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Jack doy is one of the most hated YouTubers on the platform and it's Completely deserved his endless attempts At gaining views and subscribers has led Him to engage in Borderland criminal Activity from disrupting local Walmarts By shutting off the power that means Aisle 14 do it do it do It to purposefully harassing random Strangers on the street only to hide Behind his body Guard [Music] Wait BR what you got to do what you got To Do it might all be fun in games for now But Jack is only one Reckless stunt away From Landing himself in a potentially Life-threatening situation and the worst Part about it is that he isn't even Aware of it hi I'm the internet Anarchist I create weekly YouTube Documentaries and today we'll be diving Into one of the most hated YouTubers on The platform who honestly completely Deserves all the Hai he gets Jack doy We'll be looking into how he became a Millionaire at the age of 15 and the Many controversies that led him to Become so hated all had nothing good to Say about their experience being around Jack dhy for like the 6 hours we were There like just by doing things that go Against the social Norm isn't inherently

Funny you just look like a socially Incompetent idiot but I would argue that He hasn't matured a day since then there Is no way Jack looks like the cool kid In any of this he might be one of the Biggest losers I've ever seen while ja's Online Persona didn't always run on Outrage in controversy there was always An element of light-hearted trolling and A Keen Eye for viral moments as seen With his first few uploads after Creating his YouTube channel on the 15th Of July 2016 Jack focused mainly on Prank cool videos and marker flipping Videos one of which showcase his Propensity to engage with strangers for Content and the other showcas his Ability to spot viral Trends jack's First video to surpass a million views Came in November of the same year and Was titled trick-or-treating the day After Halloween I'm going to go to like Five houses or so cuz I don't want to Get in trouble or anything or make Anyone look bad you know despite the Video seeming a bit unusual the audience Seem to enjoy Jax unick spin on Traditional prank content and the views Would reflect that with the video going On to gain over 3.9 million views a very Remarkable achievement for a 13-year-old With no experience in video production But this was only the beginning of a Very successful career on YouTube by

Late November Jack reached a 1,000 Subscriber Milestone and by the 17 of January 2017 Jack would create the most Viewed video on his channel titled I Flipped all of these which racked up an Astonishing 29 million [Music] Views this boosted Jack subscriber count From 1,000 subscribers to over 10,000 in Less than a week yeah I've gained over 1,000 subscribers today which is like Freak freaking insane like it's like 1200 or something already and it's only 3:00 so in 12 hours I got like 1,000 Subscribers cuz from 2:30 in the morning When I hit 10K to 2:30 right now when I'm about to hit 11k that's pretty Insane just 1 month later a young and Inexperienced Jack would go from 10,000 To 100,000 subscribers while Jack had Attained success on YouTube that he only Could have dreamed of when he started he Knew he had to keep his content fresh to Maintain that success so with that in Mind he began hopping on viral Trends Such as the fidget a trend and the Trampoline trick video Trend Jack's Instincts for spotting popular Trends And diversifying his content allowed him To sustain his success but it was the Push for public stunts that truly gave Him the edge he needed uploads like his Flips for a kiss at the mall and fake Falling in public which gained 10 and

2.4 million views respectively are key Examples of Jack's willingness to Participate in more outgoing content However it was his video titled trying Not to get kicked out of Walmart spilled Paint that truly set the precedent for Wild Antics that Jack is now known for The video starts with Jack and a few of His friends making their way to the Walmart upon arrival Jack announces Their intention to participate in some Court shenanigans on court guys so I'm Here with Michael lesie um yeah um we're Here at Walmart and everything yeah so We're just going to be like doing some Like Shenanigans in Walmart guys what Followed was Jack and his buddies Fooling around with various products and Going into places they shouldn't be Entering I'm in Here guys I'm in I'm in the back Jack's Walmart Tom foery netted him 3 Million views and since there were no Consequences it gave him the confidence To continue with his type of behavior Into the future uploads like Flora's Lava challenge at Walmart kicked out and Singing despacito on the Walmart Intercom kicked out had over 10 million Views each and signaled to Jack that More pranks or more challenges meant More views and subscribers a dynamic That would feed into a cycle of Increasing extreme acts for the the sake

