Trying Every VILE Flavor Of PRIME ENERGY / Logan Paul & KSI Drink

So in this video I'm going to be doing a Taste test review of all five of the Prime energy drinks and I know what You're thinking there's only four cans In front of you uh the fifth can it's The green flavor right here I keep that Off screen because believe it or not I'm Actually not filming in a warehouse I'm Filming it from a green screen and that Green can doesn't show up very good so We'll look at that later in the clip but These are the four cans that do show up On screen now if you don't know what Prime is it's a drink beverage that was Started by KSI and Logan Paul they Released their hydration formula which Is basically a Gatorade ripoff about a Year ago and then just a few weeks ago They released their new Prime energy Which is supposed to compete with stuff Like Red Bull and Monster drink like That now believe it or not this is not a Paid review nor am I being held against My will to make this review if you go Back and watch a lot of my older videos You know I'm not a fan of Logan Paul I've been covering his crypto Zoo scam Over the past month or so and I actually Did a video about a week ago about two Weeks ago covering who actually owns Prime so a lot of people are confused And they think Logan Paul and KSI own The prime brand but that's not actually Too true it's owned by Congo Brands

Which is owned by two guys by the name Of Trey Steger and Max Clemens and what These guys do is they actually partner With celebrities uh to get their name The celebrity names on their product in Order to sell more product to and Otherwise in my opinion fairly generic Brand Prime doesn't really offer Anything new to the market that doesn't Already exist out there but because KSI And Logan Paul they're so famous these Things are selling like hotcakes in in UK in the UK these things are sold out People actually get in fights uh to buy Some of this when I actually went to Find all of the Prime energy drinks uh Here in California where I live I Actually go I had to go to four Different stores because not all of the Stores had all of the flavors they were They were selling out uh quite quickly So a lot of people are going crazy about This which doesn't really make a lot of Sense to me like I said uh KSL KSI and Logan Paul despite what people think Don't actually own the brand I'll have a Link to my other video Congo brand owns This they're just using their faces to Get more sales now I I do say that They're probably those two guys are Probably minority owners of the actual Company uh but Trey and Max the guy who Own Congo Brands they own this the Primary version of this company they

Have 3D Brands which is another analani New which are other brands that sell Basically the same type of product I'm Sure they're slightly different in taste But basically it's the same thing they Partner with celebrities make a bunch of Money using their faces selling their Products now like I mentioned before Doing my video on who actually owns Prime I came across a lot of people who Were viewing this and what I found out Was Logan Paul or KSI or the Prime Company we're actually sending the Product for free to a lot of other Social media influencers for them to Review the product and in my opinion You're not going to get an unbiased Review of a product when you're getting The product for free so I did not get These products for free I bought them Myself and I was curious what they act Actually tastes like right and I'm gonna Give my honest opinion again I don't Like Logan Paul but I will give my Honest opinion on what I think these Actually taste like we're going to be Reviewing this on a scale from one to Ten unhatched crypto Zoo eggs so if it's A terrible product I'll give it one Crypto Zoo egg if it's a fantastic Product he gets 10 we're going to use The Dave Portnoy scale for his Pizza Reviews so basically nothing ever gets a 10 in 8 or 7 or an eight is going to be

A good score we're not going to give Rookie scores so it's gonna be like a 7.2 or an 8.4 or something like that We'll give reviews on all of these Products and it'll be my honest opinion Of what I actually think these products Taste because I am curious after doing a Bunch of reviews uh doing a bunch of Research on this product and seeing Reviews that I think are biased I wanted To see what they actually taste like in My opinion now before I go open the First product let's go over some facts I Actually bought the product I live here In Southern California and it cost 319 Per can compared to a similar 12 ounce Red Bull cost slightly less than that But it's not ridiculously priced at that So we'll go over I'll put them on the Screen the actual facts they all have About this they all have the same Calories and about the same ingredients So we don't have to look at all of them But it's 10 calories uh per can 12 Serving ounces it has 200 milligrams of Caffeine which is quite High compared to Something like a Red Bull it has zero Sugar and 30 300 milligrams of Electrolytes and it is vegan as well now If you look at the ingredients it's Going to be carbonated filtered water Coconut water from concentrate which is Very interesting so coconut water Actually has an excellent amount of

