Who Has The Best Reputation In YouTube History?

These creators have the 10 most Flawless Reputations in YouTube history and Coming in at number 10 is professional Eater Matt Stoney with 16 million Subscribers 3.5 billion views and over 13 years on the platform Matt stonius Had plenty of chances to land himself in Controversy although despite scouring Every corner of the internet it seems This man has never even been criticized His clean image has resulted in Collaborations with everybody from the Try guys to GQ as well as someone who Deserves an honorable mention for this Video beard meets food with both of These creators showing that living a Simple humble life outside of YouTube Can do wonders for your online Reputation you might make the argument That competitive eating is simply an Uncontroversial genre however I'd urge You to think of a different YouTuber who Instantly proves this Theory wrong Nicocado makes Matt Stoney look Flawless By every comparison yet neither of these Guys look as perfect as the report of The week who reinforces that food and Good reputations almost always go hand In hand and the report of the week's Reputation is difficult to describe but Very easy to feel he's simply a YouTube Legend with over 12 years of suited food Reviews it's no surprise that the two Top comments on his first video read

This guy's character is very consistent Time proved it and I love how unique he Is his clothing and video style are both Extremely distinctive Bound by a humble Wholesome personality and a respectable Life philosophy I always try to Advocate On to others is to treat others with Kindness respect and dignity that's what I always try to do every single day and I know I'm not perfect when he made a Classic I react to your main comments Video his biggest difficulty was Actually finding any main comments I was Trying to find some comments that really Stuck out to me to include in this video And I was surprised it was a lot more of A massive undertaking should I say than I expected after which he'd reinforces Good nature he doesn't do anything you Know it's not a good thing I always say Everyone should treat each other with Respect kindness and dignity with his no Hatred policy resulting in nobody hating Him this is the man I'll show my Children when I teach them dignity there Is something about this guy which makes You believe in humanity again I will Physically defend this man for my whole Life the countless different review bra Memes only add to his charm yet they Shouldn't distract you from a high level Of personal accountability yeah and this Was on me I should I should mention that It was just a mistake on my part yet if

You want accountability with a bit more Style then we have to talk about a Channel called discover connection at Around 600 000 subscribers discover Connection is the smallest channel on This list however these guys have some Of the most wholesome content you will Ever watch the channel was created with The goal of reducing divisiveness with The members essentially leaving their Comfort zone in every video just to do Nice things for random people in their Helping strangers with anything and Everything video they walked around the Streets of Vancouver helping complete Strangers with their gardening while in A different video they managed to Convince 30 random people at the beach To have a sleepover party at their house Their most viral video is an episode Where they went around to random houses Offering to cook people dinner in their Own homes with one of the people they Cook for then showing up in a later Episode where they hosted a massive free Christmas dinner for 50 strangers who Were all alone on Christmas the channel Is well summarized by a comment reading I'm not crying you're crying this is Some Next Level wholesome disguise thank You for being able to witness this Although until they've experienced the Trials of being a bigger Channel Casey Neistat definitely deserves the next

Highest Spot while Casey has found Himself in the occasional controversy You'd be hard-pressed to find a single Person who doesn't think he's a legend Casey is one of the few rare YouTubers Who pioneered a whole new genre during Which he displayed an unwavering work Ethic by uploading a high quality Vlog Every 24 hours for 800 days straight the Only time I really get bummed out or Depressed is when I'm not being Productive is when I'm not accomplishing Or doing or contributing in any way While this might have almost ended his Marriage the destructiveness of that on My own marriage and relation it was Profound there's kind of admissions only Provide another reason to love him Transparency While most YouTubers show Only a polished version of their lives Casey's unafraid of highlighting his Darkest moments which almost always Provides a counter-intuitive boost to a YouTuber's image on top of this vlogging Is simply the perfect video type to Build a strong connection with the Audience which when combined with this Various on-screen collaborations show That he's the type of guy who could be Friends with anyone Casey doesn't put Himself on a pedestal simply because He's famous which is a quality also Shared by penguin zero when you hear the Name moist critical two words come to

Mind consistency and reliability his Streams in almost two daily videos make His social media presence inescapable But in a good way that'll always leave You updated on all the current drama in The early days of his channel Charlie Actually donated the entirety of his YouTube earnings to charity which he Continued for over four and a half years Before noticing that his donations Weren't actually going to those in need And if you do a little bit of digging And you will find out that many of these Highly rated Charities are actually just Awful despite having discontinued the Practice Charlie hasn't stopped giving Back to others and while his laid back Attitude makes it seem like the process Is pretty damn simple he embodies the Saying that it takes a lot of effort to Look effortless Steve Wallace is another Smallish channel on this list at around 1.3 million Subs however I'd be willing To bet that this man has never even had A hate comment during his 12 years on YouTube Steve game popularity by talking About all things camping however he blew Up with his stealthcare big videos in Which he sleeps in unusual places like Behind a police station inside a Stormwater drain and even in the bushes Of a roundabout as described by this Comment reading I think what I like About Steve is that I see the same fears

And worries that I would have being out There and he doesn't hide them Steve is Extremely open and honest on his channel Which would bring him closer to the Audience in the most tragic way Imaginable on the 5th of August 2022 Where Steve made a community post Celebrating he and his wife's fifth Anniversary year before uploading a Video exactly three weeks later Announcing that she'd passed away in her Sleep on Saturday beautiful wife and I Went to bed On Sunday only I woke up for obvious Reasons this unexplainably difficult Event made the videos much harder to Make not gonna lie I've been crying a Little Um in between shots being honest things Have been tough with the impact also Showing up in a YouTube post reading hey Sorry to keep letting you down with Missing regular uploads I may be at the Stages of grief when I've got to Depression some days are okay some are Sleeping all day and hiding from the World I don't want to burden you with my Problems but I want to let you know What's going on which was Then followed By yet another tragic announcement hey Everyone sorry I've been absent it has Been a tough month and sadly my mum Passed away a couple days ago I will be Back of course but if you want to

