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Ladies and gentlemen today we're going To be taking a trip through history an Adventure if you will that's why I got My Indiana Jones hat on we're going to Take a look back at an individual I Talked about about a year ago right and Much like my last video if you don't Know I did a video on Shelby church and We found out that a video I did on her a Year ago uh predicted the future almost Exactly to a year year to the date uh That her Airbnb would be a disaster and If you're wondering yes Charles Xavier From the X-Men has now reached out to me Now we know I'm able to see the future And he has invited me to join the X-Men Team so I'm very excited about that able To use my uh ability to see the future To help out the X-Men I I don't Currently know my X-Men superhero name If you'd like to help me with that uh Leave a comment below but since I do Have the ability to see the future Apparently uh I'm going to be joining The X-Men team now I decided to look Back and and see if there were any other Individuals that I had been WR about uh Much like with Shelby church and Unfortunately for the individual I found Uh once again someone I had made several Videos about in 2022 I was right pretty Much about everything that happened now This individual 2023 has not been kind To him uh it's been quite horrible

Actually for you for him and I have to Say that if you're new to the well not Necessarily new if you if you've Subscribe to the channel in the past Year basically ever since established Titles you probably you didn't go back And watch my older videos you've Probably never heard me talk about this Guy I haven't talked about him in about A year but if you're an OG subscriber From way back when uh you know exactly Exactly who I'm talking about now the Individual I'm referring to is known as Jeremy and he runs the channel Financial Education on YouTube and much like Shelby church he is also a boss babe He's killing it be sure and leave a Comment on his channel telling him that He is a boss babe just like Shelby and Uh he has 720,000 subscribers and his Channel is like I said called Financial Education now before I absolutely shred This guy rip him apart uh for the Terrible advice that he's been giving Over the past couple years I want to say Something nice now before you crucify me In the comments say Scott you shouldn't Be saying nice things about a fake Guru I have to say I went to my doctor Doc Brown uh and he said Scott there's too Much Negative Nancy energy you're Putting out you got to be a positive Poly right so I want to put some Positive poly energy in this video up

Front before I completely shred him so I Will say something nice about Jeremy Give me a sec okay Jeremy Jeremy it was Very smart of you to name your channel Financial education now if you don't Know a lot of people search for the term Financial education on YouTube and Because his channel is named Financial Education he gets a lot of traffic Through search because people are Searching for that that topic they're Not looking for his channel specifically But he gets a lot of search traffic from That because that's what his channel is Named so I have to say that was very Smart of Jeremy to name his channel Financial Education now unfortunately there's not Actually much Financial education on the Channel the entire Channel if you don't Know is him making terrible stock picks Uh he recommends a bunch of penny stocks He recommends a bunch of companies that Go down in value instead of up in value And collectively he's lost people Probably potentially millions of dollars Uh who have invested in his financial Advice so I think a more app name for His channel would possibly be Financial Ruin or financial destruction would Possibly be another uh great channel Name so Jeremy possibly think about Changing your Channel rebranding into Financial destruction where I I ruin you

And take all your money that that might Be a better name uh for his channel now In 2022 when I made several videos about This guy uh I pointed out that many of His stock tips uh were terrible advice Many of the stocks he promoted were down 75 85 even 90% from where he had Actually promoted them at the top of the Market right and people had lost a lot Of money I want you to think about if You had taken advice from this guy you Know he had recommended the dink toink Company guys you got to get involved in Dink doink they're the best stock out There right and people had taken an Advice at the top and now 95% of their Money was gone because they had listened To this guy a lot of people had been Financially ruined by him and I made a Lot of videos pointing that out the guy Had no idea what he was talking about Nobody should be listening to this guy Nobody should be taking Financial advice From him and unfortunately there were Some people that actually defended Jeremy uh and they would leave comments Saying Scott you're being a Negative Nancy uh the economy is doing terrible Right now even Apple Amazon Microsoft Disney these you know Top companies even they are down right Now in 2022 everything is doing bad Inflation is up the economy is not doing Great Scott you can't be mean to Jeremy

