What Happened To “The UK’s Scariest Debt Collector”?

In the 10 years since Vice posted this Legendary documentary some of its Participants ended up in jail some Successfully turned their life around Whereas others died unexpectedly for Context the production followed a former Gangster named sha Smith who was trying To live a life on the straight and Narrow by running a debt collection Business in the muscle House Gym where The show introduced many of Sha's Associates firstly there was Nat Taylor Who' had a rough childhood and after Years of self-medicating had also spent Time in what he described as the city's Nut House despite this Nat was an Extremely promising boxer and was Training for a shot at the title Provided he could stay clean he is a top Top kid and his talent is unbelievable It's just that problems he the Documentary then introduced Davey Fallon And his friend Stu who were caught Selling steroids in the gym and were Punished in a pretty memorable way a Grand you give me a grand keep your job Stay in the gym only made more notable By the words exchanged afterwards I got To come finally there was Tony Smith who Was supposedly Sha's best friend he's Down man everything goes through him e Your best me it's called loyalty you Can't buy it until the end of the Episode when sha revealed Tony had also

Been selling steroids the little Was already selling steroids in and Around the gym on way to me and as a Result Tony had gotten in his car and Left to avoid consequence here's the Little Cocker now look at him left his Bed left all his kids look look his his Hands look he's like oh oh you see him On it after the episode ended with the Narrator stating this Tony is still on The run his family fears if he comes Back he may go on the missing list Forever it's no surprise commenters Wrote Tony's betrayal is genuinely one Of the best twists I've ever seen and It's in a documentary of old places Although the Betrayal turned out to be Fabricated for the show but we'll talk About that later the documentary gave a Unique look at some pretty scary people Although it was also made incredibly Relatable by displaying the mental Health struggles experence experienced By these very tough guys I don't sleep I'm on like 150 M cly 80 mg of P arm 7.5 MGR of Zone depression anxiety panic Attack although with so many crazy Characters on such volatile paths it Makes you wonder what happened to them Afterwards in May 2014 roughly 8 months After the documentary went live the sun Gave its first update on both Shan Smith And Nat Taylor for whom business was Booming as a result of the episode just

3 months after the sun posted their Update Vice uploaded a new documentary Titled underground bare knuckle boxing In the UK where at around the 21 minute Mark a shirt can be spotted in the Background reading sha Smith the deck Collector sure enough there was Shawn Hosting bare knuckle boxing matches Which he'd been promoting at the front Of his gym with the poster also Revealing he'd begun his own fighting Company called ultimate bkb Sean stated We're the only gym in the UK that has a Bare knuckle Academy so we get interest From all over the world it's only Getting bigger and bigger leading Sean To receive a deal with Netflix filming a Three-part Series in 2017 called bare Knuckle fight club it'sit date when I Was in prison if someone had told me That I would end up on Netflix and have Hollywood Types on the phone I would Have told them to f off although Simultaneously Shawn didn't want to come Across as a celebrity Gangsta who traded On a notorious past despite this Shawn Released a book titled debt collector Which received pretty decent reviews on Amazon before trying to launch another Company called Guerilla Kong clothing Which was dissolved 2 years later in the Process sha rebranded from the muscle House Gym to a more personalized Smithy's gym afterward sha fell out of

The public Spotlight only to return a Year later with some pretty tragic news On the 14th of November 2018 the Liverpool Echo published an article Reading a blaze rip through sha Smith's Gym in the Bucy area of Warrington in August the echo understand someone Forced their way into the building and Then DED the gym in petrol The Blaze Destroyed thousands of pounds of Equipment and guarded much of the Interior police have said that the fire Was believed to have been deliberately Started although given his name job in History Sean seemed pretty unsurprised About what had happened I don't know who It is I don't care who it is you know People want to do silly antics going out Bing people's GS and cars then so be it That got done 20 years ago it won't stop Me I'm here for go I now own a building And uh it's like the Phoenix R from the AES his life had become so crazy people Began to comment they should really make A movie based upon Sha's life truly Fascinating and it seemed Dwayne The Rock Johnson had the exact same idea the Liverpool Echo stated Mr Smith says he's Now involved in advanced stage Negotiations with production companies And agents who are interested in Dramatizing his life story one of the People who saw it was Dwayne Johnson who Is The Rock he liked it and asked Vice

