Who Has The Worst Apology In YouTube History?

We're gonna rank YouTube's 10 worst Apology videos from bad to downright Terrible so let's begin by looking at Ricegum whose trash apology went by the Name of this dude calls me out for Mystery unboxing ricegum's apology Referred to a different video from three Days prior titled how I got airpods for Four dollars in which it promote a Mystery box gambling site while making It sound as though the website was an Easy way to make money because ricegum Had a young audience he'd be called out By h3h3 Productions in PewDiePie for Promoting gambling to children with Ricegum's response coming in the days Following these call-out videos his Apology began on terrible footing as Instead of admitting any kind of Wrongdoing he'd say that he was Justified in doing the video as they Paid him more than a hundred thousand Dollars before going on a state that he Wasn't the first YouTuber to promote the Website ricegum then concluded the video By giving out multiple Amazon gift card Codes there's nothing I can really do But say sorry and give you these Amazon Gift cards so I'm sorry only each code Had already expired fired by the time The video went live beginning your Apology by bragging about money before Going on to offer your audience some old Expired gift cards definitely makes for

A pretty poor apology however the video Was short and sweet it felt as though it Was consistent with ricegum's Personality and the argument about other YouTubers promoting the site before him Was actually a pretty reasonable point Ricegum was also smart enough to keep His cool throughout the whole video Which Shane Dawson wasn't able to do Who's incredibly volatile State led to YouTube's ninth worst apology video Taking accountability began with Shane Stating that emotionally chucking on a Webcam and apologizing was stupid and Childish and that is stupid that is Something that a child does not Something that a 31 year old man does That's not that's not good although this Is exactly what he'd do over the Following 20 minutes Shane was Apologizing for the jokes he'd made During his 10-year YouTube career and Although he'd say that he was simply Laying out his feelings the whole video Used manipulative language and felt as Though was coming from a point of total Desperation and I'm so sorry I am so Sorry to anybody that saw that it's Something that I shouldn't even be able To get out of I should lose everything For that Shane used all the classic Buzz Phrases such as I will educate myself And I will do better and I don't know Who that person is anymore and therefore

The whole video just feels like a Pathetic template to get hate off his Back as opposed to a personalized video With his own terminology to apply to his Specific situation the hypocrisy Continued into the end of the video when Shane stated that being defensive was a Poor way to make changes I'm gonna go on The defensive and that's not a good way To live and it's not a good way to grow Yet he seemed completely unaware that His entire video was Defensive in Response to the drama that he had found Himself in however Elise Shane didn't Insinuate that his audience was stupid As when the Fine Brothers uploaded their Awful apology that accidentally insult The entirety of YouTube the Fine Brothers had pioneered the reaction Genre on YouTube with their kids react Series and we'll post a video in early 2016 simply taught react World in which It sounded like the Fine Brothers were Trying to copyright any kind of YouTube Reaction video as a result of their Poorly crafted concept they'd receive Hate from every corner of the internet Prompting what we're now calling the Eighth worst apology in YouTube history The apology began with the Fine Brothers Admitting that their video was worded Poorly and that they never plan on Trying to copyright YouTube's reaction Genre first and foremost we're sorry for

Confusing people by using terminology Like our react format we were never Trying to say that every video or Someone reacts to something else is Something we would try to control However despite stating this the two Would then go on to explain that they Had taken down other reaction content in The past while continuing to imply that The audience was stupid for being unable To comprehend the concept laid out in Their initial react World video just Because we have or might get trademarks Doesn't mean we're going to run around And start taking down videos we're sorry That you're too stupid to understand how This works is basically the sum of this Apology in one sentence so yeah classic Arrogant non-apoli at the end of the day The Fine Brothers got off lightly as Their initial mistake wasn't or that big Of a deal however the same couldn't be Said for Travis Scott who posted the Seventh worst apology after 10 people Died at his Astro World concert it Happened in November 2021 and despite Everybody in the crowd chanting to stop The show where Travis Scott continued Which ultimately resulted in the 10 Fatalities alongside 500 other injuries As the news of the tragedy began to go Viral Travis was planning his apology And would take to Instagram with someone Of an unconventional approach he was

Seemingly trying to avoid having his Face click baited by the media and Therefore recorded a short video in Black and white Under bad lighting from A bad angle with his eyes closed and his Hand covering his face for the majority Of the video this was certainly a 200 IQ Play however it also made for an Extremely terrible unpleasant viewing Experience and resulted in comments such As Travis Scott is clearly much more Focused on his headache than his apology As well as he gave his forehead more Respect than the people who died of a Horrible painful death as a direct Consequence of his inaction the words he Used in the video weren't much better Either because as highlighted by this Comment his apology is basically damn That's crazy I just want to send out Prayers to the to the ones that was lost Last night I mean I'm honestly just Devastated I could never imagine Anything like this just happening the Funniest part is that in his apology Travis is talking like he wasn't there It's like the dude just woke up and was Like oh man people died at Travis Scott's concert the apology was Certainly bizarre however it wasn't Nearly as strange as the sixth worst Apology by simply Kenna who became YouTube's first Creator to apologize in The form of a poem the apology came in

