Who Was The Biggest Scammer Of 2022? Meet Kevin OR Logan Paul?

Ladies and gentlemen welcome to the First annual YouTube grifter Awards or Just the grifties for short we're going To take a look at some of the biggest Scammers con artist and grifters of 2022 And decide who was the biggest of them All at the end of the video one of the Nominees will be crowned the winner and I will be sending them the coveted Bronze toilet Award with their name Engraved on it as the grifter of the Year 2022. now you the viewer also get To help who wins an award because in the Pinned comment down below is a poll Where you can pick who you think is the Biggest grifter of 2022 and if that poll Receives 1 000 votes before January 1st 2023 I will send out another bronze Toilet Award with an engraving for the Viewers Choice grifter of the year now There were many scams and griffs I Covered this year but I whittled the List down to the top five now everyone On the list is a YouTuber so we won't be Talking about established titles or Sam Bankman and FTX yes those were scams but This is a list composed of YouTubers so With that being said let's talk about Nominee number one meet Kevin Evan Rose To Fame in 2020 when he made hundreds of Videos about the stimulus checks he Preyed upon desperate people in need of Cash to propel his channel to millions Of subscribers in 2021 when the stemi

Money ran out he pivoted into a stock Channel and talked about every single Stock that was currently hot this works Great for Kevin up until 2022 when the Stock market began to tank and on January 22nd 2022 Kevin announced that He had sold his entire stock portfolio I Have sold 99.15 of my stocks and my Entire crypto portfolio of the cash that I have right now I am 5.56 percent short The market so of the cash I have 5.5 Percent short at the market with a put Option on the market this video became The most disliked on his channel as just Weeks before he had told everyone he Would never sell many of Kevin's top Stock picks that he recommended have Been some of the worst in the market Leaving his followers holding massive Bags one of Kevin's worst picks was the Stock Peloton which he recommended after It had already pumped massively that Stock is now down over 90 percent from When he recommended it near the top of The market looking back I don't think Anyone realized this was just the start Of meet Kevin's long year of terrible Decisions in May of 2022 Kevin traveled To Florida to watch Graham Stefan fight In Creator clash and the day before the Event Kevin decided to drink and then go Driving he was pulled over and arrested For a DUI but was able to keep his Arrest hidden until July when it was

Eventually revealed a few weeks later I Posted the body cam footage of meet Kevin's arrest and Kevin then filed a False copyright claim and took my video Down claiming to YouTube he owned the Rights to the video when in reality it Was the property of the Florida police It took over a month of reaching out to YouTube but they did eventually put my Video back up and Kevin's credit months Later he did reach out and apologize for Finding a false copyright claim against Me now sadly Kevin's story did not get Better from there in November Kevin Launched his his own ETF with the ticker Symbol PP and he bought the website Rights to longpp.com to direct people to His website so it's clear Kevin has the Mental maturity of an eight-year-old Trapped in a 30 year old's body now to The surprise of No One Meet Kevin's ETF Immediately began to drop in price as it Became clear that no one wanted to touch Kevin's PP in late December Kevin Decided it was time for him to buy a 13 Million dollar private jet and tried to Explain to his audience why he really Needed this new jet this ultimately made Kevin look super out of touch and the Comments on that video are filled with People making fun of him over the years On YouTube there have been many creators That sold out and once they go down that Rabbit hole of money flexing it usually

Signals the slow death of their Channel I also want to show the Tweet Kevin put Out when he received his new jet and Just for the record I want to make it Very clear I did not alter this tweet in Any way the seller of the plane is named D he was so kind to leave nuts on the Plane for me as a snack I ate these nuts Riding a PP with my dad that is by far The dumbest and most childish three Sentences I have ever read in my life Congrats on being nominee number one for Grifter of the Year meet Kevin our Second nominee for grifter of the year Is Jeremy from Financial education now When Jeremy started his channel years Ago he actually had some very helpful Content about credit cards the bond Market and the stock market sadly Jeremy Realized he could make a lot more money Selling scammy courses and promoting his Garbage stock picks Jeremy is by far one Of the worst stock Pickers on all of YouTube but from 2018 through 2021 when The market was only going up he was able To get away with this in 2022 when the Market collapsed it became clear how Clueless this guy was some of his best Picks including tattooed Chef a Plant-based frozen food company that Jeremy called the Tesla of the food World this stock is now down over 95 Percent from when he recommended it he Also recommended a discount clear braces

Come company known as smile direct which Is now down 85 percent from when he Recommended that now on top of his Terrible stock picks Jeremy also sells An investing course which at one point He was selling for 20 grand this gave Customers access to a private Discord Group where they could talk to Jeremy About their stock picks as the market Got worse many in the Discord group Began to lash out at Jeremy and he began Mass Banning anyone who said negative Things about him now if you look at Jeremy's channel on socialblade you can See that he's been losing subscribers For half a year at this point and it Seems people are finally realizing this Guy has no idea what he's talking about I really do feel bad for the individuals Who took a stock advice many of them now Down hundreds of thousands of dollars They will never recover our third Nominee for grifter of the year is Actually a woman I didn't want to be Sexist and have only men on the list so Congratulations to all in with Ari now Ari blew up on YouTube when her very First video posted in July went viral Titled living in my car homeless in California This video amassed 2.2 million views and Thousands of people reach out to help This poor lady she created a patreon and Had a Paypal link where she collectively

