Who’s The Worst Family Channel In YouTube History?

These are the five worst family channels In YouTube history and coming in at Number five is the prince family who Would quite literally give up their own Children for a couple extra views the Parents Bianca and Damien gain an Audience by peddling the most atrocious Clickbait you might ever witness take For example this video titled pray for The prince Family House firefighters Pulled up with a thumbnail implied that The house had caught on fire in all Actuality their house-related emergency Was a leaking pipe in the backyard which Was fixed not with a firefighting crew But rather by turning the tap off in a Different video they'd clickbait my car Got repoed where going broke although After clicking on the video you'll find That the car was simply being taken to a Mechanic as a result of a flat battery On top of this they've literally Uploaded more than 10 extremely serious Videos stating that they're breaking up Without ever actually doing so but even Then this is nothing compared to how They use their children and pregnancies To get extra clicks the scummiest Example is this video titled no Heartbeat with a thumbnail of a pregnant Bianca going into an ambulance in Applying that perhaps their baby had Died when you watch the video however It's explained that Bianca simply had a

Bladder infection which moved the Position of the baby in her womb you Couldn't find a heartbeat at first Because she moved so much the baby keeps Moving then in this video titled we got Into a car accident at 32 weeks pregnant She freaked out the prince family Implied that they'd crashed the lambo And put their unborn baby in danger when In all reality they'd simply gotten a Couple of scratches at the rear of the Vehicle although it'd be when the baby Was born that they'd become even Scummier beginning with Bianca implying That she wasn't happy with the baby's Physical appearance just moments after Giving birth She do have pretty eyes Her ears Imagine being one hour old and your Parents are obsessing over your skin Slash eye color the nurse had to remind Them that she's a beautiful baby if you Mix this in with more clickbait about Damien not being the father it's no Surprise that they'd State CPS almost Took out kids from us although this Video was also clickbait as they'd spend The entire 36 minutes doing a mukbang Without ever addressing the title while It's hard to call their content Noble The prince family haven't really hurt Anyone with their untruthful videos Although the same can't be said for the

Royalty family the household consisting Of mother Andrea father Ali and their Son Ferran employ much of the same Tactics as the prince family although With the added bonus of extremely fake Videos often made with the purpose of Justifying poor choices for example in Mid-2019 that upload a video titled why Is this happening to our family the Truth in which that Faker scenario where Fans were showing up at their house hey Bro why are you taking pictures of my House April why are you taking pictures Of my house you think that's cool bro so They could then announce in the very Next video that they were buying a Mansion once in their mansion that stage Another video where a homeless person Had broken into their back house leading Ali to become the hero by giving the Homeless guy money yeah I don't want him To stay on the streets can't be selfish I'm gonna give you some cash but I'm Gonna need you to leave all right only Four months later their back house was Actually broken into by a real Intruder Leading them to show their true colors By giving a totally different response Are you serious about going to people's Homes and sleeping in the bag Hey sir It's called the cops with these videos Also hinting at their next major problem Extreme materialism their Channel Achieved most of its grow through videos

Spoiling their son beyond belief for Example 8 year old takes parents credit Card no budget at mall drawing a dart on A map and buying whatever it lands on And if you guess the price I'll buy it For you challenge in which they spend up To a thousand dollars on brand name Clothing for their child just so they Can make a viral video although their Fake videos and materialism are pretty Minor when compared to their sketchy Family history in March 2021 the royalty Family uploaded a video titled I am not Friend's father truth revealed in which The dad Ali explained that he was Actually foreign's stepdad I'm not his Biological dad but I consider myself as His dad I love him to death he's like my Son I treat him like my son at around The same point in time Iran's biological Father came forward to state that he'd Been locked out of his son's life for Over four years which was followed by Him appearing on the dad challenge Podcast where he'd completely exposed The family it stated the mother Andrea Was a former adult film star who fled to The USA after getting into trouble with A group of drug dealers in South America After she and the biological dad moved To the USA she canceled the biological Dad's Visa forcing him to return to South America then began cheating on the Biological dad with Ali after the two

