Whistleblower Exposes The Billion Dollar Gold Scam Industry…

You know what this isn't right people Are being truly harmed cuz we're not Talking about like you buying a car Right like we're not talking about that What we're talking about is this is People's retirement money they've worked Their entire lives for right that's one Big piece of the puzzle that just really Pisses me off this is people who have Put this money in their IAS and these Take it and they say no we're going to Have that thank you very much here's Here's your 50% back when the time comes But we're going to keep the other 50 and What are you doing with it you're pacing It away on gambling you're pacing it Away on alcohol nah I'm not I'm not About that man that I just it gets my Blood pumping I'm just I can't do it I Can't sit here and let these people do It to people so I have spent and I will Continue to spend my time with any Person that will speak to me about it That will give me the time of dat and I Will and I'll do it for free I'll fly Myself to DC to talk to Congress I'll do Whatever it has whatever has to be done To cut the the the head off of the Medusa once and for All all right so today I'm here with uh Dale Whitaker is that how you say your Name yep Dale and you are a would you Call you a Whistleblower uh calling out would that

Be fair to call you that a whistleblower Calling out what you believe is a a gold Scam is it safe to call a scam yep of Basically we're going to talk about Several different companies but Specifically you worked with a company You worked for a company called Augusta Precious metals for a few years so you Want to you want to go ahead and tell me Um what your role was with the company Like when you worked with them and how You came to the conclusion that you Thought they were they were doing some Sort of scam yeah so I actually um so I Actually started freelancing on upwork Um at the time it was um it was a Different company but uh I essentially I Started started freelancing on upw work I had built quite a decent bookkeeping Clientele I'm an accountant I'm actually An IRS enrolled agent now um but at the Time I was just a freelance bookkeeper Um and I responded to a listing for um Augustus CEO didn't know anything about the Company just gen generic Bookkeeping um came on board and was Working with him on just you know not Even five hours a month of bookkeeping Um and then over time as he and I Discussed more business more and we were Very business-minded um thought the same In a lot of ways um he liked me and Essentially offered me a full-time

Position asked me to fire all my other Clients and go work for him full-time so How I ended up there so specifically When when was the date that you got Hired and how long did you work there For um I don't know the exact date it Was in 2014 um late 2013 early 2014 when I initially got hired to do bookkeeping Um and then fulltime was probably the Fall of 2014 and when did you leave the Company uh I left in The December of 2018 I believe okay and for for people Who don't know Augusta precious metals Um we've talked before and basically They are a company that sells gold boole On different different gold products to People uh specifically they target Senior citizens who are trying to Diversify their their nest egg their Retirement fund out of say stocks or Bonds or whatever and put some money Into gold and you have claimed that this Company Augusta and other companies Which we'll discuss that they sell their Gold the gold that they offer the Seniors at insane markups that Potentially they could never see a Return on if they if these seniors tried To sell down the line they would see Very little profit or in many cases no Profit at all is that corre correct Correct yeah the essentially the the

Math shakes out that if you were to buy The premium coins that they sell you the The assets that they sell you they tell You the greatest assets um on the on the Earth um the market would have to move Uh would have to increase 45% in order For you to just break even so the gold Market or silver market would have to Move 45% um and that's at the low end of The spread it would have to go up 45% Just to break even from where you were To buy it correct so so most to be clear And uh I know we've talked before and You said this is somewhat of a Complicated issue you've apparently you Said you talked to uh NPR and other Companies and they said they were Interested in your story but they're Like this is too complicated we can't Can't really talk about that so yeah so I worked with a journalist in 2019 um uh Her name is Carrie Lynn and she actually Helped me quite a bit Making Connections Um we actually did it wasn't very Fruitful and she didn't charge me Anything thing um it was like a Consulting thing that I had picked her Up to do um and she had made all these Connections for me and NPR was looking Real good and NPR was just like you know It's a it's a very interesting story we Like it um but I don't know or the Whoever it was that she spoke to said The producers don't feel like it's

Something that they could iterate Properly and succinctly over um over the Air basically okay didn't you I believe You mentioned last time we talked that You were also uh you didn't you fly down To Florida for an interview with Nightline and then they canceled that at Like the last second yes well I didn't It didn't cancel we we recorded Everything um you recorded everything But they didn't air it they didn't air It no so um I I flew to on their dime They flew me to Florida um and they put Me up in a hotel U my attorneys are Based out of Florida that's why we did Florida and they're based out of DC so It kind of worked um I did the entire it Was like a Day yeah I think it was a full day of Recording in um in a hotel we we did a Bunch of b-roll shots I mean just the Whole nine in fact my attorneys are like Hey we've never we've never done a story Where we've had a dual camera set up so They they went all out on recording this And um suddenly um you know the producer Got a promotion and then um the the Journalist she got put onto the White House beat um and the story got killed And I reached out to them many times I'm Like hey guys like and not only did they Reach out to me by the way but they also Went to um they flew to LA to confront Isaac out front of outside of Augusta

They went to um some of the victim Isaac Is the uh the CEO of the company Augusta That you worked for correct yeah um and They went to some of the victim's homes And and a lot of these victims were very Hesitant to speak because they had Signed ndas in order to get their money Back so these people were going against Ndas to speak out against the issue um And they honestly had to be convinced to Do that because they were concerned About having a lawsuit brought against Them and so on um and then they just They canned the story which I think is Just disingenuous to the the people who Are being harmed did they give you a Reason why they can the Story not a black and white reason there Was no black and white reason and I Think you said um Isaac who was the CEO That you used to work for of the company Augusta didn't they they send you a Cease and assist or something yep and You you said you just ignored it you you You had to tell your story yeah I just They sent me in fact my wife and I were Vacationing uh in the UK I'm British um And we were visiting family in the UK And uh I remember it was like December 5th or something um I got this email and Uh it was yeah it was a cease and desist And I just sat on the the couch and I Chuckled um they haven't sued you or Anything since then no they so it was

