TikTok Has Ruined My Faith In Humanity…

Since the dawn of the internet people Have been posting fake photos and videos To try and troll people or to try and go Viral YouTube's earliest days was filled With prank videos that received millions Of views that tried to blur the line Between reality and satire over time More and more people realize these Things were being faked for views and They eventually fell out of favor on YouTube unfortunately for Humanity Tick Tock arrived on the scene and decided to Take the stupidity to a whole new level Tiktok has an endless stream of moronic Trends and many life hacks that don't Actually work but I wanted to focus on One particular video that has gone viral Over the last month this video shows a Woman on a flight who decided to create Her own personal cocoon by wrapping her Row of seats in Saran Wrap Why are you laughing Can you stop filming me no stop filming Me I'm not filming this excuse me Yeah they're gonna help you Where are the rules you're gonna see the Rules where we land okay The original video is four minutes long And I won't subject you to the torture Of watching the entire thing but when I Originally saw this video a few weeks Ago I immediately realized it was fake As I think most people over the age of Five should be able to do unfortunately

I was apparently wrong as this video has Now gone viral including repost on YouTube shorts as well as Twitter and Even news articles on sites like deserto Now if for some reason you don't think That humanity is doomed and that Thousands of adult human beings can't Tell this is clearly staged I invite you To visit the comment section of anyone Who posts this viral video liberalism is A mental illness may she get the help She needs my brother in Christ she'd Literally purchased the seats people Like this exist yeah their names are Karen sweet white lady WTF wow LMAO I Seen stuff before but I never seen this LOL wonder how she got so far along Without coming to the attention of Flight attendants wouldn't it be cheaper To just buy a first class ticket my Favorite response came from the YouTube Channel London open TV who reposted the Clip as a YouTube short when someone Commented that it was fake the YouTube Channel responded back that it's not Fake mate not every flight is full I Would like to believe that my audience Is smart enough to realize this is fake And was created to get views but by some Chance you're still not convinced let's Point out some of the flaws with the Video first the LED light strip looks Like something you would buy for your Home theater and is clearly not

Something on a normal flight in some Frames you can even see where the LED Strip ends and is plugged into an Extension cord the flight attendant is Not wearing any Airline brain Recognition or a name badge which is Against flight regulations and the People behind the crazy lady aren't Upset at all and actually help her Saran Wrap the seats which is not something Any normal people would do the most Obvious sign this is fake is the fact That the original video actually says on Screen that this is a dramatization Based on actual events despite the video Telling people this is fake this still Went viral with millions of people Watching it and thousands of people Leaving comments that clearly believe It's real many people who have reposted It have cut out the part where it says It's a dramatization to make it appear More real while I kind of understand why Random internet people might be fooled By this the fact that news websites have Now started posting this video and Claiming it's real really leaves me with No hope for Humanity and praying for the Days when Skynet shows up to finish us All off the new site dexarto recently Posted an article about it and never Mentioned once that the video is fake They present this as a real story and End their article with it's unknown what

Happened to the lady after the plastic Was removed but it's clear that others Were quite confused by her actions not To be undone the Twitter page for the Daily Loud which has two million Followers also reposted the video Claiming it was real while I'm not a fan Of Twitter I do have to say I like the New change that allows readers to add Contacts to post and that tweet they put Out that got 20 million views is now Labeled as fake by viewers below the Posting now obviously reposting this Fake video is real isn't a crime or Anything but but I truly am amazed that So many adult human beings have fallen For this poorly acted comedy sketch and Believe that it's true visit any Reposting of this video anywhere and you Will see countless comments of people Who clearly think this is real while the Video claims it's a dramatization of Real events the only new story I could Find of anything remotely like this was A picture of a lady who put a trash bag Over her airplane seat that's of course A weird but far from the supposed Saran Wrapping of an entire row of seats Finally I was curious who the actors Were who posted this video to begin with The earliest posting I could find was on The Tick Tock page it's gone viral but They have since deleted the post I tried To take a screen grab of the crazy

Actress and reverse image search or face To see if I could find any other Accounts linked to her but sadly was not Able to do so if anyone knows who Actually created this viral clip I would Love to know in the comments below Finally I want to add that if a so Poorly acted clip can go viral with Thousands of people thinking it's real Humanity clearly has a very little time Left so please enjoy by the circus Before our AI overlords decide to end us All for good

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