About acquiring the rights Vice studios In La rang up and we sold them the Rights with a view to them selling them Onto the rock although the movie was Never made with Shawn again disappearing From the public sparking an even crazier Rumor Shawn is dead now lucky him he Doesn't need a face harsh winter of 2022 CU high gas price and inflation while Another user wrote Sha's already dead FYI however these comments were Apparently baseless as in mid 2023 he'd returned with two unexpected Podcast appearances where he'd provide Some pretty crazy updates on Matt leg's Podcast he explained he was clean from All medications I hav't none of them Tablets now for 18 maybe 20 months and I Feel later whil on James English's podcast Sean revealed he was Embarrassed by the documentary's title And they called it UK scarest deck Collector which it's Embarrassing it shouldn't have been the UK scarest deck collector should have Been the UK's mediator but TV people Being TV people sound better doesn't he And he therefore never even seen it I've Never watched it I've never I won't Watch this I've never watched the vice Or YouTube however the most interesting Part about these two podcast CS with the Updates Shan gave on his associates from The show toward the end of the

Documentary Nat Taylor explained that He'd finally been diagnosed with Unstable personality disorder and as a Result he was feeling confident about His future I feel a lot more positive And more confident that I'm going to Nail it this time that I'm going to beat Me demons the narrator concluded by Stating that was clean and doing well Which sadly didn't last forever oh Nat I Don't really see him now um he got he Got a bit of jail he come out of jail he Took his own off he took his ear off he Took his all ear off yeah swallowed it Yeah swallowed it he went in a real D Place although Sean then added that he's Now doing extremely well n doing good Brilliant boxer he's working back with His brother he's off the drugs he's Training which is supported by an Unverified comment reading for all those Interested Nat now has a beautiful Girlfriend and two boys happy ending I Guess that guy went through hell in Addition to Nat Taylor sha said that Slapping stew for selling steroids led To him turning his life around oh the Kid who was slapped the one with the Tattoo cuz that slapped on his life that We got the tattoo is gone he's got a Normal job now however his friend Davey Fellon had a much sadder ending after Enjoying a day with friends at the Glastonberry Festival Davey went to his

Girlfriend's apartment and tried to Climb through the bedroom window after An argument but lost his grip on the Window sill and fell unfortunately Leading to his death four kids F only Only like 114 B head that only made worse after Shawn was blamed for the incident and You know he was dir he bastards putting Things on the side Sean killed him Shan Him out the window come on however there Was one more person in the documentary Who generated more Intrigue than anybody Else did anyone find out what happened To Tony is Tony dead yet anyone have any Idea if Tony has since been caught what Happened to that Tony fella in the end Sean catch up with him bro I don't think Tony is coming back Googling Tony's name Yielded no results with the only Alternative being to sort through Hundreds of comments in the hopes of Finding somebody that that had any idea What had happened to him instead we Accidentally discovered a gold mine a Full explanation from Tony himself hi I'm Tony and I would like Vice to get a Hold of me so I can tell the truth about Shawn and that documentary just thought I'd say I never left town and I've seen Shaa multiple times and nothing has Happened I didn't have him off the truth Is I was selling steroids for him he Says he's drug-free might be now but not

When I knew him he's moved out of Warrington himself CU of death threats I've got no hard feelings did me a favor Cuz I've got my own gym now and teach so Much more stuff now my side of the story Is we were selling roids in the gym and Sha wanted more money and said I'd Ripped him off and I hadn't so he told Me to leave the gym and I did and move Down the road and I'm still there 13 Years later and doing well things I've Made a short video asking Vice to come And interview me and find the real truth About the hardest debt collector the Said video has seemingly now been Deleted however his other videos confirm That this is in fact Tony by instead Googling his YouTube named Anthony Smith It shows that Tony did in fact open his Own gym called Spartan boxing and if He's telling the truth about everything Else it would explain why he and Shawn Had such an intense reaction to the Other guys selling steroids in their gym Because Tony and Shawn already were Toward the end of the documentary sha Stated Tony's had me offer 32,000 which Is a lot of money to which Tony Responded with there was no betrayal did You not notice Shawn never says what I Owed him money for implying that Shawn Had something to hide Tony's fabric ated Betrayal might have instead been Orchestrated by Vice however there was

Something about that ending that always Felt a bit too perfect

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