Why InternetAjay’s Career Died…

This is internet AJ a YouTube commentary Channel that managed to fall off almost As fast as it blew up with a massive 85 Decrease in views coupled with a Diminishing subscriber count it would be A series of cringe-worthy desperate and Embarrassing moments that would lead Into the J straight to the YouTube Cemetery hi I'm the internet Anarchist I Create weekly YouTube documentaries and Today we'll be looking into how internet AJ destroyed his reputation and how a Feud with YouTuber Turkey Tom would Ultimately lead up to his Channel's Demise internet J is your typical ryzen 4 channel and if you're wondering what a Ryzen 4 channel is you're essentially Watching a glorified one right now on The 23rd of November 2021 Tom dark the Secondary channel of YouTuber Turkey Tom Would publish a video titled internet AJ Is desperate and cringy a 20-minute hit Piece critiquing internet AJ's tweets Personality and videos one of the main Arguments in Tom's Video was about how Internet J acts incredibly cringe and Immature he backed this up by providing Some hilariously down bad tweets made by Internet AJ such as I can't wait until The day my Instagram following is Impressive enough that girls actually Reply back to my DMs if you want to make That happen please follow me here as Well as honestly the only reason I have

An Instagram is to slide into the DMS of Girls currently it is not working lol Is That these tweets are are not the way Every time I see you Tweet [ __ ] like This my urge to quote tweet you and just Call you an ugly miserable loser grow Stronger and it's not because you're Ugly internet AJ it has nothing to do With that it's because when you make These tweets you're begging you're on Your hands and knees begging someone Anyone to call you attractive and it is Really really pathetic so from now on When you people see this face you should Not see the face of a man who is making Rise and fall videos you should see a Man consumed with insecurity to the Point that he will do basically anything For one drop of [ __ ] the tweets made by Internet AJ reek of insecurity which in And of itself isn't a problem but it's The fact that he tries to cover this up That makes it much worse as another area That Ajay was criticized on was the fact That he tried hosting a dating show Called The Love Guru where he would pay E-girls to talk to his viewers on stream Although internet J attempted to cover Up the entire existence of this failed Show I managed to reach out to Turkey Tom who had somehow got his hands on Backups of the streams and believe me They are incredibly cringe I mean you know for me for what I do for

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Bank account clown where a Jay would Respond with a tweet saying King Stars Replied to me after I got scammed out of 20 to 25k USD I don't feel ashamed or Bad I learned from the dangers of Cryptocurrency if you want to [ __ ] on a Creator 1 50th of your size for legit Getting robbed go ahead dude lol where Kim would ultimately take grip of the Situation by replying with look at this Clown you made a whole video on me Highlighting any controversy or bad Thing I've ever done and now you want to Act like a bee stop making videos on Other creators if you're gonna cry like A little bee when they clap back on you And honestly it seems like keemstar had A point here if internet J makes a Living from looking at other creators Mistakes it is only fair that others do The same with his and with Tom's Video Gaining over 260 000 views it was Expected to have tarnished internet AJ's Reputation and lower his self-esteem Even lower than it already was so you're Probably asking yourself how internet J Responded well just four days later a Video would be published by Tom duck Titled internet AJ response during the Video Tom would share internet Jay's Reaction to the exposed video with the Response being an indirect tweet stating Quote just realize how cringed some of My tweets were moving on now our

Response that show that Jay had seen the Video and likely even agreed with the Points that Tom was making throughout it But Turkey Tom seemed determined to keep The story alive as just months later he Posted another video about internet AJ This time titled what happened to Internet AJ this video served as a Reminder for the two previous videos and Acknowledged the fact that internet AJ Had indeed stopped tweeting desperate And cringe content onto Twitter but this Certainly wasn't a good thing for Tom as He expressed its disappointment that he Could no longer milk the situation with More videos not even a month later Tom Would return to publish a for the video On a j this time in a video titled Jaden And internet AJ Financial Boogaloo where In the video Tom would go in depth on How internet AJ lost 25 000 from a Crypto scam as well as noting some of His other bad Investments the video Seemed to mostly recount what is said in Previous videos adding on some comments About another commentary YouTuber Jaden Who has received several public Financial downfalls but if he thought This was as bad as it was going to get You would be wrong as on the 24th of November 2022 Tom would publish his Fifth video on internet J this time Titled the end of Internet AJ where Throughout the video Tom would expose

Internet AJ for stealing video ideas and Thumbnails from other creators in the Niche such as his James Corden video Being originally from sunnyv2 and is Miley Cyrus video being originally from Patrick CC but then we get to this line And things get weird and why do I say They get weird well because the Thumbnails have a huge departure from Anything previous these videos had a Distinct style for the thumbnail even if It was like totally like uninspired and Just basically ripped from other People's Styles and cobbled together These videos are not a J at all these Videos are literally just Sunny V2 Thumbnails it's abundantly blatant that A J has determined that he's done trying To be internet of Jay he's done trying To do something creative something even Slightly original and he's now just Blatantly copying other YouTubers down To the thumbnail so for example a month Ago how James Corden destroyed his Reputation next from internet to Jay we Have why everyone turn on James Corden And we have this nominal everyone hates Him and this is the sunny B2 thumbnail In which I mean come on bro like Completely Shameless and I don't even Care about thumbnail ripping that much Patrick CC would actually respond to the Imitation with a level-headed comment Stating someone asked me what I think I

Don't even care if he was copying my Ideas or thumbnails I just focus on my Own stuff I don't look at YouTube as a Competition there are plenty of views to Go around I don't even care if people Cover the same topic as me I generally Support all traders in the commentary Mini dog video essay space although Patch didn't mind the heavy inspiration Internet AJ's viewers would as the newer Videos were gaining dramatically less Views compared to his older content and The criticism eventually built up to the Point where internet J would change the Thumbnails and titles as well as Apologize for the blatant copying in a Tweet stating want to acknowledge I Messed up my viewers have been down Since the algorithm hasn't promoted me In months I thought by mirroring sunnyv2 It would help realize I took too much I Need to work on being more creative Deeply sorry thumbnail changed Tom dark Had good criticism following this tweet A Jay would return back to his old style Of content however this story doesn't Have a happy ending with a Jay's video Is still massively underperforming he Would post a tweet on the 3rd of February 2022 that would change Everything I will be retiring from YouTube In Summer 2023. I got a new job And want to focus on it full time up Until now I have been both working and

Doing YouTube for the past three years I Had an incredible run I'll be making the Best content I can for the next few Months before I go but why did intender J retire from YouTube well according to The man himself it's due to four main Reasons internet AJ isn't a bad person But the series of embarrassing Cringe-worthy moments led him straight To being the punching bag of the YouTube Community him retiring his channel isn't Going to be life destroying for him as He already has another job outside of YouTube that he sustains himself with Ultimately internet J had a good run on YouTube he reached Heights many he could Only ever dream of reaching game he Definitely made a chunk of change doing So

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