This Famous Rapper’s Secret YouTube Channel (Baby Keem)

This guy won a Grammy no way bro sounded Like this and ain't no way that's the Man I listened to every day all comments On a YouTube video titled Minecraft Survival Games number one intense fights You might be wondering what could Possibly make a Minecraft video from 2013 so intriguing to viewers today well It turns out that this particular Channel is just one of the many secret YouTube channels operated by none other Than Grammy award-winning rapper baby Came hi I'm the instant Anarchist I Create weekly YouTube documentaries and Today we'll be exploring the secret YouTube channels of Rapstar baby Keem And his journey from generic Minecraft Youtuber all the way to working with the Likes of Kanye West Kendrick Lamar and Travis Scott shout out to faulty Jules a Small YouTuber who inspired this video Be sure to check them out at the end as A fresh generation of young Talent takes Us in a stage we're discovering that Many of these celebrities had childhood YouTube channels and one of the most Fascinating examples of this is Grammy Award-winning rapper Baby Kim having Achieved mainstream success with Platinum hits like Family Ties honest And orange soda baby Keem is one of the Last people you would expect to have had A secret YouTube channel in the past let Alone a Minecraft Channel today we'll be

Uncovering the secret YouTube channels Of grammy award-winning artist baby Keem And to do so I'll be needing to take you Back to 2012. picture 2012 the year when Gangnam Style dominated the Airways when Annoying Orange memes flooded the Internet and amidst this frenzy a 12 Year old Hakeem Carter embarked on a Creative Adventure by launching a YouTube channel called Almighty modes a Channel where a young hiking Carter Would post Minecraft Let's Play videos Hunger Games videos as well as Minecraft Mod reviews I'm going to be doing The channel was about what you would Expect from a generic Minecraft Youtuber Back in 2012 trying to follow in the Footsteps of popular YouTubers at the Time Sky Does Minecraft and Jerome ASF Came at the time even when his first Claiming that he had defeated skydo's Minecraft in one of his videos came Would also be an active member of where he would make Posts requesting for a sponsored server So that he could be the next mine crew Mine crew was a group of YouTubers who Had a series where they'd play on the Same server essentially the OG dream SMP Also on the post was a Skype username Which still links to his account today Although Keem didn't find a sponsor at First he wouldn't give up as he had

Continued to post listings throughout 2013. in one of the listings the Question was proposed of why he can't Just simply pay for the server where Kane replied saying that he was really Broke at the time ironic considering Just 10 years later he'd be worth the Millions by far the most interesting Part of this discovery however was the Fact that Keem was doing Minecraft Artwork commissions for as low was 1.50 Where other fellow Minecraft youtubers Could buy YouTube banners Minecraft Avatars and 3D renders of their skins it Was also at this time that Keem would Start signing to multiple multi-channel Networks back in 2012 multi-channel Networks or mcns were popular on YouTube They promised to help creators with Channel promotion ad sales and audience Growth in exchange of a share of their Ad Revenue but as YouTube evolved mcn's Lost their appeal creators became Savvier and YouTube introduced better Tools for Content management making mcns A lot less essential whereas some ntns Gained a bad reputation for exploiting Smaller creators and not keeping their Promises mcns were relatively predatory Pushing small creators into contracts That would often last years by this Point keemwood joined several mcns which Would lead him to the latest Almighty Mods Channel but even though it was

Deleted remnants of his past can still Be found online hey guys what's up it's Your mvg director here Almighty mods and And today we're going to be doing Bringing you um the Seth bling mod the Mechanical bulls mod all right here you Go here we go Click it yeah Ah three seconds I really saw but this Wouldn't be the end of keem's YouTube Career as just one year later Kim would Create a new channel this time named Taikizi HD the channel was based around Minecraft and would be a continuation of The content poster to his Almighty mods Channel and when doing some further Digging I managed to come across keem's Twist Channel under the previous name of Almighty modes the page would gain a Humble 164 followers and even a sponsor From a hosting website at the time Keem Described himself as a YouTuber who Loves to stream several videos from the High Kizi HD era have survived including Episodes of a Minecraft Survival Game Series Yo what is up guys it's like easyhd and Basically what I'm going to be doing is Uh some new series on my channel which Is the survival games if you guys have Not seen this on my old channel uh Pretty much oh I got some sort pretty Much what you do is just kill everybody In the game and there's like multiple

Phases as you'll see in the video Hopefully interestingly Kane played with A fellow gamer known as level Asian HD Who later turned out to be Robert McMahon baby keem's current videographer And photographer for his melodic blue Tour the Duro even had a group Channel Called diversity squad though no content Was ever posted their long-standing Friendship transformed from playing Minecraft together all the way to Touring the world together following the Deletion of both hike easy HD and Almighty mods Keem turned a new Leaf in 2016 venturing into the world of music Production with his channel Beats by Cardo as the name suggests this channel Showcases beat making abilities a short Foreshadowing of the bright future and Not only rapping but producing hip-hop Instrumentals in the future two publicly Available videos include Coke a few type Beat and Golden Girl a little Uzi type Beat coincidentally Keem and Uzi would Collaborate years later on keem's debut Studio album melodic blue in addition to His YouTube beats baby King's Music can Also be found on his track train account Under the name of Hakeem Carter the soul Song posted their EXO beat life Showcases a unique beat rather than Simply reproducing Lil Uzi vert's XO Tour life baby Keane's early production Efforts while rougher than his current

Work still possess a certain charm and After posting on the Beats By Carter Channel he would focus on his music Career collaborating with producer Kell Banks and eventually working with Kendrick Lamar on the album damn baby King's Journey from a young Minecraft Youtuber to Grammy award-winning rapper Is truly inspiring but he wouldn't be The only award-winning artist to have a Secret YouTube channel in the past on The 22nd of March 2023 a video will be Published onto the faulty Jewels Channel Titled baby keem's secret Minecraft Channel haikizi HD a six minute video Uncovering the past YouTube channels of Baby Keem the the video quality was Impressive considering the size of the Channel and the topic would result in Comments such as bro really is a normal Dude and imagine all the newer artists That have channels like these LOL and it Would be this exact comment that would Lead me on a search for similar channels Where I was shocked to find an old YouTube channel belonging to Multi-grammy award-winning artist Tyler The Creator who appeared to have had a Channel named blockshead that he posted On during the early days of YouTube this Channel would host videos of Tyler Messing around and even performing at What seems to be a high school talent Show where Tyler would get disqualified

For his use of profanity throughout the Performance Huge shout out to foldy jewels who would Not only Inspire this video but do a lot Of the hard work in terms of research And gathering information from the baby Keem Discord server

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