Electrolytes in it if you're just Drinking that but when you concentrate Something you're actually going to be Killing off a lot of the nutrients so it Actually kills off a lot of the Electrolytes that would be in a normal Coconut water when you're getting it From concentrate so you'll actually see Later on the list they actually add Electrolytes because their coconut water Is from electrolytes now one thing That's really interesting is that it has Sucralose in it which is why it has so Few calories sucralose is an artificial Sweetener so a lot of reviews I've been Seeing they'll drink it they'll say it's Very sweet and they're like oh it has no Sugar in it that's amazing and that's Because it has a bunch of artificial Sweetener sucralose in it which doesn't Have any calories but it makes things Taste very sweet now there are some Issues with sucralose basically that can Mess with your digestive system some People it affects more than others Myself I have tried sucralose and other Products in the past my body does not Like it I won't go into details as to What happens but my body does not like Sucralose when I made my video talking About the whole Prime product in my last Video about it other people were saying How they don't like sucralose as well so That's something to keep in mind if you

Don't like artificial sweeteners this Probably isn't the product for you but Because it doesn't have any actual sugar It only has 10 calories if you had real Sugar in it it'd be a lot more calories So something to keep in mind so with That being said let's go ahead and crack Open the first can of Prime energy and See what it tastes like this is the Orange mango flavor the first one we'll Try out and we'll pour it in a cup So you can see what it looks like as Well So it's got like a fairly clear liquid It's carbonated as well uh we'll give it A try orange mango let's see what it Tastes like Okay so It's pretty sweet Um it kind of tastes like a soda to be Honest with you it kind of tastes like a Orange crush if you don't know what that Is uh here in America we have a soda Called orange crush it tastes like that Just like not as carbonated I wouldn't say it's particularly good I Don't drink orange crush Uh if you like that you might like this It's not particularly good in my opinion It doesn't taste like um It's orange mango it doesn't taste like A real orange or mango it has a very Artificial orange mango uh taste to it I I personally am not a fan of it uh but

If you're into like that artificial Orange taste you might really like this This one I would give I'll give it a I'll give it a five two So 5.2 crypto Zoo eggs uh for the first Orange mango flavor now one thing I want To add is apparently Logan Paul wants You to know that this can actually cure Ailments or STDs if you have them take This home give this to your sick Children yeah it's been known to heal Ailments and STDs now I'm not saying That's true that's just what Logan Paul Said in an official ad uh that he Released for this product but if you Have an ailment or an STD and you try And drink this stuff and it doesn't cure You that's something you might want to Take up with Logan Paul so next we're Going to try blue I think this is bath Water flavor no it's it's blue raspberry My mistake this is the blue raspberry Flavor so we're going to be trying this One see what this tastes like as well Pour that in there All right blue raspberry Um yeah I to be honest with you I'll be I'll be blunt I I don't like raspberries I don't like blueberries uh and this is A very strong Blueberry raspberry smell to it so going In I honestly don't think I'm gonna like It but we'll give it a shot Yeah it has a very

Again it has a very artificial like Fruit flavor to it it doesn't like taste Like a real blueberry or anything uh it Kind of tastes like um Uh depending on what part of the country Or where you live in the world we have Something here in California called Slurpees some people call them slushies Whatever you call them uh it kind of Tastes like a blue Slurpee or a blue Slushie if you like that you might like This product Again I don't particularly like that Kind of flavor Uh this one is actually worse than the Orange one I actually kind of like Orange drinks I don't like raspberries Or blueberries So this particular one I'm gonna give it a uh I'm gonna give it A 3.8 crypto Zoo eggs uh not a flan not A fan of uh the blue raspberry flavor at All all right so next up we have the Tropical punch Flavor now I like Tropical punch I feel like you can't Really go wrong it's a it's a very easy Flavor to get right uh so I do have high Hopes for tropical punch uh but let's go Ahead and open it up see if it actually Tastes good again these are all these Energy drinks are all carbonated the Original hydration formula that they Released a year ago isn't carbonated Um so you know these These are the