Funny so they sent me the cease and Assist and then they followed it up with Another letter and they said because you Didn't respond to our initial letter We'll take that as a sign of guilt and I Was just like okay take it however you Want man doesn't matter to me okay so uh Like I mentioned before this apparently Is a bit of a complicated issue so I'll Try and break it down as easy as Possible and you can say if I'm I'm Getting everything correctly but Basically what happens is uh you can buy Senior citizens anyone can buy uh gold From the market and with the hopes that Gold as of right now I think gold has Gone up quite a bit just in the past few Days with the hope that you can sell Gold for more money down the line now Augusta this this company specifically And other companies um will go over many Of these companies specifically targeted Uh conservative seniors and a lot of Them uh pitch their services on say Fox News on daily wire and a lot of these Companies um I think Crowder you said as Well was one person who promoted a lot Of these companies which will go over in A bit but basically these companies Offer gold boole on gold products for Way over asking price and if you if you Bought gold from a legitimate company And tried to sell it if if gold went up 10% you would make money but if gold

Goes up 10% from these companies you Will not make money you will lose money Because they're charging you insane fees Where the gold has to go up massively in Order for you to just break even is that The basic of what's going on here yeah So they're not actually charging you a Fee so that's kind of the the one of the The things that that's interesting is um There are no quote unquote fees so what They do is they just charge you a huge Markup on on the price so they say so Traditionally on a bullan product you're Going to pay you know three five you Know maybe 10% if there's a huge um Supply issue um you know there was a few Years ago I believe in 2017 2018 timing Um there was a huge shortage on Silver American Eagles you were paying a huge Premium just to be clear when you're Talking about the premium you're there's The gold melt price and then you pay on Top of whatever the the actual melt Price of the gold would be you're paying The premium because they these companies Obviously have to make some money off of Selling you gold and it should be Normally I don't know what five three Five 10 Perc and this company will Charge you what like several hundred Percent in some cases yes 150 200% so so The best way to to really look at this Is uh just take like a generic 1 o Silver or 1 oun gold Co let's just do a

One oce gold coin um let me restart so The best way to do this is just just Look at a 1 ounce gold coin so if you Look at a 1 ounce gold coin it's your Spot price say it's a th000 bucks let's Say it's Gold's trading at $1,000 you're Typically going to spend three to 5% in Premium the mint charge the dealer a Certain percentage usually it's you know Two and a half 3% then the dealer mark It up anywhere from half a percent to Two and a half percent 3% not not a big Margin there and this company works for Their dealers they don't make the gold Coins they they buy them from from the Actual mints which we'll talk about in a Minute and then they sell it to people Individuals correct correct Yep they're Just a dealer just like um any mom and Popop gold shop around your neighborhood Okay and so you worked for the company For about four years what exactly did You do for them and when did you decide Hey there's something fishy going on I Don't like this um so I actually did Quite a lot of things um but my my main Role was as the Chief Financial Officer Did all of the trading um I did all of The buying the selling um all the Financial work um minus the tax returns It's the only thing I didn't do um so I Did all the bookkeeping send it you know Worked with the CPAs um on getting the Filings done in terms of what we would

Depreciate don't depreciate etc etc etc Um but you know end to-end accounting Trading um the whole nine um and then Alongside that I also helped him build An in uh a proprietary uh CR M that Integrated with their their other CRM That the the day that the Traders could Use in order to quickly close deals What's a CRM um it's a client management System um so you know let's say you call In um let's say we've sent you a uh Let's say let's say we've sent you um an Email and you click on that email then You fill out your information that gets Routed to our CRM and then let's say you Decide to call all of the information's Already in our CRM based off of your um Off of your um filling out of the form So if we we could call you and that'll Tie directly into the CRM and they could Literally as they're calling you they Have all of your details pulled up um You know and they're going to Pre-qualify you to see if um it's worth Their time to sell you the junk okay and So uh you mentioned before like this was A a very lucrative job you were making Good money right then and then Eventually you found out I I don't like What they're doing something scumm is Going on and you left correct yeah so um So I the the one thing that was Interesting um so Augusta was born out Of another company who got sued by the

Santa Santa Monica District Attorney's Office Merit Financial um so one thing That was interesting is Isaac kind of Had me in a good position where he could Keep me at arms length because I'm based Out of Washington and I really didn't Have any interest in moving to La so Washington the state not Washington State correct so he could keep me at an Arms length um and not really clue me in A whole lot to the sales side of things Uh and so on even though I could see the Markups um there was part of me that was Like it's willing buyer willing seller The the the buyer knows that they're Going to pay a 29% spread you know they Know all of these things ahead of time Uh but what the buyer doesn't know is That in those contracts um Augusta Retains the exclusive control over the Coin so at any time they can increase or Decrease that spread which is where you Go from having a 29% spread to a 30 40 50% spread um so but that that's a Little pre- context But to answer your Question the the way that I found out Was that Isaac called me one day and Asked me to increase the spread so from 29% to like 50% because there was a Gentleman who wanted to sell 5,000 Silver coins of our exclusive silver Coins back to us so by increasing the Spread we decrease the amount we have to Pay that individual

And uh I just instantly was like hold on No no no no we don't do this like this Isn't okay when we sold him these coins We told him that he would get a 29% Spread and then it's open to the market At that point um I'm not going to do it And Isaac um I'll never forget he he he Laughed he thought I was joking he said He goes what you're well you're kidding Right and I'm like I was like no man I Was like you do what you want to do but Keep me out of it dude like I don't want Any part of this and then I like my Blood was pumping my adrenaline was Going in I'm like there's something Seriously wrong here um because then I Started thinking about the Merit Financial lawsuit and I was like hold on A second there's more to this than what I've been told in the past and then I Started really digging into Merit Financial and goldco and all the other Uh lawsuits that have happened with These larger companies all right so for Those don't really understand the spread In all that basically an individual Wanted to resell you coins that he had Bought from the company and your the CEO Told you To increase the price or lower the price That he was they were going to sell that They were going to buy from him yeah so Spread simply puts this is how the Spread works you buy a coin from us for