Began to make thousands a month in Donations everyone wanted to help this Attractive young lady who was homeless And lost in life sadly her story turned Out to be false as it came to light that She actually had a full-time job that Paid well and she was living in her car By choice later it would be revealed That Ari had an extensive criminal History and at one point gave birth to a Son who she lost custody to after the Baby received a skull fracture while Under her care after all this came to Light Ari admitted to the rumors but Tried to play it down like it was no big Deal and that she forgot to mention she Had a full-time job making good money This didn't sit well with her fans as Many asked for refunds for their Donations since August she has been Losing subscribers every month and no One is interested in her new content of Her driving around singing to songs on The radio now at the height of her Fame Ari admitted to quitting her job to do YouTube full-time which clearly isn't Working for her with her current 50k Monthly view totals and I have decided To do YouTube full-time And I moved I left Ventura County and Now I'm in La yeah so um hopefully for Ari she can get her old job back because Grifting on YouTube just isn't working Anymore our fourth nominee is Andre dick

Now when Andre first blew up a few years Ago he was mostly talking about dividend Stock Investing which is perfectly fine But as his channel got bigger he decided To shift his content to mostly talking About cryptocurrency from late 2020 Through 2021 this guy pimped every Crypto he could think of and recommended His viewers to use multiple Cryptocurrency exchanges and even Started to promote nfts Andre put in Hundreds of thousands of dollars into Nfts based on Spider-Man and Star Wars That eventually crashed to almost zero Now 2022 has been an absolute disaster For Andre in July a massive crypto Exchange she had talked about to his Audience Voyager digital went bankrupt Andre personally had 1.2 million that he Lost on The Exchange and his followers Lost a countless amount of money as well From there things did not get better Because in November another crypto Exchange FTX the second largest in the World went bankrupt as well Andre made a Cringy video saying he never promoted FTX on his main channel so he shouldn't Take any blame but he repeatedly Promoted it on his side Channel Millennial money after him and the other Guys took a bunch of backlash for this They eventually deleted the entire Channel Andre in the same video where he Talked about the collapse of FTX then

Decided to promote a third Cryptocurrency exchange known as blockfi Smash the like button subscribe if you Haven't already don't forget to grab up To 250 worth of free Bitcoin right here This was possibly the dumbest thing Andre did all year because just two days After recommending blockfi that company Went bankrupt as well after all of this Andre finally made a video where instead Of just having a sincere apology he Decided to claim that his followers are At fault because he had always told People they shouldn't keep crypto on Exchanges alright so let's talk about Blockfi because this is a story I've Told since around July this year after The collapse of Voyager and after I Personally lost anywhere between 300 000 To 1.2 million dollars depending on the Value of Bitcoin and ethereum after Losing that money I try to use that as An opportunity to warn as many people as I could to take their crypto off of Blockfi and off the online exchanges so They don't fall victim to the same Things I did Please don't forget to not keep your Crypto online please don't keep your Crypto online be careful please do not Keep your cryptocurrency online now on Top of all of that Andre was also a Heavy promoter of the scam company Established titles which he was most

Likely making hundreds of thousands of Dollars to promote Andre has never Addressed this issue and despite losing His followers millions of dollars in 2022 his audience is still growing the Final nominee for grifter of the year is Logan Paul now I actually didn't talk About Logan Paul this year but after the Shocking three-part series about his nft Project cryptozoo that coffee Zilla did I thought it would be an outright crime Not to add him to this list cryptozoo Launched in late 2021 and quickly fell Apart as the game did not work as Intended and the project leader ran away To Switzerland before completing the Project according to Logan Paul Logan Was radio silent about the crypto Zoo Project despite his fans losing hundreds Of thousands as the project value Dropped to near zero since coffee is a Series on it went viral Logan has come Out on Twitter claiming coffee zillow's Video is untrue and he's working hard to Get to the bottom of what happened and We'll be talking about it more in January so there you go those are the Five nominees that I picked for the Worst grifters on YouTube in 2022 and Right here on this piece of paper I Wrote down who I think should win uh This fantastic grifty Award right here So I believe drumroll I believe that Andre dick is the winner of this award

Now it was a close call between him and Me Kevin meet Kevin has done some Absolutely ridiculous things this year But in my opinion I think a lot more People have been screwed over by all of The cryptocurrency exchanges that Andre Has been promoting uh throughout the Year the two that he promoted Voyager Digital and blockfy on his main Channel And then FTX that he promoted on the Millennial money channel channel with All the other guys so a lot of people From the research I had done uh you know Their money is stuck on those accounts And we don't know if they're ever going To get that money back so a lot of People have been hurt by his his Cryptocurrency promotions now he has Since made some changes he's you know He's going to make some changes and I Don't think he's going to bring Promoting crypto exchanges in the future Uh but there you go that's uh who I pick For the award I'm gonna be getting this Engraved I'll send it over to him if you Don't agree with it there is the poll Down below you can cast your vote for Who you think the actual winner should Be and if that poll gets a thousand Votes before January 1st I will buy a Second one of those and send it to the Winner of that poll with the viewers Choice grifter of the year thanks for Watching everyone and leave your

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