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How does a family's dream of sharing Their daily life turn into a nightmare When does the line between public Entertainment and private life blur and What happens when the very platform that Brought Fame becomes the stage for Controversy hi I'm the internet Anarchist I create weekly YouTube Documentaries and today we'll be diving Into the most degenerate Family Channel On YouTube the Frank Family Ruby and Kevin Frank a vibrant couple rooted in Their faith as members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints AKA Mormons embarked on a digital journey in January of 2015 with six children Sheree Chad Abby Julie Russell and Eve each Bringing their unique personalities to The screen the Frank household was a Bustling Hub of laughter challenges and Life lessons but why share their life With the world for Ruby the motivation Was clear capture the fleeting moments Of Parenthood she wanted to be quote Present and to cherish memories of her Children as they were in that very Moment More than that she hoped to offer a Glimpse to other mothers of what the Journey of raising a family looked like The highs the lows and all the moments In between the Vlogs were a tapestry of Their daily Adventures from school runs To vacations from candid conversations

About faith to the challenges of Parenting they weren't just creating Content they were documenting their Legacy their beliefs and the values they Hope to instill in their children slowly The channel began to gain traction Viewers from across the globe tuned in Drawn by the family's authentic and the Warmth that radiated from their videos By August of 2017 eight passengers had Amassed a community of 1 million Subscribers they weren't just viewers They felt like extended family members Celebrating the Frank's milestones and Offering support dur in challenging Times however with the spotlight shining Brightly on them the Frank family was About to discover that Fame especially On the internet came with its own set of Challenges the summer of 2020 marked a Turning point for the Frank Family a Seemingly innocent being bean bag would Become the symbol of controversy for the Family this innocuous piece of furniture Often associated with relaxation and Comfort was about to become an emblem of Growing divide between their public Persona and private decisions the summer Of 2020 saw Chad the Frank's teenage son Revealing in a vlog that he had been Relegated to sleeping on a bean bag After playing pranks on his younger Brother this Revelation was not met with The usual camaraderie and

Light-heartedness that characterized Many of their previous videos instead It's started a wave of concern and Criticism my bedroom was taken away for 7 months and then you give it back like A couple weeks ago I don't think our Viewers know you've been sleeping on a Bean bag I've sleeping on a bean bag Since October and they gave my room back Like 2 weeks ago I'll give you the Reason why I lost my bedroom I think so I think this is a reason at least this Is the reason that's been my head it's Pretty funny but now I look back it's Pretty depressing no we never told our Viewers that I woke Russell up at 2: in The morning and told him that we're Going to Disneyland and he has to pack And he got him and made his bed neatly And then packed all his clothes in the Suitcase and then he walked up the door And I'm like Russ he's like what and He's all happy has his sunglasses on him Some viewers began to question the Parenting choices showcased on the Channel was making a teenager sleep on a Bean bag for months in appropriate Punishment or was it an extreme measure That boarded on cruelty the online Community was divided while some Defended the Franks asserting that Parents have the right to discipline Their children as they fit others saw it As a red flag indicative of a more

Authoritarian parenting style as the Debate raised on investigative YouTube Channels began to dig deeper into the Eight passengers video archives they Unearthed moments that in isolation Might have seemed inconsequential but When pieced together painted a Concerning picture in one particularly Contentious episode viewers were shocked By an incident involving Ruby and her Youngest daughter Eve the Vlog day Started like any other with the usual Morning hustle and bustle how however Later in the video it was revealed that Young Eve had forgotten to pack her Lunch for school a small oversight menu Would think especially for a child of Just 6 Years yet Ruby's response to this Was not what many expected just got a Text message uh from Eve's teacher and She said that Eve did not pack a lunch Today and can I bring a lunch over to The school this happens quite often when You're having raising children um Because I know that her teacher is Uncomfortable with her being hungry and Not having a lunch and it would ease her Discomfort if I came to the school with A lunch um but I I responded and just Said Eve is responsible for making her Lunches in the morning and she actually Told me she did pack a lunch so the Natural outcome is she's just going to Need to be