A 100 bucks we have a 29% spread we pay You 71 cents right uh $71 so you we you pay us $100 you agreed To 29% uh spread therefore we would at That moment in time if you wanted in That moment to turn around and resell That coin to us that same day we'd pay You 71 bucks Right okay so the market has to move That 29 it's actually 45% because of the Spread but the market has to move that 45% to get you up to that $100 Mark Again to break even right so by Increasing the spread we go from buying It back at $71 to $50 even if the market moved up so so They have complete control over the coin So they're they're getting a great deal Because they they can go ahead and sell It at a higher price to someone else Right yeah and that's actually that was The entire argument Isaac and I got into About this buyback we call them BuyBacks So this is the entire argument is he was Saying we're losing dollars and we Actually wouldn't we would have still Made about $2,500 even after we paid Commission to the guys if we' have just Bought them back at the spread and then Resold them now would we have made less Dollars in that profit absolutely we Would have right because you would have Made $21 in this given scenario less per Coin right um and over 5,000 coins

That's a lot of money but we're not We're not actually losing dollars right We're just losing margin so there would Have been no tangible dollars lost Except for you know okay well we could Have bought them from the the mint at Our cost and made a whole lot more money But that's not the point we have a Responsibility to buy them back based on The agreements we have with the clients Okay and so that um massive increase in The spread that he wanted you to do Would you say that's not normal from a Legitimate gold company that's not Something a legitimate company should do No legitimate company if you look at Appmax jambolan these big guys that you Don't see advertising on TV because they Don't have the margins for it I mean Realistically speaking they're selling At three to five to 10% margins you know They do sell collectible coins but they List them as collectible coins um which Generally have larger spreads and and Coin collectors will know this um so It's not normal in any sense of the word Um so if you were to actually buy a coin From Augusta or another company that's Doing this and you would to buy that Coin and you would to just buy it at Whatever they're trying to sell it to You at and you would to take that to Your local coin dealer and you could do This with every coin dealer and go in

And say what would you pay for this coin They would probably give you the melt Value or 2% less than melt because they Don't know what that coin is they have No secondary market for it they're just Going to take that coin and melt it down They're going to put it in their M melt Pile with everything else and they're Going to you know mint blanks or they're Going to sell it back to the mint Whatever they're going to do with it Because there's no value there there's No secondary market for those Coins so do you think what they're doing Is just really scummy or do you think What they're doing is technically Illegal um I'm not an attorney so I'm Not going to speak to the legality of it But what I will say that is this my Attorneys surely felt strong enough that They were willing to take me on as a Client after doing their independent Investigation which took about three Months they they took all of the Information I provided to them they did Their they have their own in-house um Team that going say hey is it is this Stuff true is what he's saying true um And then they came back and said okay We'll take you on as a client so I Haven't paid my attorneys a dime and Then they felt strong enough that there Was a legal case here that they were Willing to to to file a complaint with

The cftc and the SEC and they haven't done anything yet They have not done anything yet we filed The complaint I believe it was January 2018 or January 19 interesting I'd have To look at my notes but yeah but I I've Been looking into these companies and Apparently they're like uh there's a web Of these companies and once one of them Gets shut down they're like cockroaches A bunch of the employees go to the next One uh so basically um I I don't know if You know the history you can tell me if I'm wrong or not but there was a company Called Goldline which basically did the Same thing that Augusta did and they Were sued they and they they never Admitted to any wrongdoing but they paid A bunch of fines to get that lawsuit Taken down and then a bunch of employees Left Gold Line and joined started a new Company called Merit Financial um which I believe they were accused of fraud uh And that that company was closed down is That correct Merit Financial so uh Merit Financial were sued by the assistant District attorney in Los Angeles County Um and I think the I believe the lawsuit Was like $200 million or something like That um and all the employees showed up To work one day and uh there was just a Notice on the door hey we're Closed um so Isaac had actually left About eight months before that and I'd

Been working with Isaac for about eight Months nine months um he had left he had Had a bunch of money saved H from the Commission that he earned at Merit and He had already started Augusta and so he Was just building the infrastructure Website you know sales pitching things Like that and Isaac was one of their top Salesmen actually um and he was one of Their top performers and Isaac's story As to why he left uh Merit to go to Augusta even though he's making really Good money is he realized the money Wasn't in sales the money was in being An owner of company so he he started Augusta it was just him out of his house He had one other guy who was also Working out of his house at that time as A Salesman and he was training him to be A Salesman um and then he had eight guys Show up at his door one day hey man Merit financials closed like they got Sued and what are we going to do and Then um in fact the the birth of Augusta Was literally 10 to 12 computers in Isaac's living room all around the Outside wall um and they had just set up These 10 rigs around the there and they Take the they took the list from Meritt And they started cold calling the list From Merit how did they have the the capital To have the gold to sell to people you

Don't need it you don't need it you Don't need it so so the way that it Works is um Scott you come to me and you Say I want to buy gold from you and we Say okay we're going to sell you this Gold right so you you we lock you in on Your trade you send us the money we then Buy it from from the distributor and Then the distributor drop ships it to You and we keep the margin so there's no There's no necessary Capital outside of Advertising revenue and and so on that You need but because they had Merit Financials um uh database they didn't Need to to put any money into Advertising off the bat they just Started coold calling all the Merit Financial uh customers and and continued On selling the Merit Financial assets And so you're alleging that they are Doing Augusta is doing basically what Meritt was doing what what they got shut Down for correct okay so let's go into The actual product um I know we've Talked about this before but basically Augusta I have their website pulled up Right here um they have Mark Levan who Is a conservative radio and TV host We'll talk about that in a second but They if you go to the products page they Have Premium Gold premium silver um and What what you say is that they have These exclusive coins that they have Minted uh I believe you told me from

