What Happened To Established Titles?

So it's hard to believe it's been an Entire year since the collapse of Established titles a year ago you could Not Escape them on this platform they Were everywhere and now they don't seem To exist anymore at least not on YouTube So many people have been asking is the Company still in business Scott did they Sue you for a billion dollars and do I Still even think they're a scam all of Those questions and more will be Answered in this Video so back in 2022 established titles Seemed like the largest sponsor on YouTube by far it felt like every Channel that had a pulse was sponsored By them and you could not Escape their Ads on the platform no matter how hard You tried the basic premise was that They would sell you a small one square Foot plot of land in Scotland and give You a title that would officially make You a lord or lady and that they were Planting trees with every order as well This was promoted like crazy across the YouTube platform last year and Unfortunately with some basic research It was discovered that their product was A scam the titles they gave you were not Official the land they sold you was Still owned by the company and they Weren't planting trees of their own but Simply donating an insignificant amount Of money to a charity to do the work for

Them my video covering this in November 2022 blew up and received 2.7 million Views and eventually led to almost all Creators cutting ties with the company Established titles issued a statement Trying to repair their image while also Alluding to my video being a Witch Hunt And in my opinion also seemed to suggest I was being racist for pointing out the Company was based in Hong Kong instead Of Scotland a few creators that were Sponsored by the company made some Propaganda response videos to try and Claim that I had got everything wrong in My initial video but looking over any of The comments on those videos it's clear People weren't buying those established Titles fluff pieces I eventually made Two follow-up videos where I went into More detail and showed that established Titles was actually running deceptive Ads on Facebook that were misleading People into believing the titles were Legit when they clearly were not when You buy land in Scotland you were Legally referred to as a lord or lady so This I bought square foot of land where They're going to PL a Trade so you are legally referred to as Lord Land can you guess how I became a lord At just age 19 no I would probably have To guess that you inherited the position Because your father before you actually

Established title sells a title that Could officially make you a lord or a Lady on top of this since you're Officially a lord or a lady you have Dedicated land in Scotland you will Literally get a certification that makes You a lord or a lady pretty cool right Yeah within 24 hours of me releasing That footage established titles removed Those ads from Facebook which clearly Shows an attempt to cover up their Deceptive advertising despite them Publicly saying they made it clear it Was always a gag gift interestingly Enough creators like Paige Christie and Fact fiend who initially tried to defend The company had no response to that Damning evidence and just pretended like It never happened since that time Established titles has made a few Attempts in 2023 to try and get creators To promote them again but it seems that Most creators either now realize it's a Scam or simply don't want to be Associated with this company now that Its reputation has been gutted looking Back on that video a year later it's Actually really hard for me to watch now And it's not because I regret the video Or feel I got anything wrong it's just That I've grown so much as a Creator Since then and the quality of that video Just doesn't live up to what I think I Make now my green screening ability was

Terrible back then and if you look Closely you can actually see that the Hair on my head is actually transparent In that video Because I wasn't able to properly key Out the green screen I honestly don't Think the quality of that video deserved Almost 3 million views and I think the Real reason it went viral is because Established titles became the Icarus of YouTube and flew too close to the Sun They sponsored literally any channel They could contact and many creators Have spoken out talking about how they Were offering to buy up every single ad Spot they had for months in advance this Constant attempt to smash YouTube Viewers with NeverEnding ads for their Scam led the audience to absolutely Despise the company which in my opinion Is why the video breaking the whole Thing down ended up going Viral after my video went viral there Were several people who would leave Comments saying I was going to get sued For slander and even a few massive Creators made comments that seem to Imply they would like to see that happen I'm I'm legitimately expecting that guy To get [ __ ] sued for the stuff that You said in that video we can't say that He will be because we can legally get Dragged into that [ __ ] but I would be Surprised if he's not because not

Running the ads because you don't want Me to which is unfortunate because talk About a financial hit oah just you Couldn't let it run until after Christmas if my company were not to scam And I was called a scam in a public Forum like YouTube and That that video caused my business Relationships To To dissolve uh I would pursue legal Remedies you know I I would I would sue Him blind despite the hopes and prayers Of both fact fiend and the Y files as of Making this video I have not been sued By established titles or its parent Company both those creators were Sponsored by established titles and it Feels more like they were upset that the Company got called out than actually Doing the research to realize it was a Scam I never received any type of Communication from the company telling Me to take the video down and I wasn't Really worried of that happening to be Honest with you I wasn't the first to Call the company a scam a creator with One video on his channel claimed they Were a scam way back in 2020 and then After my video several real lawyers like Legal eagle and rikita law also publicly Stated that established titles was a Scam it seemed like everyone in their Mother was advertising established

