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Alex machinski creator of a Multi-billion dollar fraud known as Celsius has been arrested I can't Express how big of a deal this is not Just for this channel which has been Covering this for over a year but mostly For the victims here's what some of them Said about this fraud only a few months Ago so this was an absolute fraud from The beginning I mean it turns out that a Lot of these businesses that they claim To be propping up Celsius were Completely fraudulent from what I've Seen from The Examiner more and more it Looks like it was just a a textbook case Of a Ponzi scheme I don't care if it was A Ponzi scheme from the very beginning Or the very end it still was a Ponzi Scheme it doesn't matter it meant to Start a Ponzi scheme right but the Second you've got into those Circumstances it it becomes fraud they Were basically losing money from the Very start of the company and they're Literally lying in front of everyone's Faces saying yeah oh it's totally fine Yeah you could totally keep our money in Here yeah I would totally invest more if I could as they're currently at that Same time withdrawing funds as they're Looting on camera lying with everyone's Face he made a lot of egregious claims On his Twitter on his website on his Podcasts he would do claiming uh if

Celsius ever went bankrupt all the Customers would get all of their funds Back you know there's tweets of him Saying that and as a CEO of a company You would take that word at face value You would believe him when he says your Coins are going to come back to you and Now that everything's coming to light And showing that essentially what he was Running as a Ponzi I do believe he Should face showtime and the people that Were also involved with it that were Enabling that behavior Well it looks like that's exactly what's Happening Alex machinski is facing Serious prison time so let's get into The meat of these allegations today the Doj SCC cftc and FTC All released Indictments against Alex machinski Celsius itself was fined 4.7 billion Dollars and seven criminal charges were Alleged against Alex machinski himself Including Securities fraud wire fraud And Market manipulation now in total Mashinski faces up to 115 years as a Max Sentence but of course the sentence will Likely be much lower even so though Machinski is 57 years old so there's a Chance he will be in prison for the rest Of his life because of Celsius and it's Not just him being charged either Roni Cohen pavon the chief Revenue officer at Celsius is also facing criminal charges And the reasons for that aren't

Surprising as we've stated over and over And over Celsius had been secretly using Customer deposits for years to buy their Own own stupid cell token and make the Price go up which benefited insiders Like Alex machinsky and Roni Cohen pavon Who sold their cell tokens and became Very rich 42 million dollars for Alex And 3.6 million for the lawyer and most Of that money was the direct result of Lying to their end customer over and Over they lied to cover up the fact that They were the main buyers of cell token And Main sellers they lied about their Ico making 50 million dollars they lied About giving 80 of their revenues back To Celsius customers they lied about Alex machinski not selling cell token They lied about Celsius being profitable When they knew they were bleeding cash And look I could go on and on but there Are 71 mentions of the word false in This report so we'd be here all day the Point is this Alex machinski and his Co-conspirators lied in order to get More people to deposit money while they Cashed out this sell token they knew They were in insolvent they knew their Business wasn't working and still they Continued to pretend it was They Promoted this Ponzi scheme built on Unrealistic returns and when it all Crashed they made sure their money was Out and for those of you who've been

Watching this channel over the last year This won't come as a surprise as I said We've been covering a lot of these Allegations but I also want to be clear That some people have been calling out Celsius even before we did a fellow Investigator Dirty Bubble media has been Calling out Celsius for months before Anyone else knew they were insolvent and I wanted to speak to him to ask how he Knew so early and what we can learn from It and what this indictment means my Name is James block I write Dirty Bubble Media a Blog focused on fraud in the Cryptocurrency space to be quite honest I thought that Celsius was a fraud Very early in my encounters with it Within a few days of actually learning About the project and really what clued Me into it was learning about its Founder and CEO Alex machinski's history He made a lot of big claims about his His past successes the companies he had Founded and what I found pretty quickly Was that he had lied or at least grossly Exaggerated pretty much everything that He told people about what he had done Before founding Celsius and in my Experience when someone lies that much And that often they don't stop lying What isn't this indictment represent to You these indictments of vindication for Me really it it um kind of confirms what We knew for a long time and you know I

Expected this to happen I don't know if It took longer than I expected but it Took a year to the day of them filing For bankruptcy for them to charge him With um with fraud thanks for coming on I think you helped a lot of people I for One am just grateful that the victims Are finally seeing some form of Justice In this and that outright crimes are Being treated as such and so it's with Great pleasure that I want to wrap up Today's show in a bit of a unique way Today I'm announcing the addition of Alex machinski to the Wall of Shame as You guys know when you appear on this Show and then face charges we will name You and we will shame you hopefully it Encourages would-be scammers to think Twice banks are not your friends But Alex is your friend yes well Celsius Does is really helps people navigate in A safe way into this environment so when You use a Celsius wallet you know okay I'm gonna earn yield and I'm gonna stay Safe in the safe environment because Celsius already did the homework and Figured out what's safe we have billions Of dollars in liquidity so anyone who Wants to withdraw that's that's the Service you can withdraw at any time Foreign

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