This YouTuber Is Being Held Hostage… (Lord Miles Documentary)

This man is wanted by the US government For alleged war crimes this is a member Of the Taliban and this is Lord miles a Small YouTuber from England hi I'm the Internet Anarchist I create weekly YouTube documentaries and today we'll be Looking into the case of Lord miles a British YouTuber who is currently making Headlines of being kidnapped by the Taliban the story of Lord miles would Begin in August of 2021 when he would Take a flight that would change the Course of his life forever as miles was Taking a flight to Afghanistan whilst The country was being brutally taken Over by a regime known as the Taliban it Can be debated whether miles is one of The biggest idiots in the world or Simply an adrenaline junkie but miles Thought it would be a fun idea to see What the nation was like in its final Moments before being taken over this Would lead to the 13th of August 2021 When miles would go on to make a 4chan Post to the TRV board reading decided to Pop down to Gavin stand for a few days Never been before just goofing off and Soaking in the sun seems more peaceful Than London to me ask me anything Naturally other fortuners questioned the Authenticity of Miles claims so in order To prove that he wasn't trolling miles Proceeded to dox himself by revealing His full name ID card and Facebook

Account it would also be in this post Where he would state that he was only Going to stay in the country for five Days which should have been a safe Gamble considering officials estimated That Kabul the capital city of Afghanistan wouldn't be in any serious Danger for another 30 days miles would Also try to form backup plans in case Things went South by putting the label Lord on his bank card hoping that the Taliban would buy into the whole Established titles ordeal thinking he's Someone special with some level of Negotiating power a funny idea that Would act as some dark foreshadowing Considering what would happen later the Emerging serious threat of the capital Being taken over by terrorists didn't Stop males from making the most of his Summer vacation in Kabul as miles was Having the time of his life uploading Several photos of him trying different Foods visiting landmarks and just Enjoying himself in the city it wouldn't Be long before his posts would start Gaining popularity on 4chan especially After he leaked his identity to the Internet where he would quickly be Dubbed the name Lord miles but whilst Things on the surface seemed fine this Would Mark the moment where everything Started to fall apart but before we Unravel the tragedies about to unfold

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Worldwide check out grounds news go to internet Anarchist or click The link in the video description to get A 30 off premium subscription and Support Independent Media Outsiders who Are working hard to make the news more Transparent but back to the video whilst Miles was enjoying his holiday the Taliban had their sights set on the Capital every day getting closer to an Inevitable conflict and War things will Get serious and Miles addressed the Concerns to his viewers things were Getting serious and people online Started worrying about miles safety but Miles would address the concerns of his Readers by revealing that he was in a Secret Safe House located a few minutes Away from the embassy miles felt that Even if the capital was taken over he Could simply stroll the embassy until he Would be safe but unfortunately for Miles it wouldn't be that easy Taliban Forces entered the heart of the Afghan Capital Kabul today the culmination of a Rapid advance and retaking of control Almost exactly two decades after they Were ousted from Power Fighters were Filmed inside the presidential Palace After ashrafgani now the former President fled the country by the 15th Of August 2021 the Taliban forces had Surrounded the city and were advancing Quickly miles had front row seats to see

A once peaceful City dissolve into chaos He witnessed the city's economy collapse As people crowded Banks and attempt to Withdraw their life savings he saw Accidents his families panicked trying To leave for safety and he also saw the Afghan military surrounding the Taliban Or fleeing their posts miles knew that His vacation was over and decided it was Time to head back to the Embassy which Upon arrival he would soon realize had Already closed and evacuated and to make Matters even worse there were no Available flights out of Afghanistan Miles had run out of options so he Decided to make one last stream on Twitch miles was desperately trying to Keep it together but the cracks in his Psyche were already showing with a Facebook post reading also things aren't Good for me right now as I spoke to the Journalists about my experience I Actually remembered them I didn't Remember them before I've emailed the Mental health people at ibora University So hopefully they can help me I'm Struggling to stand and keep down water I don't think I'll sleep to know I've Seen so many dead people I just wanted This whole thing to be a little Clarity Thing where I can explore a weird Country but I've mentally broken down I'm not sure what's going on right now My face in the mirror doesn't look right