Canada as well as other other mints Around the world like the official Canadian Mint will mint them these Special coins and then they will sell These to people at insane markups uh That is is well above what what you can Actually get from this why people don't See a return on these products and What's interesting is on their website They don't list the prices of any of Their products so from what it says it Says give us a call so you have to call Them before they will even tell you what The price of their product is that They're selling you is that correct yeah And and the reason they do that is Because it's all hard Sales um so once they get you on the Phone and they qualif pre-qualify you um It's it's it's you know you're off to The races at that point you know let's Close this deal let's get this person Sold um and so you know a lot of it you Know they'll they'll say it's not a bait And switch and so on And sometimes that's not true but you They really can't monitor every single Um every single sales Um you know there are times that Salesmen will tell them yeah I'll sell You yeah I'll sell you that but then the Minute you send them the money to buy a Silver American eagle or a gold American Eagle they basically go hey before we

Move forward let me tell you about this Product and then you're getting sold Okay and so they have these these Products um they're it's minted by like The official Canadian Mint of the like Of the the country of Canada correct yep Y and they're selling these products That are insane markups why why is the Canadian Mint and I think you said the African Mint and other countries Official state sponsored mints are Selling them these exclusive po coins That they then sell for insane markups That people will not see a return on why Is the Canadian Mint why are these mints Allowing that to happen um that's a Great question I actually sent all of The executives of the RCM in 20 I Believe late 2019 maybe early 202 20 I Sent them all an email um to with a Letter um informing them of what was Happening and asking them to to quit Engaging in these contracts um I think The the answer to your question is Always Money you know they make a whole lot More money by minting an exclusive coin For Augusta um than they will minting it And then selling it themselves to the General public it's it's no there's no Work involved the only work they have to Do is set up the die um strike the Blanks and then give them to Augusta and And in fact they don't even mint them

There they mint them at a a third party Here in the states so they just Contracted out to a third party everyone Makes their 10 20 30 cents a coin Whatever it is you know and it gets Marked up down the line austa doesn't Care what the markup is because they can Just mark it up 150% in Hard Sell you so Whether they're paying you know uh I Mean he cares he cares only because it Means more margin for him um that's Isaac he he He does care what he pays Because the the more he has to pay to The distributor the more the less he can Mark up the coin right um but you're Talking you know five six 10 cents a Coin at that point um so you know Typically we would pay $2.75 to the distributor per coin for a Silver for a half oun silver coin it was The markup was $2.75 per coin they ain't Making that on uh uh silver Canadian Eagles uh sorry Sil um the mint Ain Making that on Silver Canadian maple Leafs all right so can you tell me like Uh I don't know if you can go into Details probably can't say names but Like a story of um someone who bought These coins from Augusta and then tried To sell them I know you mentioned a guy Earlier you have any other stories where Someone tried to sell these coins back And they lost a ton of money and I know Uh some people I don't know if we can go

Into detail but some people that said That their lives have been ruined they Lost so much money their you know Retirement savings They thought their investment because Gold price had gone up so they thought Their investment was worth way more Money they try and sell it back because They got ripped off by being charged way Over asking price of what the melt gold Is now they're they're not making any Money they lost money trying to resell Their their product yeah I mean there's Tons of them um You probably don't even Have to go that far to find them you Know you you there's probably someone in Your neighborhood um in fact I met Someone here in Spokane Washington very Recently who told me they'd invested a Quar million dollars in gold and I asked Him where he bought it from told me and I hung my head I said send me your Statement let's get you your money back Sure enough sent me a statement all the Junk all the junk so I told him hey Reach out to the company get the bid Price sure enough he's he asks for the Bid price it comes back it's a little Less than break even and I said hey Here's the simple math Man Gold's gone Up you know 60 70% since you purchased This a few years ago where's your money Where's your money so you know there you Don't have to go far but so that's one

Story even just this year where I Happened to meet this this guy through a Friend of mine um and we just started Talking about gold and you know y y y And uh yeah this story came up and I'm Like hey man we got to get your money Back so um but as for like U people Recognizing the harm before someone's Pointed it out to them yeah there's Plenty um you know there was a gentleman I won't state Nam but there was a Gentleman whose wife had had invested Her money into the coins at Augusta um And about four months went by I who Knows what happened he he found out um He started looking into it he's a very Intelligent guy um and he called back And said you're going to refund my wife Every every dollar um he went as far Because this is what what they do that No no no we have all these agreements Here's the agreements blah blah blah Blah blah so this guy went as far as Contacting his local um congressman's Office his State Attorney General he he Contacted everyone in their mom and he Came back and said if you do not give my Wife her money back um I'm going to Pursue all of these Avenues and then Augusta said okay buddy here's an NDA Signed this you never talk about or Anything about Augusta and we'll refund Your wife all the money once we receive The cour he signs the NDA of course

Because it's 100 I think it was 100 Grand or something like that um he signs The NDA to get his wife for 100 grand Back you know what do you do what do you Do right like like unless people from Within the industry are willing to speak Out if you're someone who is who has the Potential to lose 50% or more of your Nest egg when you should be making money What do you do you just sign the NDA and Say thank do thank God I dodged a bullet On that one right what about the next Guy and the next guy well we've me we Talked about this before last time we Talked but on their website on on like Trust pilot and stuff they have a like a 4.8 out of five star rating excellent Rating so when I first looked into them Like you know this this company looks Legit everything looks good why why is Dale calling them out and so you alleg That like anytime they get a bad review Anyone anytime someone claims they're Going to sue them and take these suckers Down that they they'll they'll refund Them and they make them sign an NDA so They don't talk about it that's what Happens sign an NDA yep sign an NDA Removed the trust pilot review Um and sometimes when they get a bad Review so first let's talk about how They get their reviews so they don't They give they give free coins away so What they do is hey thanks for tra and