Response to being called out for Plagiarism and seemingly as an Overcompensation for trying to be Original simply kind of wrote a three And a half minute poem using nothing but Incredibly deep metaphor am I a human am I a monster or am I something in between Now to Ken is crazy that the poem was Pretty well written however using it to Apologize felt like an unbelievably Strange move the whole point of an Apology is to be sincere to write a poem Rehearse it those fake facial Expressions and background music babe That's not sincere an apology in poetry Is me in my roris form even though I'm Not raw at all because I rehearse this Instead of just talking to you guys Naturally that poem is so corny still Trying to be aesthetic in an apology Video the video was so bad that Kenneth Then posted another apology video to say Sorry for the first one and as Summarized by this comment if you have To make an apology video for an apology Video it might be time to take a break From YouTube however at least simply Kenna had the chance to take a break Voluntarily as when T Martin posted his Awful apology the audience stopped Watching completely in the lead-up to What we're calling the fifth worst Apology in YouTube history team modern Promoted a website called CS go Lotto

Claiming that he found the site at Random and was able to use it to win Expensive CS go items although it Wouldn't be long before T Martin was Exposed as being one of the owners of The website prompting the now Infamous I'm sorry video the apology began on Fake manipulative footing as T Martin Sat there talking to his dog about how Difficult the video was going to be yeah Cooper I have no idea how I'm gonna Record this video dude however it's hard To tell exactly how the video was Supposed to be difficult as TmarTn would Do nothing besides sit there and spend Two minutes telling the audience how Dumb they were my connection to CS go Lotto has been a matter of public record Since the company was first organized in December of 2015. this is and always has Been a clearly stated policy he barely Even apologized he's putting the blame On the people for not understanding WTF He basically called his fan stupid I Love how he didn't even apologize and Basically just said it's our fault it Didn't help that TmarTn decided to film The apology in the entryway to his Mansion with his expensive truck sitting Just outside the window but at least he Was smart enough to flaunt his wealth Subtly as the liver King's terrible Apology began with him blatantly Bragging about how much money he had

Prior to the liver King confession he'd Consistently reiterated that his Physique was natural although when more Plates more dates uploaded a video Showing that this wasn't true where the Liver King felt the pressure to Apologize the liver king would begin his Apology by bragging about being rich Before social media I was rich and Anonymous and after social media I'm Still rich but no longer Anonymous Before going on a try and convince the Audience that he never planned on Becoming famous and I never expected This kind of exposure in the public eye Despite having grown the brand using his Face name and image as the most Recognizable feature the liver King then Goes on a claim that his Persona was Nothing more than an experiment to help Struggling teenagers never King the Public figure was an experiment to Spread the message our people are Hurting at record rates with depression Autoimmune anxiety infertility low Ambition and life are young men are Hurting them both feeling lost weak and Submissive which felt like a cliche Cop-out to shift the blame from what he Was being accused of the beginning of The apology was bad the magnitude of the Initial lie was bad and the need for the Apology was almost non-existent in the First place however because the liver

King was able to finish the video with a Couple of reasonable points he's avoided Being any higher on this list besides It's almost impossible to have an Apology worse than the one post to buy Social Repose the video had been Uploaded after his ex-girlfriend Publicly accused him of cheating so Naturally social Repose wanted to share His side of the story doing so in a Video titled Ray I'm an idiot the Apology began with the most unemotional Attempt at saying sorry I understand What I did I understand that it's pretty Uh wrong heinous and like I said I I Messed up I I do deeply I do deeply Regret it before he'd gone to explain That he had cheated in his previous Relationship they did cheat on her just Like I did my ex-girlfriend and it was There for the girlfriend's fault for not Knowing that he was going to cheat again And she kind of took me on with with the Thought that she could fix me and that Everyone did warn her and I I couldn't Stay faithful and here we are throughout The video social Repose seemed so proud Of how broken he is as a person clearly I have a lot of deep-seated issues I Have a lot of problems which was Justified in his own head as he Apparently had this incredible YouTube Channel I am so deeply entrenched in Social Repose just as an entity that it

Does it comes first it comes before all My love and relationships and even Family to an extent this is my life I've Chosen it however a lay social pose made Some attempt at saying sorry as Sienna May's apology was so bad that people Began to question if she was even saying Sorry at all SI anime was one of tick Tock's fastest growing creators until Another tick tocker accused her of Assault after which she'd take a break From the internet and return with what We're calling the second worst apology In YouTube history it began with the Explanation that taking a month off Social media was the most difficult Month of siena's life before she'd gone To state that her purpose in life was to Post tick tock dances and untouched Photos of herself throughout the video Sienna implied that her youth excused Her from any wrongdoing although the Worst part was that she never even Apologized and rather spent more than Half of the video playing what she Called a relatable Sam Smith song while Doing a choreographed dance with the Goal of inspiring her audience the Stupidity of the apology is best Summarized by this comment reading the Fact that she and her team watched this And said yeah this is a good idea is Hilarious to me all of them together Make one brain cell although Sienna's

One brain cell was still significantly More than the amount that Laura Lee had When she'd post almost objectively the Worst apology in YouTube history Laura Lee posted the apology in response to Some old tweets although she would have Been significantly better off remaining Silent as there was nothing within this Video that wasn't a complete travesty She'd spend the first 30 seconds talking About nothing besides how difficult the Video was going to be in this video it's Been So much They've ever done before going on to Completely lose it on camera while Implementing all the classic phrases Such as I'm so sorry to disappoint you All and I know that I'm better than that Laura Lee cried and apologized then Cried and apologized some more although In the process the audience noticed that There were no tears coming out of her Eyes is this an audition I see no tears Literally no tears coming from her eyes Yet she keeps wiping away I think she Forgot to buy the eye drops after Everybody came to realize that Laura Lee Wasn't even crying she'd take a month Off YouTube to reflect after which she'd Return with an apology video for her Initial apology where she'd conclude the Drama with more NPC YouTube apology Dialogue I have changed so much as a

Human being I have grown so much through The situation I have grown and I have Learned so much

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