Everything is down right now and to an Extent to an extent I kind of agree with What they were saying because like they Said everything was down the economy Wasn't doing well it's still not doing Great right now but the difference is That companies like Disney companies Like Amazon they're still in business The thing about Jeremy stock is now in 2023 uh several of the companies that he Recommended have now gone bankrupt As in Out of business as in selling off all Their assets some of them are trying to Restructure trying to save the business But many of them are just done for good He recommended companies that went Bankrupt the thing is that any good Company any like solid company should be Able to weather a recession Jeremy does Not pick good companies he picks Terri Companies that he knows nine out of 10 Are probably going to go out of the Business but one company that he Recommends it might 10x and then he's Going to promote that company like crazy Go guys look I promoted this stock at 10x I made so much money for you right That's what he does but most of the Stocks he promotes uh go out of business Now what we're going to do we're going To take a look at some of these Companies and again I talked about all Of these companies in 2022 that he was Promoting all of them were down

Massively every stock we're going to Talk about now uh has now gone bankrupt Okay I I want you to think about that Multiple companies we're going to talk About that he all recommended I'm going To show you Clips straight from his YouTube channel where he recommended These companies and now they are Bankrupt so first up uh let's take a Look at the very good food company Second stock up here very good food Company which just changed this ticker Symbol to VG FC very good food company Just changed it very recently here and This is one we're doing pretty decent on So far up uh 33,000 on this position Here for very good food company I own Another counter to uh a very I would Call it more speculative stock I hold That was the very good food company they Are a vegan company trying to sell vegan Frozen meals and supermarkets and Jeremy Was big on the vegan train he thought Everyone was going to become a vegan for Some reason I don't know why and he Heavily promoted this company multiple Multiple times you can actually go to His channel uh you can look up a very Good food company on the search bar and You'll find a bunch of videos they're All still up he recommended this company Many many times and on April 28th of This year 2023 that company went Bankrupt they're they're out of business

They're trying to restructuring actually Says April 28th the receiver assigned The very good food company into Bankruptcy the first meeting of Creditors occurred via Microsoft teams On May 19th 2023 so they're trying to Save the company but they had to they Had to be put into bankruptcy now at This point you're probably thinking Scott everyone makes mistakes you really Shouldn't be mean to Jeremy you're you You're just being a Negative Nancy you Know he made one bag stock pick one Company went out of business it's no big Deal guys everyone makes mistakes move On Scott why are you being negative to Jeremy don't do this but what if I told You what if I told you it wasn't just One stock that he promoted that went Bankrupt it was actually two let's take A look at this other clip right here Well holy smokers folks is ain't no dang Joker Voyager digital ticker symbol v y Gvf has gone absolutely parabolic and Yes parabolic is the right term to use In regards to this stock it has gone is Up over 32% here today alone and that's After being up massively yesterday as Well this stock has climbed almost or Somewhere around roughly 50% in two trading days I'm not flipping Your Flapjacks Voyager digital is Flipping your Flapjacks all right so That company was Voyager digital they

Were a crypto Trading platform that Actually had a stock on the stock market So you could buy into their their crypto Trading platform it was it was a very Weird situation that whole company I Don't know why they were on the stock Market um cryptocurrency is Incredibly in it has incredible ups and Downs and I don't know why uh you would Want to get involved in an actual Cryptocurrency stock right that that to This day I I still don't understand why He was heavily promoting Voyager digital Stock uh some people have speculated That he was was paid to promote that Stock NOW Jeremy has come out and said He's never been paid to promote any Stock you can believe that or not that Is up to you um but in I believe May of This year Voyager digital went out of Business they went bankrupt as well uh And everyone thaten listen to Jeremy Once again lost all their money on the Terrible advice of getting involved in Voyager digital now at this point you're Thinking Scott okay he made one bad Stock pick and then there was a second One but that's that's just two that's That's two okay two mistakes guys again Move on Scott no Negative Nancy energy It's only two you got to cut the guy Some Slack what if I told You what if I told you it wasn't two