It's like immediately after you're trade Right so you're pumped you just invested This money y y y and they say and then You get a call hey um this is you know So and so from the admin office would You mind doing a review for us and we'll Send you a free coin outside of your IRA And and it's just your coin to keep sure You know I love coins right but that's Why I'm investing in them so of course I'm going to do that for you um the Negative reviews the way those are Handled so that's how they get their Reviews in the first place now the Negative reviews how those are handled Are you leave a negative review um I Call you and what I try to do is I give You try to give you as much free silver As I can right because I'm telling you The silver value that I could give you 10 grand of free silver hey if I give You an extra $10,000 worth of silver would that Appease you enough to remove it right so How they sell that um a lot of times it Doesn't work out that way because They've realized right so now they're Going hard to get their money back but Let's just say you said yes well that $10,000 worth of sell is actually only Worth five maybe right because of all The the markups and then what Augusta do Is Augusta take a hit from that trade Right it gets assigned to the trade they

Take a hit and the the salesman takes a Hit out of his commission as well so the Salesman makes less money Augusta makes Less money the client's happy remove Your trust pilot review you thank you Very much see you in five years when you Try to sell it back to Us wow all right so let's go back to Your time with Augusta um we talked Before and you said uh that initial Thing that kind of said this this Company's pretty sketchy and as you you Continued to work there for a brief While you found out some other sketchy Things uh why don't you tell me about The the sales call and wiping of the Sales call can you talk about That yeah so um one of the big things That Isaac Isaac was very particular About the things you didn't do did and Did not say in fact he had a um a sheet Called a uh you know what not to say or Something I don't remember what exactly What it's called um but he was very Particular about language that was being Used um because of the Gold Line uh the Gold Line suit and the Merit Financial Suit um so there were many times you Know you got salesmen in there that are Hungry you know they they'll basically Say just about anything to sell your own Something um so there there are times Where um so what he did is in order to Make sure that the salesman were not

Saying things that could get Augusta in Trouble he hired his sister to monitor All the calls and then when there were Calls that came up he would reprimand The salesman and then they would wipe The calls so he'd say hey and and he Even used them in training sessions like Hey this is what you don't do right so He'd get the salesman together Hey Listen to this this is what EXs salesman Did you don't do this like this is like You're just asking for a lawsuit Yeah so Basically um they they would be erasing All information of of the Shady tactics They would be using to get the sale but Then you would say that they would they Would make sure that they keep the Confirmation of the actual sale so that They had all the receipts like hey you Made the purchase uh maybe you didn't Agree with it but we have all the Details you you can't go back on it now We have the we have the information they Keep that information but they erase the The shape sales tactics that they use is That correct yeah yeah exactly yes um so The way that it works is you call in you Get pre-qualified by what's called a Junior account executive he will Pre-qualify you hey Scott you got 20 G's Yeah I got 20 G's okay well I yeah cool Well we'll we'll work with you um he Butters you up a little bit you know Talks to you about your family right

Gets you nice and comfortable and then He says hey my uh my my executive sales Guys actually on the other line let me Give them let them have you let him H Let me have him call you back or let me Place you on hold for a few minutes you Know you're on hold blah blah blah goes To that guy then that guy hard sells you Right and I actually the the way that I Uh the analogy I give to people is like It's like a you like it's like going Into a car dealership right they keep You there for hours and hours and they Keep you on the line and they're talking To you and they're like you know Throwing terms at you you probably don't Understand and they're you're telling You why they're qualified making Themselves out to be fiduciaries um Telling you a whole bunch of crap um and Then um once you decide to buy it and You send the money um they send you over To a record so all these calls are Recorded by the way all of them are Recorded or at least they were when I Were there um and then they sent you Over so they lock you in right Scott I've sold you yep got your deal I'm Sending it over now right now to my Admin and they're going to call you on a Recorded line and they're going to Confirm your Order so they call you and they say hey Scott you're going to buy this at price

Yes yes so they have you going yes yes Yes every time um and then they uh and Then okay great we got you locked in um You know we'll ship it to your Depository and and uh have a nice day And then you know next day you get a Call hey you want a free coin give us a Review um and then like you said they Delete all of the sales prior to that Recorded call confirmation and in your File goes the recorded call confirmation Your transaction agreement that they Have you signed via Echo sign And then you know anything else that's Pertinent to you maybe it's uh you know Your IRA statement or something like That with your Holdings and the Transfers and so on Wow but yeah no no No uh no sign of those sales Calls one thing you mentioned before Also is um I believe Isaac he knew that Because of the other company was it Merit Financial that shut down uh and Again Augusta they're in cal southern California and uh he wanted to stay out Of a particular region where I guess the Da was looking into them so he told you Specifically to find offices for the Company outside of the DA's jurisdiction Is that correct yeah so um the assistant Um actually his words so I remember this And this is like I guess this should Have been my first red flag right but Like just put this in context I'm 24