Titles this year is it a scam yes is it Illegal maybe established titles is a Scam are you [ __ ] kidding me of Course it was scam this is like saying Well we'll cure abortion with a shot What the [ __ ] are you talking about you Goddamn idiots all [ __ ] outrage fing Sorry flash all you [ __ ] outrage fing Figs out there they're all like what we We we didn't know we didn't they're Paying you $20,000 a month to sell a $200 piece of paper and you don't think It's a goddamn scam at this point it Comes down to who you choose to believe An actual practicing lawyer who knows What he can and can't say legally or a Guy who wears pink cat ear headphones in His videos legal eagle video now has Nearly double the views my video does And as I pointed out earlier I wasn't The first to call out the company so With my video not being the first or the Largest and the info in it proven to be True I'm not really sure why the wild Files and fact fiend thought it was Obvious I was going to get Sued since the whole Fallout last year Established titles has tried to make a Small push in 2023 to get creators to Promote them again but it hasn't really Worked out for them the company is still In business but it seems that their Glory Days are behind them and the

Parent company of established titles Called gton voice a has also stopped Heavily promoting their other company Kamikoto knives on YouTube as well I did A video covering those knives and Despite being presented as a top tier Japanese brand they were actually a Chinese-made product created with some Of the lowest grade steel you can Legally use to make knives with all of That coming out and being associated With established titles it seems people Have turned their back on that product As well if you go to the parent Company's website you won't find any Trace of established titles or camoto Knives and instead they list several Different companies near the bottom of Their website it seems they're trying to Move into more legitimate products as Those companies listed sell actual Physical items instead of scammy pieces Of paper that Grant fake titles I can't Comment on the quality of any of the Items those companies sell but but I'm Happy at least that the established Title scam doesn't seem to be a main Selling point of their company in 2023 following the established titles Fallout I was able to talk to a lot of Larger creators about the situation and There were some interesting takes one Creator much larger than me talked in DMS about how he didn't really think it

Was a scam and was just happy my video Didn't cause another adpocalypse I'm not Going to reveal who that Creator was but I wanted to touch on what he said I Don't agree that my video would have Ever caused an ad Apocalypse on YouTube It was every Creator's choice on which Sponsor to take and with so many Creators deciding to work with such a Scammy company it was only a matter of Time until someone made a video that Went viral exposing the company nearly Half a year later some ordinary gamers Made a great video pointing out how Sketchy the company Teemu is which was Being heavily promoted across the Platform and it seems like most creators Have taken notice and stopped promoting That sketchy company as well anyway Where did you get all this stuff Wait is this today's sponsor Bingo teu Is a global e-commerce Marketplace that Sells a huge variety of products at Affordable prices huh nice job on the Copy let me rephrase that most of the Smarter YouTube channels have started to Realize they need to put more effort Into researching the companies they Promote to Their audience instead of Just taking the ad for whatever company Offers the biggest bag the Creator who Dm'd me earlier I highly doubt decided To chew out muda for making an anti teu Video and it seems a lot of the hate

Towards my video was all about the loss And revenue many of these creators Received once established titles decided To stop sponsoring videos on the Platform unfortunately as you can see With Teemu now being a major player on YouTube there will always be some shady New product for YouTubers to promote as Long as YouTube exists I don't think the Shady products will ever stop being Promoted but it's important to call out Scammy companies to try and keep YouTube Platform as free of them as possible Finally I want to say that most creators Ended up dropping established titles Because of the backlash from their own Fans what I really like about the YouTube platform is how powerful a voice The individual has with traditional Media they don't seem to care or listen To at all to what normal people want as You can see with the long string of box Office bombs but on YouTube that's Different most creators do listen to Their audience and if it's clear Their Audience doesn't want them promoting a Sketchy company most of them will end up Listening to their audience to me that's What makes the YouTube platform a great Platform It's not just about the creators but the Viewers at home play a vital role in Making this platform work the way it Does I appreciate you all taking the

Time to watch all my videos this past Year and I hope I can provide many more Entertaining and helpful videos in the Future as well thanks for watching

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