Luckily for Miles help was on the way on The 16th of August the friendly military Personnel reached the safe house and Prepared everyone for evacuation miles Was equipped with a rifle and body armor With a post reading I've met some of the Forces great Lads flights for RAF are Canceled tomorrow but I'm working on it Evac is likely America took back the Airport but apparently it's been Breached I've been hearing gunshots for A while packed just in case help Couldn't have come at a better time for Miles as the condition around the Airport was hellish to say the least People were scaling concrete fences and Jumping into moving aircrafts everyone Knew what the Taliban were capable of And wanted to escape by any means It wasn't until the 17th of August that Miles would give an update to his Situation as he uploaded a video of Himself on an aircraft with almost 100 Other people who managed to escape he Also stated that he was on a list of People going to Dubai and just like that Miles had cheated death and lived to Tell the tale during his time in Afghavenstein Miles posts went viral Various news Publications had written About him and his updates on 4chan Basically took over the travel board in Less than a week miles went from an Anonymous 4chan user to a public figure

And over the next few days miles was Featured in several interviews and Dozens of Articles were written about Him I think the first thing that I want To ask you and the thing that a lot of People are definitely going to have on Their minds mate What the [ __ ] were you thinking me Honestly like Afghanistan however he Faced harsh criticism for leaking Sensitive information that could have Led to the death of his interpreter that Aided in his Escape it was also called Out for taking up resources that could Have been used to save other individuals Who are now trapped in afghavistan to Many miles should have never stepped Foot in Kabul since his presence only Made the situation more complicated for People around him miles became a Polarizing figure on one hand people saw Him as a careless tourists that only put People in danger whilst on the other People looked up to him as a modern day Adventurer miles now had a name for Himself and wanted to make the most of His Newfound Fame so by January of 2022 He would start his own YouTube channel With the first video being him sneaking Into a tropical resort hey guys Um yeah if you look around me Lads I'm on a tropical resort but I Didn't pay for it I live with Sam Hyde Bedford where I

Just tell a story and somehow I got into This place so what I do just beforehand As I call up I go oh ring ring you would Think almost getting trapped in an Active war zone would make a miles think Twice about traveling but the truth is It only made him want to do it even more He continued to visit several exotic and Dangerous locations across the globe the Border between Ukraine and Russia the Chernobyl power plant and even an Illegal snake infested Island where just A few of the places that Miles explored Miles also wrote in a book about his Time in afghavistan and even got Andrew Tate to sign it oh of course they Probably love everything I say of course Yeah you are right Incredible Taliban are on my side Unbelievable top G top gee Do all the Taliban I want you all to Know Tom G loves you too you know miles Shared updates of his travel plans on Twitter and Instagram gaining thousands Of followers on both platforms and to Almost 70 000 subscribers on YouTube Miles was living his own dream he didn't Have to live the monogamous live set up For him after graduation instead he got The chance to go anywhere he wanted this Unlimited freedom and lack of caution Would ultimately lead up to some Extremely damaging consequences miles Wasn't the type of man to shy away from

Or even notice dangerous situations this Becomes very apparent when he realized That he went back to afghavistan and Started Direct Communications with the Taliban in a tweet reading this morning My friend was late so I waited by the Road Taliban came up to me and gave me Tea and snacks then when I left I saw Him offering a seat to an elderly man Who struggled to stand very kind man Thank you it handy even been a year Since miles returned to the country that He was evacuated from but this time Having tea with a military group that Took over said Nation as a matter of Fact he was even able to buy weapons and Taliban merchandise in a tweet reading I Rocked up to a group of Taliban today And struck up a conversation turns out I Can buy the US army military equipment RPG is 400 PKM is 500 and night vision Goggles is 300 ish I'm going to the Market tomorrow could become a good Legal business to export with another Tweet reading I'm gonna start selling Taliban merch on the 21st with International shipping get put on a Watch list for affordable prices on the 18th of August 2022 miles uploaded a Video of him buying Black Market weapons Who was previously wanted by the US for Five years I'm also going to hang out With the Taliban now you may ask why am I in Afghanistan well that's a really