Years old I'm now making $150,000 a year the most money I've ever Made in my life is $30 $40,000 right so I go from being this bookkeeper making $335 $40,000 a year to making $150,000 a year right So in today as an older me I look back On that and go that was so dumb and Naive right but me then I'm looking on That and he's like oh yeah I want it and He even told me the reason but his words Were the assistant DA has a hardon for Precious metals companies so we need to Get out of his jurisdiction look for Offices in Culver City and that da was that the da that Took down Merit Financial yeah I believe It was the assistant DA I don't think He's the actual da I don't know if he's Been promoted since um but he was the Assistant at the time yeah so he's like Put us somewhere where that guy can't Get to us exactly yep okay so let's go Back to their to their website I'll I'll Bring it up for people who want to see It um on their website they have Mark Levan like I mentioned before right on The front page and many of these other Companies uh will they specifically Target conservatives uh correctly Conservative Elder elderly people and They use Fox News they use many of these Conservative um conservative companies To get to Target these people and to to

Be clear I I'm not sure like if you want To clarify this isn't like you just hate Conservatives so you're trying to take Down these companies you you like if They were going after uh you know if They were targeting people on the left As well you would talk about that as Well but they specifically Target it Target conservative groups is that Correct yeah so um so all of these Companies that are doing the same thing Um they they their marketing model is 50 Plus Conservative Christian that's what They're looking for so to be clear you You don't think a lot of these Conservative uh conservative Spokespeople like Ben Shapiro and Crowder you don't think they actually Know what's you don't think they're Intentionally screwing their audience Over they're just they're just oblivious They're just like hey this sponsorship Came to us we briefly looked them over They got a 4.8 on trust pilot they look Jit let's do the deal that's what you Think's happening yeah I Mean I've emailed them all though I've Emailed every single one and you know They have handlers right they have People who screen emails and so on and So on and so on um so you know I even Went to Jordan Peterson's um to Jordan Peterson's Reddit and I posted in his Reddit thing and I posted a whole thing

In there it got a couple of thousand Views um and you know so like I've done Every I've emailed all the people at Fox Through the Fox News forums did they Leave that that post up or did it get Taken down on the um last I checked it Was still there yeah last I checked it Was still there and I do believe if There's any one person in the world that Would actually speak out against it it Would be Jordan Peterson um I would be Very that guy does not give two cents About money in my opinion uh he is not Driven by that so that's why I went that I was like no one else is listening I'm Getting I'm probably getting screened I'll go directly to his um Reddit Channel um and and I'll post in that Reddit Channel and I just again nothing Um and to be clear all of these groups All these conservative people they're Not all working with Augusta there's a Bunch of these companies that are all Similar all doing the same thing like I Mentioned before they're like these gold Companies are like cockroaches once one Gets shut down they all go to a Different one and start and doing the Same thing um I I believe you said uh Ben Shapiro and the daily wire was Working with one of these gold companies As well do you know what company that Was um I don't recall off the top of my Head um

I don't remember off the top of my head I don't and they're still advertising I Believe I I just saw it a couple weeks Ago um but you know part of it Is I'm no I'm nobody to them they don't Know who I am they don't know you know They they don't know that I could just Be a competitor who knows right like They have no idea um part the other part Is I feel like I'm being screened a lot But what happens when you confront Someone and I walk up to you as a as an Independent YouTuber and I say to you Hey man Like this Advertiser is doing you wrong And doing the people that you serve Wrong by advertising this on your Channel and and I send you the and I'll I'll forward you the email I sent him um And I got crickets you know and I'd like To think I don't know maybe he had the Conversation with them but I'd like to Think that if he'd had that conversation With them he'd come back to me and say Hey man I spoke to them and they just Like refuted everything you said like so What's true here right yeah like any Morally grounded person would look if if There is a claim about the advertisers That are advertising on your YouTube Channel you would look into it and you'd Go hey I'm not for this stuff like I Want my my audience to be buying things That are good for them right sure so

I'll look up um I'll look up these these Uh bench bu and all these different guys And see what gold companies they're Working with but do you know Specifically any any conservatives and What gold company they're working for Can you name Anym I'd rather not name name uh by name Um because I don't have I mean I have Evidence of you know again like I met a Gentleman earlier this year and I have His trading ticket and and I know they Operate this way um and you can point Them out uh because you know Augusta Can't sue me I have whistleblower Protection against them so they sue me You know we just we just counter Sue Under The Whistleblower protection act I Don't have that against these other Companies um so it's one thing for me to Go to them and say hey man this is a High probability that this company is Doing these things and I can prove to You this is how this works um but it's Another for me to to call them out Directly right here on the spot I Understand so let's go back to Augusta Then the company you can actually talk About on their website like I said they Have Mark Levin uh right on the front Page now one thing that's really Interesting to me is I actually went to Mark Len's YouTube channel uh I watched Several of his videos that he runs

Sponsorships in the videos and I didn't Ever see not one time from any media That he's ever put out have I ever seen Him talk about Augusta the only time I Have ever seen Mark lvin with Augusta is On their website or any material that's Connected to them do you know why that Is who knows it could be um you know I I Think I have though I'm I'm 90% sure I've seen because I remember the last Time yeah I'm 9% sure I've seen him do That because I emailed him like Immediately after I saw that um on my Wife and I were like watching YouTube or Something and he did a a you know a Shtick in the middle of one of his Videos um yeah could be wrong could be Wrong I if you can find it I'd love to See it I'll I'll definitely do some more Research from the videos I watched I you Know S I went through quickly to find The sponsor and I never saw one for that Company and I I I'm I was just curious If I I don't know if maybe like they're They're working they don't know like he Doesn't know they're he's using they Don't he doesn't know that they're using Him as the spokesperson I believe there Was another company metals.com that used Sean Hannity and he didn't know or Something like that and they got shut Down is that correct I don't know if They did I know quite a bit about that Case um in fact there are some ties to