Energy formulas they're trying to Compete with Red Bull and stuff let's go Ahead and pour that in And see what the tropical punch flavor Tastes like Yeah so this one's pretty good I'll be honest with you it's it's better Than the other two I've had so far It kind of tastes like um There's there's a a soda or a drink it Kind of tastes like Kool-Aid I guess Like it tastes like a carbonated Kool-Aid Carbonated fruit punch Kool-Aid right it Has a nice tropical punch for punch Flavor to it I personally it's pretty Good Um I I would personally just I'd rather Drink Kool-Aid if I if I wanted like a Or I'd rather just drink a normal Gatorade a fruit punch Gatorade but it's It's not bad at all Um Yeah This one's the best one I've tasted so Far I'll give the uh the tropical punch I'd Give it a 6.7 uh crypto Zoo eggs so 6.7 For tropical punch all right so the next Flavor we got is the pink strawberry Watermelon uh we'll give this one a shot See what this one tastes like as well All right

Uh This one is very sweet Yeah Yeah I I don't like this one so this one Has it's this one's the sweetest of all Of them in my opinion so far It kind of tastes like uh like cotton Candy And I I don't really want to drink Cotton candy in fact I I'm not really a Fan of cotton candy I liked it when I Was like eight years old and I went to The fair it's just it's really sweet it Tastes like cotton candy everything Tastes artificial about it it's like a Very cotton candy artificial soda which Is just a really weird combination like I could understand if you like cotton Candy I can understand if you like soda I don't want to drink a cotton candy Soda And it's carbonated so you know it Tastes like soda This one's not good strawberry Watermelon I'll give it a a three four three four For three four crypto Zoo eggs for Strawberry watermelon okay so finally we Have the last one this is the green one It's not gonna show up very well on Screen because I have a green screen uh This is toxic waste flavor no my bad It's not toxic waste flavor it is lemon Lime so the green one is the lemon lime

Flavor now lemon lime is another one Like tropical punch I don't think it it Shouldn't be that hard to get right it's A very easy flavor a lot of companies Have a lemon lime flavor you know Beverage so let's give it a shot Let's see what the lemon lime flavor Taste for Prime energy All right that one's pretty good Let me be honest with you That's pretty good I would say this tastes like This tastes like a Sprite It tastes very much like a Sprite But it tastes like um It tastes like if you open if you know When you get a Sprite or you get any Soda it tastes best right out right out Of the faucet if you're getting it like Uh from one of those drink dispensers or Right after you pop the cap and there's A bunch of capination in it right now What happened is the longer you leave it Out the flatter it gets this kind of Tastes like if you open a Sprite and Then put it in the fridge and left it Open for like two or three hours it's Not flat by any means so like it's not Flat but it it doesn't feel like a fresh Sprite if it makes any sense to you it Feels like a Sprite that's been open It's still cool it still tastes good but It feels like it it was a Sprite that Got open like two or three hours ago

But yeah It does taste very much like a Sprite Very much like a Sprite Uh and I I do really like Sprite So I will give a I'll get a six nine for the lemon lime Flavor of Prime energy so there you go That's my review for all five of the Prime energy drinks uh in my opinion I Think they're very over hyped they don't Bring anything new to the table and in My opinion they're they're actually Quite worse for you uh compared to other Beverages just in my opinion because I Don't like sucralose right the the Sweetener that they're using this that They're using to make it very very sweet They're not using any sugar so it Doesn't have a lot of calories but the Sucralose in my opinion Um is not something I I prefer but if You don't mind that I guess they're fine In that aspect but again this isn't a Product that Logan Paul and KSI made It's made by another company Congo Brands and they're just using their Likeness which has worked massively well For them I'll give them that because This product is selling like crazy all Over the world uh but I personally think it's very overhyped It's a very average drink I don't really Drink Energy Products uh much anymore When I was younger I used to but I would

Not personally buy any of these uh these Energy drinks any of their flavors ever Again the uh the green one which I don't Have on screen right here but the green One in my opinion is the is the best one Tastes like a Sprite but personally I Would much rather just drink a Sprite That's the case so let me know what you Think about any of these Prime energy Drinks do you actually like them uh Leave your comment below again this is Not a sponsored post I was just curious After doing a bunch of research on Logan Paul and Prime I was curious myself as To what they actually tasted like and I Thought I would film it as well thanks For watching everyone

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