Hungry and hopefully hopefully nobody Get gives her food and nobody steps in And gives her a lunch instead of making A quick trip to school to provide her Daughter with a meal Ruby decided to let Eve go without lunch for the day her Reasoning to teach her daughter a lesson About responsibility and the Consequences of forgetfulness to many Viewers this was not just a parenting Decision it was a moment that raised Questions about the boundaries of Discipline was it fair to let a young Child go hungry even if it was to teach Her a lesson was the punishment Proportionate to the oversight but it Didn't stop there in another clip we can See Ruby on the phone with her son Russell who apparently forgot his lunch As well on the phone Ruby explains that She won't bring him any food and that he Should try and find a friend that's Willing to share something to eat with Him sorry to tell you this honey but Unless you find a friend who's willing To share some of their food with you I Don't I don't think you're going to be Able to eat but if you're not Responsible for your lunch and your Lunch money that's the natural Consequence and I'm really sorry you're Learning this the hard way I I will have A wonderful yummy snack just hang in There today and and just make it make up

Your mind you're going to be really Careful and make sure you grab your Stuff when you go to school next time And maybe you have a good friend who Will share some of their sandwich with You or something Russell I'm really Sorry he sounded like he was going to C Many felt that Ruby's decision was Overly harsh especially for children as Young as Eve and Russell they argued That children especially at that tender AG are bound to forget things and that It's the parents duty to guide and Support them not let them suffer the Scrutiny didn't stop there a Petition began to circulate calling for Child protective services to intervene It gared thousands of signatures with Many of the signatories expressing their Concern about the children's well-being The Narrative around eight passengers Was shifting no longer were they just a Family sharing their daily life they Were now at the center of a heated Debate about parenting in the digital Age investigative YouTube channels Always on the hunt for the next big Story began to look through older eight Passengers content they highlighted Moments that in their view raised red Flags about the Frank's parenting style Clips were taken discussions were had And the narrative began to shift the Once beloved family was now being

Portrayed by some as overly Authoritarian with a parenting style That borded on the punitive the Franks For their part tried to address the Growing concerns they spoke about giving Their children choices and teaching them About the consequences of their actions They emphasized context suggesting that Short clips from their vlogs didn't Provide the full picture of their family Dynamics but the internet's tide is hard To turn with every new video the Scrutiny intensified and the family's Once loyal fan base began to fracture as The Whispers And criticisms grew louder Ruby Frank sought A New Beginning a Fresh Venture that she hoped would bring Soless and understanding in June 2022 She announced her collaboration with jod Hilderbrandt on a new YouTube channel Called Connie exons Hilder Brandt a Therapist Whose license had been put in Probation was a controversial figure Herself known for her unorthodox views And teachings this partnership however Would only serve to Fan the Flames of The controversy even further Connie Exion a mental health life coaching Company was built on principles that Many found troubling the organization Prioritized three principles of Truth Honesty responsibility and humility over The overall well-being and safety of Children according to con Aion any child

Not exhibiting these traits was quote Living in Distortion this philosophy Broadcasted to the world through their Videos garnered significant backlash Viewers and experts alike Express Concerns over the potential harm these Teachings could inflict particularly on The vulnerable impressionable Minds the Video is posted on the now deleted at Moms of Truth Instagram page where Ruby And jod provided relationship and Parenting advice further deepened The Public's concern in one such video the Juror suggested that children did not Deserve privacy or unconditional love Views that many many deemed harmful and Damaging the Moun criticisms however did Little to deter Ruby and jod who Continued to propagate their beliefs Seemingly unfaced by the growing Discontent the Frank Family began to Fragment the eldest daughter Sheree Publicly severed ties with her immediate Family expressing her disapproval of the Extreme beliefs propagated by Connie Exion her statements echoed the Sentiments of many highlighting the Deep Divisions that the controversial group Had sewn within the family the Whereabouts of the other Frank children Became a matter of public speculation Their Futures shrouded in uncertainty Kevin Frank's absence added another Layer of mystery to the unfolding drama

