The YouTube Prankster Who Lost Absolutely Everything

From millionaire prankster if I saved Every penny I had I think I would have Close to a million dollars to part-time Taco Bell employee I got a job I work at Taco Bell I've been there since February This is the story of how Andrew Hales Lost everything while maintaining a Mature attitude about his own poor Choices let's see how I became broke His channel going by the name of law Flew up unbelievably quickly during the Early days of YouTube within two weeks Of posting his first two videos they'd Gained more than 60 000 views each and It's really no wonder why the ideas were Unique funny and enticing which when Combined with Andrew's mellow yet Relatable personality made for Incredibly entertaining content on top Of this Andrew was able to develop his Own style where every interaction was Confident yet simultaneously awkward With these reactions being so Entertaining that Andrew ended up on the News after posting only nine videos what Would you do if a total stranger came up To you in public and tried to hold your Hand well a group of guys found out and Posted the results on YouTube and now It's gone viral the video in question Was simply titled holding people's hand And it would gain over 5 million views In only three weeks which when combined With two other viral videos titled

Awkward elevator and actually picking up A girl Loft was able to achieve over 500 Thousand subscribers only 12 months After posting his first video in the Process Andrew maintained a strict Upload schedule posting a prank every Single Monday for over 50 weeks straight While showing strong accountability in Each video description such as this is The first week after 50 weeks in a row That I didn't upload on Monday I hope You'll forgive me Andrew's consistency And desire to improve the content led to Two new Innovative videos titled tipping Service 200 as well as paying for People's groceries and while this type Of content has since been popularized by Mr Beast it was basically unheard of in 2013 helping Loft to pass 1 million Subscribers only six months after Hitting 500 000 however while it seemed As though everything was going perfectly Andrew began to experience a few major Problems with the prank genre now being Significantly more popular on YouTube Loth had to compete with other channels Who are able to achieve better reactions By faking their videos Andrew would diss These fake channels in a video titled Easy way to go viral before posting a Series of his own ironic obviously fake Videos showing just how easy it was to Achieve an inauthentic reaction Andrew Went on to state that despite his

Success this was a pretty depressing Period in his life so call my mom and She didn't pick up with my dad and he Didn't pick up and I hadn't seen like Any of my friends in a month or so and I Just felt like like no one cared about Me yet these kinds of videos would only Add to his charm as a relatable guy who Was willing to talk about his darkest Moments this gave him a positive social Media image as someone who was Unconcerned about always looking perfect Which will continue into videos such as This one simply titled crying where Andrew would talk about some of his Deepest insecurities before receiving Comments such as dang Andrew I love you So much thank you so much for being so Real it allows others to be in their Feelings and be okay with how they are It does that for me thanks man I love You so much what's crazy is that every Person that watches this video can Relate in some way much respect to you Sir Andrew you are a goddamn legend for Posting this vulnerable of a video I Love you man ride the wave but while Andrew's reputation was at an all-time High his motivation to produce content Was at an all-time low leading to the Announcement that he was done with the Pranking genre altogether for now I Really need to just take a break from Social experiments and pranks and I

Can't do them anymore they're all the Same to me and it's just really boring It's making me depressed and I don't Know I just need to try new stuff this New stuff that Andrew planned on trying Was also explained in the video where Interview stuff we have like a little Set set up at my apartment now we're Going to try this Jimmy Fallon between Two phones type thing with YouTubers Models or whatever with the teased Interviews eventually becoming a series By the name of chatting with he began by Talking to other YouTubers such as that Was epic and Cody Co however the real Success began when he'd interview Increasingly unique humans such as Chatting with a 400 plus day fapstronaut Chatting with a flat earther and Chatting with a 23 year old stock Trading millionaire Each of which Helping Andrew to earn 250 000 in 2018. Andrew will back this up by earning a Further two hundred thousand dollars in 2019 and by all accounts it seemed as Though there was nothing that could Derail his success he'd announced that The chatting with series would continue Into 2020 yeah like four interviews Already planned out ready to rock and Roll for 2020. although there was no way That Andrew could have predicted what Was just around the corner I was doing This chatting with covert canceled like