Stocks that he recommended that people Got involved and lost hundreds of Thousands maybe millions of dollars it Was actually three stocks that he Recommended that have all gone bankrupt In 2023 let's take a look at this clip Well holy smokers this Ain no Jokers Today in this video I am going to tell You why I believe I am going to well Over 10x my money in ttcf stock tattooed Chef and I want to get into the numbers Behind this and why I believe this is Going to be a phenomenal performing Stock for me over the next 5 to 10 years And get behind the numbers and explain In detail why I believe this is going to Play out this way okay so that right There was the uh tattooed Chef company They again uh sold a lot of vegan and Vegetarian um Frozen products that they Would sell in supermarkets again I don't Know why Jeremy was on this big hype Train about vegan products he thought it Was the future everyone was going to Start buying vegan products I don't know Why but that was the tattooed shoot uh Tattooed Chef food company that he Heavily promoted this was actually his Top stock pick for many years for Whatever reason he did I I think Probably 50 videos on this company he Would go to the supermarket he would Look up their products guys they're on All the shelves now you got to get

Tattooed chef and he was he was a big Big fan of tattooed Chef they're going To go like $30 a share it was going to Be the greatest stock you could possibly Get involved in and unfortunately uh for Jeremy once again this company went out Of business they declared bankruptcy I Believe on June 30th of this Year The the third stock of the depromoted That has gone bankrupt in a one-year Time span guys guys You can't possibly be this bad at Picking stocks okay I can understand if You pick one company it goes bankrupt I Could kind of understand if you pick two Companies and then they go bankrupt but Three Companies right it can't possibly get Worse at this point you're thinking Scott you got to stop you've brutalized Him at this point it's basically a snuff Film right YouTube's going to take this Video off the platform because I'm I'm Showing you a snuff film at this point Jeremy is done right you're you're Thinking you're thinking Scott it cannot Possibly get any worse there is no way There is no possible way he could Possibly predict he he could possibly Pick a fourth company that went bankrupt There is no way absolutely no way that Could happen and you my friend would be Wrong let's take a look at this clip to

The second stock of these three stocks Of these penny stocks that I think are Massive buys for 2022 and Beyond and That is SDC smile direct Club $252 here today there a under a billion Dollar market cap for this company now It has a 52e low of 245 a 52e high of Over $16 a share so nonetheless this one Has been devastated it has not been a Smile direct clubs year uh it will be in The future here okay all right so there You go that is the fourth company that He has recommended that has gone Bankrupt in 2023 that is smile direct Club they actually went bankrupt on October 2nd um so about a month and a Half ago at this point that was the Fourth company and we still have a month And a half to to go in the year so it's Possible it's possible he could have a Fifth company go bankrupt uh this year Now smile direct if you don't know they Make plastic retainers um I actually if You don't know I've talked about I had Invisalign Invisalign is plastic Retainers but you actually go to a Dentist office and a dentist will Actually you know they'll they'll look At your teeth they'll actually take Molds of your teeth and they'll they'll Work with uh the actual people at in Misalign to make these perfect Invisalign um plastic braces for you They'll also like put all these tabs on

Your teeth it works really well now Smile direct was basically the uh The Bargain Basement version of Invisalign You don't actually work with a dentist They send you a mold to your house you Take your own mold you send it back and Then they send you some trays right That's a terrible idea trying to move The teeth in your mouth without a Dentist supervision is a terrible idea Th like this company was always doomed To failure and sure enough smile direct Like I said went Baker up on October 2nd And this was another pick uh he called It this this was a penny stock for a While and he's like guys it's a penny Stock you could make 10x on this you Could make so much money on smile direct And the main reason he actually Recommended I I I'm not joking about This at all the main recom uh reason he Recommended this company was he Recommended it after 2020 because he Felt everyone had been wearing masks for The past year year and a half and he Thought now everyone's going to go Outside they're going to want to smile More so they're going going to want to Have nice teeth and so that's why he Thinks smile direct is going to go to The Moon that legitimately was his Reason why he told people to invest in The company not because it was a solid Company not because they were making a