The metals.com guys and and Augusta Um but uh I think that that's a Rarity you know most of the guys that Are running these companies they're not Stupid Isaac's a very intelligent person Um you know there's there's a lot of People in this industry that are very Smart and they're actually good business People it's just sad that this is how They decide to spend their time and make Their money because I believe Isaac Would have been successful no matter What he got into and what he decided to Do because he's a very good business Person but at the end of the day this is The route he's taken but to answer your Question um I so I think that's that's Anecdotal the guys at medals.com that Were running that Um let's just say that their Lifestyles Were not great um which is very typical For most of the salespeople they're Usually have alcohol issues or um they Um have uh let's uh they have lavish Lifestyles and they need to maintain Those Lifestyles gambling habits things Like that not all of them so I don't Want to blank it but there's it's quite Prevalent um and then um but I think That was more of a one-off i Isaac would Never I I can guarantee you mark Levin's Agent 100% knows this is happening I Don't know if he knows Mark lvin I'm Sure he signed off on something at some

Point but these guys are brokering deals To their agents all the time so he Probably doesn't know um you know I'm Going to give him the benefit the doubt And just say he probably doesn't know to The extent um but he definitely his Agent and him um definitely are aware That auguster are using him as the face Of the company there's no doubt in my Mind so you're aware that Joe Montana is A sponsor for them as well yeah he has Been for a few years yeah yeah um again You know you see Joe Montana like on What golf commercials and things like That so that's his target market 50 plus Conservatives um you know out playing Around at golf like the people that They're marketing to know who Joe man Montana is right like they they know That guy right so it's part of their Childhood or like they grew up while he Was in the NFL I believe he was NFL Right so they knew they know who he is So that's a name you throw out there for Legitimacy yeah so like like everything You told me the the former companies Mered capital and all these that got Shut down looks like this company from What you're saying they're doing the Same stuff and they should probably at Least be investigated possibly shut down Have and you left the company in 2014 Have you been trying to get the the word Out about this for the past nine ten

Years yeah I left in 2018 um yeah I've Spent spent I mean probably a year a Year and a half of my time in my off Time time and pursuing leads trying to Get the story out pursuing media um and It's been grueling man it came to a Point honestly uh when the so I actually Sent all of the information to the District uh to the Attorney General's Office in the state of California I sent Them my complaint that I filed that we Had filed with cftc at this point my Attorney was like hey we can't represent You because the cftc at this point it Closed the case they said we don't have Jurisdiction um and then I'm like okay So what do I do right like I I don't Have an attorney I don't have this this Case with the cftc anymore what do we do So um I just took the exact complaint I Didn't change anything I just sent it to The attorneys General's office with a Like a just like a cover letter saying This is the complaint I filed I will Give you 15 gigabytes of data that will Prove everything that I'm saying to you Please do something please do something And um got a response very quickly which Was crazy um so this is in 2019 like July August uh they sent me a link I Sent them all of the data um you know I I've got I've got a letter here Somewhere kicking about that like they Acknowledged receipt of everything and

So on um and then of course Co hit so Nothing nothing happened so and and then That's I just threw my hands up and I Just said you know what Lord I'm done Like when you're when you're ready when It's your season and you want to bring This to the light and you want to help People um when you want to help help These people I'll be here I'll give it 110% but I've been going hard I mean and When I say going hard man I mean I was Going hard for two and a half years dude Just non-stop leads after leads I spent Thousands of thousands of my own dollars And and I don't care about money but I'm Just the point being that I spent a lot Of time a lot of my own money and a lot Of effort lot of sleepless nights um I Went from making 150 to eight 100 I Think the most I'd made at that point Was $180,000 a year to making $440,000 a Year um I mean I I put it all out there And I just said you know what this is Right people are being truly harmed Because we're not talking about like you Buying a car right like we're not Talking about that what we're talking About is this is people's retirement Money they've worked their entire lives For right that's one big piece of the Puzzle that just really pisses me off This is people who have put this money In their IRAs and these take It and they say no we're gonna have that

Thank you very much here's here's your 50% back when the time comes but we're Going to keep the other 50 and what are You doing it with it you're pissing it Away on gambling you're pissing it away On alcohol nah I'm not I'm not about That man that I just it gets my blood Pumping I'm just I can't do it I can't Sit here and let these people do it to People so I have spent and I will Continue to spend my time with any Person that will speak to me about it That will give me the time of day and I Will and I'll do it for free I'll fly Myself to DC to talk to Congress I'll do Whatever it has whatever has to be done To cut the the the head off of the Medusa once and for all that's that's my Goal yeah I know last time we talked uh There hadn't really been any change You've been the same story you gave me Now and nothing had really changed but I Think since last time we talked you Actually were able to contact a Congressman and at least get something Moving is is that is that the case well There's actually been quite a lot that's Changed um so first there was a Washington Post article that got um Front page um it was a front page column That pointed to a two-page spread um in The Washington Post That got very good traction online as Well actually um I think that might have

Piqued some interest in Congress I hope Um but yeah I've been trying to get my Congresswoman to do something for a While I've been working with her office And we were trying to determine you know Which committee has jurisdiction in Congress because it's like it's almost Was like it was blending and so I've Been just for the last year just back And forth emailing calls trying to get Them to do something um and then finally I got put in contact with um with a Congress man's office um who um they're And they're like yeah we want to do Something about this we you know we see This as being an issue and and we want To do something do you know the Congressman's name yeah David Kustoff okay do you know where he's he's From like what district or anything yeah He's in Tennessee so Tennessee district 8 it looks like yeah and so can people Contact him and say they want hey we Want you to investigate this yeah and I Would even encourage yeah so so here's What I will say Um every time I've so I've reached out To several Congress people in the time That I've been working with my Congresswoman right or tried to get my Congresswoman's attention which I Finally did finally go a meeting with Her you know and that was great and We've been working together ever since