Met in a gym the Sun for Ren has no idea That any of this even happened as he's Completely forbidden from going on the Internet Quran is completely and utterly Never allowed on the internet Ali blocks Him from every incoming anything he's Not allowed to have a phone with the Internet on it and therefore the parents Simply tell Floren that the biological Dad is crazy although if you take this Add some scams poor financial decisions And a severe case of bankruptcy you'll Likely end up with the ace family Similar to the royalty family the ace Family gained close to 20 million Subscribers by throwing money around in Pursuit of the perfect family image it Began with the husband Austin Purchasing A Jeep for his wife Catherine's birthday Although within only 18 months of doing So this had escalated into buying Lamborghinis and flexing their mansion Throughout the process they were exposed For renting despite having claimed they Bought the property although it'd be When they did actually buy their own Mansion that their Channel completely Fell apart the ace family essentially Found two separate houses ripped out the Insides and combined them together Creating a 12 bedroom 13 bathroom Mega Mansion it cost them over 10 million Dollars to buy the property in an area Where very few sold for more than 2

Million made worse when it was shown That they'd financed the entire purchase The mcbrooms took out a hard money loan Of 8.85 million dollars from five Arch Funding Corp and another one million Dollar loan from TMK Development LLC who I'm assuming is also a hard money lender Hard money loans are expensive loans Used by house flippers that almost Always have a one-year payback term They're considered expensive because the Borrower typically pays multiple points At closing and an interest rate of 10 to 12 percent on an interest-only loan to Pay off their loans Austin hosted a Boxing event called social gloves which He estimated would make between 200 and 500 million dollars instead it sold only 136 000 pay-per-view subscriptions at Between 50 and 90 each meaning that at An absolute maximum the event made no More than 12 million dollars or 17 times Less than the estimated figure for this Reason Austin was unable to pay any of The fighters made worse when he was sued By the events organizer for a hundred Million dollars this will then accompany 11 other lawsuits relating to previous Rental properties and Catherine's makeup Line doing so much damage to their Finances they could no longer afford Their mortgage in mid-2021 it was Announced that their Mega Mansion was Going into foreclosure after which

They'd uploaded a video titled our house Story in which they'd spend over an hour Blaming the developer for building the House incorrectly yet before stating This and we're probably gonna get like Five more houses in the next 10 years Like what we're going to invest we're Gonna get more homes and more homes and More homes however the ace family have Made no such comeback as things have Only gotten worse when we covered the Ace family back in November 2021 their Channel was still doing 10 million views Per month however this number has since Dropped to less than 2 million as a Result of an almost non-existent upload Schedule the ace family tried to redeem Themselves by hosting a festival called Acefest which attendees called Underwhelming before that announced a Car giveaway which was then debunked as A scam by a tozi in this video the Current state of the ace family is best Summarized by the dislike ratio on their Most recent video where although even Then they still look perfect in Comparison to daddy05. the family began On YouTube by playing fairly innocent Pranks on each other however as time Progressed the parents seemed to realize That the more extreme the prank the more Views they'd get with this in mind the Parents begin to fish for increasingly Severe reactions get her as mad as she

Could possibly get her I'll end it but Let's see how mad you can get well Realizing that not every kid in the Family was worth pranking equally Emma Cannot be pranked when we do prank her She has like no reaction to it well they Couldn't get a reaction out of Emma Cody Was the exact opposite and would always Give a highly emotional response in Every single video for this reason he Was heavily picked on by the parents Which would pick with a now Infamous Video titled the invisible ink prank Where the parents basically accuse Cody Of something he didn't do then yell at Him until he's crying in the corner with Comments such as these people are just Sick and evil nothing but a bunch of Sadists they severely traumatized the Children I'm so scared for all those Kids it's no surprise that the parents Then tried to convince the audience that The prank had been set up I don't care Anymore videos are fake they're fake They're over exaggerated some videos are Scripted some videos I mean they're just Played out however just a few days prior The parents had said something different To keemstar are these videos 100 real The videos we're not fake but some Things are a little exaggerated after Which the family removed every single Video from their Channel excluding a Formal apology in a desperate bid to win