Boatload of money just because he had a Hunch people were going to have want to Have nice Smiles now that they don't Want have to wear mask anymore so there You go those are actually four companies Uh that he promoted that have all gone Bankrupt in a one-year time span one Year four companies that he made Multiple videos about have gone bankrupt Now a little bonus clip I'll throw at The end of the video here uh if you Don't know he actually promoted another Company uh he heavily promoted this Company called FTX uh they recently in The news s SPF uh Sam bankman free the CEO of the company uh was found guilty Of fraud he could potentially spend 115 Years in prison Financial education Jeremy promoted this company very Heavily he was paid to promote the Company on the channel um and he Actually gloated about it at one point He talked about he actually lied to his Audience and told people he had start he He decided he didn't want to promote FTX Anymore before they collapsed but that Wasn't true FTX had actually cut ties With him they had cut ties with many Other people on YouTube they decided to Cut back before they before they went Bankrupt and uh he actually put out a Video gloating about how much money FTX Had actually paid him to promote their Product made the hard decision to cut

Ties with FTX and I just want to be Fully transparent with you guys on um my Side of things and and kind of what I've Seen and um why I've made this decision Okay now I supposed to you know the deal Between FTX and I were supposed to run Through the end of this year I don't Want to disclose the um specific numbers But I try to be as transparent as Possible uh multi6 figure so there you Go ladies and gentlemen I think that Jeremy from Financial education possibly Has the worst financial information on All of YouTube I really do think he Should Rebrand his channel name to Financial destruction it would be uh a Much better pick for what he's done over The past year with these horrible stock Picks now like I said 2022 these Companies had not gone uh bankrupt People were like Scott don't be so Negative I at this point I really don't Understand how anyone could defend Jeremy at this point um but for whatever Reason I've gone to a social blade Plage And you can see that his channel isn't Really growing it hasn't been growing Very much at all for the past year or Two but he does consistently still get Hundreds of thousands of views so it's One thing that he he's not growing but But the audience that he has is Apparently still sticking around which I Don't know I I I don't know why they

Would do that if someone is a big Jeremy Fan in the comments please I would love To know why you continue to take Financial advice why you continue to Watch stock videos from a guy who Clearly has no idea what he's doing he Doesn't have a clue how to pick a stock Because people who know how to pick Stocks don't pick four bankrupt stocks Four companies that go bankrupt in one Year like that is impressive now I have To say I said this in the last video as Well uh please do not take any Financial Advice from anyone on YouTube just Purely purely take any every one of These videos including this one just as Uh just as entertainment most people Don't know what they're talking about When I started years ago on YouTube I Would see channels that had millions of Subscribers multi multi-million Subscriber channels and I'd be like wow They clearly know what they're talking About right and over time I realized a Lot of these creators have no idea what They're talking some do but most Creators who have millions of Subscribers They don't necessarily they're not Experts in their field whatever it is It's just that they're very good at Understanding the algorithm and they're Very good at feeding the algorithm Exactly what it wants exactly what

People want to see to continue to grow Their Channel they're not necessarily The best in many cases like Jeremy's Case uh they're complete idiots who have No idea what they're talking about but They know how to feed the algorithm they Know how to grow and get subscribers to Sign up that doesn't mean they're smart That doesn't mean they're experts in Their field so please keep that in mind But uh let me know in the comments below Do you think Jeremy has the worst Financial advice on YouTube or is it Possibly someone else let me know in the Comments

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