Good question during Kobe lockdowns Afghanistan was the only country open Without a vaccine mandate so I just went [Music] Hello movement the un's right there the Video got over a million views and Became his most viewed video leading Miles to wanting to see how fire could Take things his Twitter account is Flooded with photos of him and members Of the Taliban and who would go on to Visit Afghanistan four times in 2022 However unlikely correspondence didn't Come without issues miles would have his Instagram temporarily banned his eBay Listings taken down and was no longer Permitted to visit almost 90 percent of Europe in a tweet reading I posted one Selfie with the Taliban on Instagram and Have been banned what a cucked social Media I'm going to create another and Another tweet reading eBay removed of my Listings for telebon headbands I called Them up and level app calling him Taliban phobic and discriminatory they Apologized and the listing will be up in Three days and another tweet reading This is my plan guys for my frozen bank Account buy up tons of Taliban merch you Guys enjoyed buying resell through my Upcoming Shopify store sustain myself Through that until my bank is unfrozen Association with the Taliban could only End badly and by early 2023 miles

Realized that the hard way by March of 2023 rumors began to spread that Miles Had gone missing the last time he had Uploaded anything was back in February Which is very much out of the ordinary For miles it was the type of Creator to Keep his audience updated almost daily And now is completely gone offline what Had happened to miles was he taking a Break or did he get arrested on the 15th Of March 2023 a random Twitter account Named Taliban public relations Department made a tweet that seemed to Reveal some details about miles Situation it's with great sorry to Announce that we have lost contact with Our beloved brother real lord miles his Last known sighting was in eastern Afghanistan on the 6th of March we are Doing all we can to locate him the Foreign Ministry has informed the UK Embassy Islamabad looking back at other Posts made by the Taliban public Relations department it's unlikely that Anything put out is factual but that Didn't stop unsuspecting viewers from Taking the claims as facts in the coming Weeks the Taliban shared several updates On Miles whereabouts and allegedly sent Out a search party an update on brother Real lord miles the snow about alone has Been sent to balakshan province in Search of miles they are well equipped And have extensive experience in

Mountain combat and search and rescue They will start their search from their Base in fezibad at Daybreak eventually They claimed miles was found but if that Were true then would only make his Situation even worse since he was now in The hands of one of the world's most Ruthless military organizations with the Tweet reading salaam Ali khum brothers And sisters we hope this weight reaches You in good health some of you are still Inquiring about Lord miles the Department assures you that he's in Perfect health and will soon reappear on Social media he will have many surprises For you guys by the 2nd of April several News organizations had begun reporting The tragedy and it was allegedly Confirmed that Miles was indeed in Afghanistan and was being held by the Taliban alongside two other British Citizens three British men who have been Detained by taliban's secret police in Afghanistan one of those being held is Thought to have built up an online Following by visiting dangerous places While the other two are understood to Have been arrested during a raid on Accommodation used by foreign aid Workers miles's unfortunate Circumstances sparked a viral discourse Between people who storm as a dumb Tourist and enjoyed getting into Dangerous situations and others who saw

Him as an individual who were concerned About his well-being suspicion around The taliban's claims of taking care of Miles was apparent people aren't going To trust a militant group responsible For the death of thousands to treat Potential spy with any level of care or Remorse in little over a year miles had Gone from a no-name 4chan user to a Viral modern day Adventurer with little To no sense of fear the 24 year old had Been to an active war zone deadly island And sites of nuclear disaster miles's New lifestyle had brought the excitement And Novelty he desperately craved but Also potentially is costing him his life The situation is constantly evolving so Make sure you subscribe as if there are Any updates I'll show it to my community Tab

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