Once an active participant in the Family's vlogging Journey his sudden Disappearance from the public eye raised Questions and concerns the lack of Clarity regarding his involvement with Connie exion and his stance on the Allegations facing his family left many Puzzled Yearning For answers in the Convoluted Saga the controversy Surrounded Connie exion and the Frank Family's association with it painted a Gri picture everything would change when The viewers concerns became a reality When Ruby Frank and jod hilderbrand were Charged for six counts of felony child Abuse by the Washington County attorney In Utah the day Ruby Frank and jod Hilderbrandt were arrested marked a Heartbreaking climax The Whispers and Concerns that had been growing online Suddenly turned into a loud outcry of Shock and disbelief their arrest on Child abuse charges sent ripples of Alarm through the community revealing a Dark reality behind the scenes the lead Up to the arrest was as alarming as the Arrest itself a concerned neighbor's Call unveiled a horrifying situation a 12-year-old boy frailed and bound with Duct tape had sought help pleading for Food and water this boy Ruby's youngest Son had managed to escape the dire Situation his physical state showing Clear signs of neglect and abuse the

Discovery of Ruby's youngest daughter in A similar State added to the Grim Picture highlighting the severity of Their plight the community's reaction Was a mix of shock anger and sadness the Arrest broke the illusion that it Surrounded the Frank Family exposing the Harsh truth hidden beneath the incident Promoted a wave of responses from Various quarters as people voiced their Emotions and thoughts Ruby's sister Elli Mechum Julie daru and Bonnie holline who Had been worried about Ruby's Association with jod and Connie exion Finally spoke up in a joint Instagram Statement they expressed their relief at The arrest underlying the importance of The children's safety their message Echoed the feelings of many reflecting The colle relief that the children were Now safe The Wider YouTube Community Also shared their thoughts on the events Many expressed their shock and sadness At the unexpected turn of events Disappointed by the downfall of a family That had once been the source of joy for Many others voiced their anger and Frustration pointing out the warning Signs that had been visible for a long Time Ruby and Jody's arrest marked a sad Chapter in the Frank Family story a Harsh reminder of the Hidden realities Behind a seemingly perfect family image As the community dealt with these

Revelations the focus turned to the Children's Welfare amidst the chaos the Hope for their healing recovery and Justice emerged as a Guiding Light the Path ahead though filled with challenges Offered a chance for a fresh start an Opportunity for the children to find Peace love and care in the latest news The estranged husband Kevin Frank Emerges from the background his figure Painted with tones of confusion and Concern as Kevin Frank stands on the Precipice of a shattered family his Attorney voices Kevin St A delicate balance between defending his Position and navigating the tumultuous Waters of public opinion the separation From Ruby enforced for over a year had Distanced him from the daily lives of His children the walls of Separation Built by Ruby and her business associate Jod hilderbrand obscured The View Leaving Kevin in the dark abyss of Ignorance regarding his children's Plight accusations that rained down upon Rubby and jod found no purchase on Kevin's vage his attorney stands as a Bulwar proclaiming Kevin innocence in The face of the storm Sheree Frank the Eldest of the Frank children expressed Her relief and the long-standing effort To bring attention to the situation on Her social media she posted quote Finally unquote signifying the end of a

Painful chapter and the beginning of Justice she highlighted the family's Continuous attempts to alert authorities Over the years expressing gratitude for The safety of the children and Requesting praise and respect for their Privacy during these trying times as the Legal proceedings advance and search for Truth persists the Frank Family Saga Stands as a stark and somber reminder of The intricate and often hidden realities That lie behind public personas Showcased on social media the path ahead Remains fraught with challenges as the Quest for justice continues and the Healing process for the children an Arduous journey overshadowed by the Scars of their alleged ordeal

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