Trying to get this done um so what I Will say is a lot of the times they'll Say oh yeah hey we we can't work with You you got to go to your Congress Person which it makes sense like they're Not representing you but what I will say Is if everyone contacts that Congress Person's office regardless of whether You're not in that District if everyone That's watches this video calls his Office and says do something about this Issue it will light a fire and it will Be a lot more of a fire than just little Old me doing it on my own so all the Help we can get if people contact him it Would it would definitely push the ball Down the road a lot faster than it it's Going right now so Augusta precious Metals the was a vice president of that Company started a new company what was It called Red Rock Red Rock secured Red Rock secure which is basically the same Thing that Augusta does and they got Sued to Oblivion basically and that guy Was the the vice president of Augusta Does the same thing starts a new company They get taken down is that correct yeah So what ended up happening was the cftc Closed my uh case and said they didn't Have jurisdiction so fast forward that Was in 20 late 2019 fast Florida 2023 um shade his name is shade Kelly he Had started a company called Red Rock Secured operating ex exactly the same

Way as Augusta did um and the cftc and The SEC filed joint suit against him for $60 million you can go to their websites You can see the the lawsuits it's all Public knowledge um and so because I had Been in contact with the SEC about Augusta earlier in the a um I responded To the SEC because I have their email The people that I'm working with and I Said how does this make any sense I Filed a complaint in 2018 before that Company was even started it makes no Sense that you guys have sued him prior To suing Augusta when you've had the Information way longer Um and you know I get crickets so it's You know it's a little frustrating but Again this is this leans back to the Cockroach analogy you had earlier you Shut down one or maybe there's a dispute Within the a company and then what Happens is a Salesman just goes and Starts their own company starts doing The same thing Fortunately um fortunately um there were Some government employees in that red Rock secured case um that had used Government pension money to invest in The coins and once the scam had been Realized they obviously went to whoever It is that um deals with those things Who probably have ties to people who can Do things and um said hey there's an Issue here and they were able to Fast

Track FASTT track that lawsuit through The cftc and CS SEC but what the Frustrating thing for me is our Complaint was closed because they said They didn't have jurisdiction so then How can you file a joint lawsuit when They're doing the exact same thing yeah So that was my biggest frustration with That what happened to the guy that ran Red Rock did where did he go to jail or Anything like that um so that's actually A very very recent lawsuit I believe That was May of this year um I was Actually in contact with their CFO who Was my ex- assistant and um you know he Claimed that um they did nothing wrong So you know it's just crazy to me it's Like um yeah but you did and it's it's Clear to anyone with eyes to see um that Can do a little bit of math that you Definitely you guys are definitely doing Something wrong um so it is what it is Um I'm glad that they got shut down um I Have it on good authority that they're Trying to start a new company under a New name and they're going to just Transfer all the leads um I can keep you Apprised of that if that comes to Fruition um I'd be very shocked if the SEC and cftc allow that to happen while This lawsuit's ongoing um but I do know Of a website that had popped up um using An address here in Spokane Washington That uh um is is uh that's Shan Johnson

Kelly shade Kelly is um one of the um Officers on that company so and it's Just another gold company under a whole Different name so my my thought is They're probably going to transfer all The leads from Red Rock secur to that Company and then they're just going to Operate again it's like when do you end I mean it's just crazy to me okay yeah Hopefully that that works one thing I Wanted to end on is um you don't think All gold companies are scams right like There are legitimate companies that will Sell you gold is that is that what you Believe they're not yeah yeah so listen If in doubt go to apmex uh so what what Should what should someone look for if They want to buy gold what should they Look for in a legitimate company that That says all right this is legit They're not trying to scam me okay so The first thing is uh I I would say Check your motive as to why you're Buying gold in the first place that's The first thing you got to do right like Just check what's your motive if your Motive is to hedge against inflation and To to have a stable investment okay That's fine so then what do you need to Do well you don't need a fancy coin to Do that what you need is to pay the Least amount of Premium that's dollars Over the spot price is possible so you Don't have to have a gold American eagle

Or a silver American Eagle you just need An IRA approved coin that's 49 fine or More to be able to uh invest in in into That so if you can get that and you can Get a a um I don't know you can just get A a round the silver round or a gold Round buy the silver or gold round if It's a lot closer to spot because what You're going to do is going to hold on To it until the market moves to the the Point where you want to sell go back to That dealer let's say it's apmex they Have a five let's say 5 perc spread you Sell it to them at that 5% spread you're Good you made money so so should a Legitimate company because I know Augusta they don't show the prices of Their products on the website you have To call them they have to confirm you Have like 20 grand in your your IRA or Whatever with a legit company up front Tell you what the price is right on Their website abely absolutely yeah Anytime you you let's say you're typing In hey into Google um buy gold right um First thing you do skip all the ads all The ones that say add add add add add Skip all of those go down um and just Look at all of the legitimate companies And start going through and if you Happen upon a website that says call for Pricing or they have terminology like Premium coins or exclusive coins or you Know anything with that stay away close

The Box put them on your Blacklist don't Touch them because those are the Companies that in all likelihood are the Ones that are going to um put your money Into a bad investment and they're going To sell you hard on something you Don't okay well hopefully with uh this Video hopefully we can get people in Congress to at least look into the Company it'll be up to them to decide if Anything is being done legally but Hopefully uh they will look into this Company now that I'm going to do this Story now that the Washington Post did The story as well and I I'll leave you Anything you want to say to end the Video anything you want to say at All Um how just say this it money isn't Everything um you know my wife and I Went from making good money to making Next to nothing she had to go back to Work which you know not a big deal um But the relationships you form with People are more important than anything So so don't put money first put the People who are around you first put Other people first even strangers you Don't know before money because at the End of the day um when all said and done You can't take your money with you um But what you can do is leave a mark on The world and say like hey this person Did good things and they wanted the best

For everyone around Them all right well thanks for thanks For coming on Dale I appreciate that yep You're welcome

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