continue To surface on YouTube ultimately Charlie Decided it was best to join in on the Fun rather than trying to fight it and

In the coming week Charlie teamed up With fellow creators like Joel Hava Kevin Amarillo and churtley's to create Content inspired by the moist verse Goldhurst meetups Crossovers and create Short comedy videos like the moist Machine and I finally met my family both Of which gained over 4 million views I can't get boners and I'm still Boulding What's that movie with Nicolas Cage That felt so [ __ ] good I'm drilling Harder than Kevin Spacey at Boy Scouts Of America Oh my god [Music] Let's go so how did you guys power up Without the moist chip oh well our AI Actually evolved faster than Charmeleon In the Charizard and twice as epic our AI took over our bodies and now we're All sentient [ __ ] epic the success of The moist verse had a significant impact On Charlie's career and as much rolled Around Charlie would go through another Career defining moment on the 13th of March 2022 the first annual streamer Awards was being held and Charlie was One of the nominees for the best variety Streamer alongside disguised toast Ludwig and Valkyrie since Charlie Couldn't make it to the awards ceremony Himself he thought it'd be better to Give a nut to them waste first by

Sending two alternative Charlie's as the Night went ton and his Moment of Truth Came Charlie and his audience witnessed The moist verse officially cemented self In streamer history when Charlie Received the award for best variety Streamer I hope he prepared I hope they prepare this speech let's [ __ ] go [Music] Let's [ __ ] get it oh I hope it's a Banger if he doesn't mention the mummy Or Men In Black the Animated Series then He utterly failed then he blew it I feel Like I just pulled a PSA 10 first Edition Charizard faceless shadowless But Bel Delphine was playing with my Nipples and and Nico Cato avocado was Licking my [ __ ] Um So much for this I want to thank the Moist critical team Charlie Charlie Charlie Charlie And Charlie and um I just want to say This is the best thing that's happened Since Netflix uh got rid of cuties Um it's the best thing that's happened To my life since I first got my first Moby huge and sat on it for 24 hours Straight I just wanted you guys to know That uh this means the world to me and Uh I feel like they know snapped away Half my sadness and the the remaining Half is just gonna stay with him he just

Goes home more complete person and I Will grow so with that all said I just Want to say yeah [Applause] Uh the best that was the best goddamn Speech of all time winning the streamer Award meant a lot to Charlie ensuring That honor with the moist verse made it Even more special unironically the award Means a ton to me I mean that with full Sincerity it means a lot I haven't Really won a lot of things in my life I've never been great at like anything I Think the only thing I've won that I can Think of off the top of my head was the Chess tournament the POG Champs Tournament for like a year and a half Ago where I checkmated xqc in six moves The throbbing mate I ended up winning That tournament through losers bracket The participation trophy side so I think Like I actually think that's the only Time I've won something so winning this Is super special to me although it had Been a year since the meme came out it Was still relevant as ever and just a Few days before the awards show a solo Game developer called logic Leo released A fan game called moist verse of Madness On Steam on the 20th of April 2022 Charlie would upload a video of him Speedrunning the moist verse of Madness Game throughout the game you get to Place different versions of Charlie and

Attempt to defeat the final boss Evil Charlie the game wasn't too ambitious With his scale but that didn't matter to Charlie and the others who played it Fast forward to 2023 and the moist verse Is still Making Waves online the annual Stream Awards was rolling around the Corner but Charlie wasn't nominated for Any category so naturally members of the Moist verse weren't going to stand for It stars started as far as anyone What are we doing here What is going what are we doing what are We doing We were nominated this year and it's a Bigger spit in the face than spitting in God's face it's like slapping God on his Freaking ass and then asking him to come Show up anyways I don't know why we were Nominated if you don't have the respect To give us the time of day Is this a protest yeah this is a protest Yep you got it right on the dot y'all Making me feel like moist critical right Now yeah a second what does that even Mean a second class citizen because two It's like an afterthought but not like a Good after thought like the Chow garden And Sonic Adventure battle too more like A bad afterthought like the script and Avatar the way of water yeah have you Ever heard of the franchise Hunger Games That's my arm right there you are yeah I Kind of care the franchise the guts to

Nominate us so now we're on protest Charlie later addressed the situation in His video titled huge drama at the Stream rewards you all know last year I Was the recipient of the prestigious Variety streamer of the Year category This year radio silence I wasn't Nominated for anything Now me being an adult and being the Strong hulking masculine embodiment of What it means to be a Testosterone-fueled Titan I can handle That I'm okay with it I understand but Not everyone is as mentally strong or Has my level of fortitude so there were Riots there were protests at the Streamer awards ceremony and I kind of Just want to talk about that a little Bit because I think it's important too But it suits you man huh it suits you Like a fancy for real I'm nervous I watched it unfold live the Chaos was almost too much for me to Bear People protesting on my behalf I never Would have wanted such a thing but as You can see it was inevitable I wasn't Nominated for any categories and people They had enough so as you can see a few Rioters showed up there I don't know Those men and I can only imagine the Ones that didn't make it that must have Been protesting right outside but these Three Noble Heroes snuck in as you can See they're strategically planted in the

Blind spots of security like a game of [ __ ] Assassin's Creed they had no Idea they were there and uh well it only Escalated from there this goes to show How active the moist first currently is And that the numbers are still Continuously growing the two alternate Charlie's that received last year's Streamer awards were accompanied by a Third member the YouTuber talentless Writer who was kicked out the previous Year this year he documented what it was Like being Charlie for 24 hours a few Days ago was the 2023 streamer Awards And most you know last year I actually Tried to sneak in in with Trent and Ben But we couldn't get in but this year the Streamer Awards rolled back around and I Was thinking of trying to sneak in again But luckily I didn't have to because I Got an invite last year my friends Joel And Kevin is critical and this year they Got invited again but they needed Another Charlie to be part of the crew So I tagged along with them and finally I got a chance to see what's behind Those doors and I'm excited to tell you Guys everything that happened the moist First seems to be one of the longer Running memes on YouTube even outlasting Charlie's expectations however internet Trends change quickly and it's anyone's Guess how long the moist verse will Continue to be relevant but what we do

Know for a fact is that the most verse Will forever remain a part of online History if you enjoyed this video please Consider subscribing and click the video On screen

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