The first like five I had going into 2020 and so I had to like start walking And experimenting as mentioned the Pandemic put a stop to the chatting with Series forcing Andrew to experiment with Various unrelated videos he posed Dancing skating and reactions yet none Of these blopped to the same degree as His content had in the past when Andrew Returned to the chatting with series After isolation each episode averaged Only 50 000 views each leading him to Admit that the channel wasn't doing so Well my Channel's been dying I've been Pretty lost this year it's been a very Humbling year definitely which had been The partial result of a few poor habits March April in quarantine watching Movies smoking weed drinking it was Awesome but also depressing however in All actuality Andrew's worst habit might Have been overspending as only two weeks Later he'd upload a video titled credit Card debt in which he'd explained that He owed approximately fifty thousand Dollars to the bank and his credit card Companies are at Banks or whatever yeah They really sneak up on you and then Whoops 200 bucks a month of interest Accruing every month by this point Andrew's channel was only gaining a Million views per month with no Foreseeable increase in the quality of The content as he had to sell most of

His YouTube gear just to service the Loans attic 70D and a Canon 5D and two Sm7 bees and uh yeah I just sold it all And that paid off One credit card in the Process Andrew moved out of LA to a more Affordable area we found this Airbnb but Two months ago for 400 bucks a month and Yeah we're just uh pinching pennies and Just trying to rapidly get out of debt Where he'd film a video titled how I Became broke summarizing the situation That it found himself in didn't manage My money wisely I traveled a lot I went To Russia Japan another big thing is Taxes I always like forget to save money For the taxes and it's like boom yo 40 Grand it's like oh all the while paying 3 600 a month for this rent that was a Big mistake there that was just a dumb Flex Weird Flex I didn't know what I was Doing on top of managing his money Poorly Andrew would add that he'd become Complacent I partied too much and I got Lazy and less focused and didn't upload As much so I had like 10 grand coming in A month every month for hardly doing Anything and YouTube kind of just Spoiled me and I don't know I guess I Thought it would last forever but it Started to go down and down and down and While it was depressing that he'd spend Every dollar he ever made from YouTube This video would also become a turning

Point as it was seen in the early days Of his channel Andrew's audience simply Appreciated the honesty with the entire Comment section offering words of Encouragement Andrew's ability to just Keep it real and say vulnerable things Out loud transparently is incredibly Endearing inspiration to be more open Andrew you're a legend man your openness In Candor has positively impacted more People than you realize takes a real man To admit and truly reflect on the real Mistakes One made and in order to move Forward and do better you have to do Just that these comments combination With the video strong performance LED Andrew in a brand new Direction Where He'd basically document what it was like To be someone rebuilding from zero which Turned out to be an incredibly Entertaining genre on the 1st of October 2021 Andrew uploaded a video titled I Got a job in which he'd explained that He'd returned to Old School employment So I got a job it's with this company Called Amazon it'll be like Mr Price job In about 10 years foreign I'm actually kind of excited however While Andrew seemed excited about his New position at Amazon it didn't take Long before he was already talking about Quitting like night three that started To become less fun yeah so I don't know How much longer I'm Gonna Last it took

Only a month before Andrew confirmed his Resignation yeah Amazon's hard I can't I Couldn't do it after which you tried Doordash and instacart yet the pay was Somewhat disappointing all in all it Took about almost three hours I made About 22 bucks Andrew knew what he Needed to do he had to return to content With a new successful series still need To figure out some kind of thing where I Wasn't just shooting in the dark you Know I had some kind of set thing still Figuring that out taking inspiration From his chatting with videos Andrew Launched a series titled people on in Which he went out on the street to talk About a range of interesting topics one Of which being people on credit cards in Which it's obvious that Andrew has Learned his lesson do you feel like Credit cards are a good or a bad idea I Think they're a bad idea because Nobody's talking how to use it I agree The series is yet to rival his previous Work in terms of view count yet the idea Has a lot of potential with some of his Fairly basic episodes having achieved Almost 200 000 views with a bit more Effort the series could easily do over 500 000 views per episode however until Then Andrew seems pretty content with His new position at Taco Bell I got a Job I work at Taco Bell I work the drive Through Wicked easy love my boss and my

Co-workers it's all very chill I work Wednesday Thursday and Sunday it's just A side hustle I I'm still doing YouTube Andrew even stated that this wasn't the First time that this kind of thing has Happened because I've done this like two Or three times and then I just Eventually get out of there and get rich Again so surely he'll be able to rebuild In the future

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