Back Their audience this has been the Absolute worst week of our life and we Realized that we have made some terrible Parenting decisions but with comment After comment along the lines of worst Week of our life yeah you gave them Damage for their whole lives you're Disgusting it's same their viewers were Done watching and the audience wasn't The only thing that the family was set To lose Cody and his 11 year old sister Emma were both removed from the home and At least temporarily placed with her Biological mother Rose Hall Emma and Cody are with me I have emergency Custody as mentioned Cody and Emma were Both taken and returned to their Biological mother after which an article Was posted reading controversial daddy 05 YouTubers sentenced to probation for Prank videos with their kids it Explained that each of their parents had Been charged with two counts of Neglecting a minor after which YouTube Made the choice to permanently delete Daddyofive's channel with no rules to go The family began posting videos to their Own website behind a five dollar paywall Although they'd soon discontinue the Practice with the message in order to Move on with the healing process from The 2017 events we have agreed willingly To remove our videos from even this site For the sake and well-being of our

Family Mike and I feel it is best that We take a long break from the public Spotlight the return to YouTube in 2019 With a new channel called The Martin Family although with an average dislike Ratio of around 75 percent it seems Their social media future is As Dead As Fried Chicken even then daddyo5 is lucky To have a life outside of prison as the Eight passengers Family Channel recently Landed its founder Behind Bars eight Passengers was created by Ruby and Kevin Frankie back in early 2015 where they Began to share videos of their unique Life as a Mormon family of eight that Post videos doing everything from Sports To parties however the audience quickly Noticed that whenever the kids did Anything wrong the parents always gave An unreasonable level of punishment for Example when her six-year-old daughter Failed to make her own lunch before School the mother punished the daughter By refusing to bring her food despite Being asked by the teacher I responded And just said Eve is responsible for Making her lunches in the morning so the Natural outcome is she's just going to Need to be hungry hopefully nobody gives Her food and nobody steps in and gives Her a lunch later stating in a different Video my kids are literally starving I Hesitate to say this because this is Gonna sound like I'm a mean Barbarian

But I told the kids I said I'm not even Gonna let you eat breakfast until you Get your chores done when these Punishments fail to achieve the parents Desired outcome that up the ante by Refusing presence to their two youngest Kids on Christmas this year they are not Going to be visited by Santa Christmas Morning they're for older siblings will Be getting Christmas presents to open And that they will have the gift of love From their dad and I because we want Them to really have a visceral Experience that hits them which was in Addition to their oldest son sleeping on A bean bag for seven months as Punishment for playing one single prank My bedroom was taken away for seven Months and then you give it back like a Couple weeks ago think our viewers know That noticing a pattern of overly strict Parenting at change.org petition was Launched reading get eight passengers Ruby Frankie under investigation for Child abuse after which multiple videos Were published documenting the family's Controversial history as a result their Viewership evaporated by over 90 percent And by 2023 the channel was struggling To gain a million views per month Ruby Had also grown tired of being criticized By the public making the choice to Permanently delete the channel on the 2nd of August 2023 however this wouldn't

Be the end of the eight passengers Saga The oldest daughter Cherie had always Been outspoken about her family's Parenting style and would post this Image to her Instagram story showing Police and the caption finally only four Weeks after the channel was deleted it Was then revealed that the mother had Been arrested for aggravated child abuse After the 12 year old son had been found Emaciated and malnourished with open Wounds and duct tape around the Extremities the condition of the Juvenile was so severe that they were Seen by Santa Clara Ivan's EMS and Transported to a local area Hospital Ruby Frankie is currently being held in Jail awaiting trial

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