Restore your faith in humanity you'll Have to look at the comments section I Don't think I've ever commented on a YouTube video on a 10 plus year account You're the man Steve your videos are Such a good wholesome getaway from Life Stresses and my own demons your candid Nature and down-to-earth personality is What everyone needs I was gutted when I Heard about your loss being so open About what you're feeling and Perseverance to better times is Something I strive for you're an amazing Guy Steve keep it up and hunker down When life attacks you you gotta take Life on no better time for a stealth Camp than right now my friends with Camping then also playing a part in the Fourth best reputation Brody from ybs Youngbloods you might recognize Brody From some of his recent Mega viral Shorts yet he's been making long-form Content for over eight years now his Videos usually filmed off the coast of Western Australia feature him his family And his dog Strider doing some kind of Beach or ocean related challenge while Capturing some of the most incredible Wildlife footage available anywhere this Has led to a fair few near-death Experiences this thing right here can Deal 26 humans in a couple of minutes All right should have done that but for The most part Brody's content focuses on

Ocean sustainability and not from a fake Virtue signaling sense but rather from The perspective of a dude who genuinely Cares about keeping the sea clean wait Till you guys see what this actually is You'll be disgusted man plastic it's Like a balloon actually just pisses me Off so much the YouTube video is Click Baiting ybs youngbloods exposed have a Dislike ratio of over 95 percent because There's literally nothing to expose While the comments on these videos State Brody is as genuine as a human being can Get doesn't ask for much but to take Care of his friends and family and Teaches us all not to be greedy and Family is everything but if we're on the Topic of good-hearted Australians then It's hard to go past laser beam having Gained a hundred thousand subscribers After only six months on YouTube it was Obvious that Lennon was loved from the Very beginning on top of a positive fun Personality laser beam has always valued High quality content over financial gain Shown for the first time back in 2017 When he refused to go family friendly Even though his entire channel was being Demonetized I enjoy swearing it's who I Am I'm not gonna change for money I do What makes me happy that's the way I'm Gonna do YouTube that's why got into it Laser beam was so committed to keeping The content real then he moved back in

With his parents just so he could keep Swearing I was like making enough to Cover like the basic bills but I moved Back while blaming nobody but himself Throughout the process and it's Completely Fair it's my mistakes Happens like a true legend stays himself And sticks to his guns in the face of Adversity laser bum you're a true bloody Legend of all bloody Legends in line With staying true to himself laser beam Is also connected with the Audience by Sharing his own mental health struggles I have absolutely no shame with like Anything I'm going through I know I've Always battled anxiety I have anxiety About everything the last few weeks I've Been convincing myself I'm dying with His extreme transparency likely playing A role in the absence of any negative Press despite the size of his channel Although even then he doesn't come close To Vsauce with 20 million subscribers in Almost 15 years on the platform the only Chrome resources ever committed is not Uploading more often even then his Content from 10 years ago is still Extremely popular being a testament to His strong image given reputation and Resistance to atrophy almost always go Hand in hand baseball seems very Comfortable in his own skin as a Genuinely humble curious down-to-earth Guy who's committed to keeping a clean

Successful brand steering away from even The most basic controversial questions Michael are you a tit or an ass man in The end because we did never get an Answer on that I asked myself that every Day really Andy did you ever find resolve within Your soul on that issue yeah which is The answer you're a cornman How can you not love that at the same Time vessels doesn't shy away from Important risk whether that be trying Shorts or putting faith in his curiosity Box which just by the buy was purchased By Mel science in August 2022 for 12 Million dollars however given its size And footprint there's one more Channel That's maintained its reputation better Than any other on the platform dude Perfect with five different hosts tons Of moving parts and close to 60 million Subscribers Dude Perfect should be a Magnet for criticism however it seems Their most controversial moment was in 2022 when all they did was film a video In Qatar during the World Cup articles On the incident failed to discredit them As they'd accidentally highlight dude Perfect's Morality In rejecting Sponsorship opportunities from alcohol Companies on top of this the group is Known for being extremely charitable With Make-a-Wish video editions a pledge To sponsor one child for every hundred

Thousand views they get and their own Dude Perfect Hope Foundation which Strives to bring hope to people all over The world struggling with illness or Lacking life's Basics like food and Clean water there were accusations in The early days that their videos weren't Authentic with a telegraph article from 2009 creating such a heated debate about The Channel's legitimacy the Good Morning America Haydn expert to Investigate are they real are they fake We have computer analysts looking at Them yeah video experts say that they're Unable to tell where edits have been Made Dude Perfect responded by stating We love it when people say it's fake Because it makes the shot seem even more Ridiculously impossible and we get more Publicity and hits on YouTube so we love The mystery of knowing whether it's real Or fake with frontman Tyler Tony echoing A similar sentiment it used to bug all Of us when people would say the shots Are fake they're not real we just kind Of took it as a compliment to how Impressive the things that we were doing Actually were the Dude Perfect members Simply reinforce a point we brought up Earlier an uncontroversial life outside Of YouTube creates an uncontroversial Life inside of YouTube

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