Of subscriber growth speaking of which Jack would reach the 1 million Subscriber Milestone on the 2nd of January 2018 More why is everyone [Music] Doing two More 1 Million yes oh my gosh look at that Within just two years of being on the Platform Jack had grown from nothing to Over 1 million subscribers with several Popular uploads However as he grew Jack acquired a need To disregard public spaces and people For personal gain he went from shilly Going door to door asking for candy a Day after Halloween to trashing Walmart With his friends whilst working on this Video I realized how badly people stink And no not in some metaphorical way Literally smell but you know it doesn't Always have to be that way this video Sponsor sent bird is actively solving This problem allowing everyone the Opportunity to become the best smelling Person in the entire room SB is a Fragrance subscription that allows you To choose a new designer fragrance to Try each month all for the great value Of just $17 scent bird allows you to try A variety of designer and sort out the Fragrances that you normally wouldn't

Ever get to try without breaking the Bank every month you can choose from Over 600 perfumes colognes and unisex Options and these are Brands like Gucci Prada and faace but you know it goes Deeper than just the brand names with Indie labels such as Skyla iic and Confessions of Rebel people will be Asking what you have on with each Fragrance you'll get a 30-day Supply so You can find your smell before Committing to a full-size bottle which Could set you back up to $500 support the channel and use code Anarchist for 55% off at scent bird it's Just a little over $7 for your first Month available in the USA and Canada But let's get back into the video sadly Messing up a few store shelves was only The start of Jack's time as a public Nuisance in February of 2018 Jack's Trend writing led him to start uploading Fortnite related content this new format Granted Jack moderate success but that Wasn't enough so Jack came up with the Brilliant idea to add his usual trolling Antics into the mix and targeted the Most popular fortnite streamer at the Time ninja on the 7th of March 2018 Jack Published a video titled trolling Ninja On Twitch $11,000 donation in which he Tried to get a reaction out of ninja by Repeatedly sending donations with Annoying messages oh sorry dude I

Donated $240 to him so far $0000 at a Time since you won't call me dad I'll Call you my dad dad you better play with Me after this one hey I donate you $100 Ninja you better respond H dude I don't Know like if you live under a rock man But I don't play with people that donate Man if that's your intention I apologize Man but I'm not going to play with you Because you're any money he's mean at This point ninja was fed up with the Trolling and decided it would be best to Refund the donations which is exactly What Jack wanted s he's donating a Shitload of money he's asking me to React and call me his daddy and [ __ ] for Like a YouTube video now he's asking to Play oh here's another Hunter we better Play I just blocked his email and I'm Refunding him cuz he's Annoying that was my goal just to annoy Him given how deliberately Jack goed Ninja into responding negatively you'd Think you'd recognize that he was in the Wrong but that was far from the truth Later that month from the 30th of March 2018 jackary visited the situation this Time posting an exposed video on ninja Claiming that he was in the wrong for Refunding the donations and requesting That the video be taken down he DM me on Twitter like a week ago or two weeks ago Something like that I'm not too sure he Goes hey man I refunded all your

Donations when you did that video and Also never gave you permission to use my Content or any of my vids sorry I use Your vids not your vods you can't take Down my video cuz I never use any of Your vods bro just saying please remove The video in the next couple of days or I will report it you're just annoying You just want everybody's money dude I'm 14 years old chill LOL Mr Beast made a Vid donating to you and you were fine With it why can't I do it the V has one Mil and it's helping the both of us There's definitely people that subscribe To him from that from that video as well I don't understand like he just cares More about the money than the followers And the subscribers and anything else Anything that has to do with money he Cares about more than the fans and all The important stuff literally remove it In the next 8 hours or strike he's just Really weird like he's just like being Sarcastic and stuff like that I could Just tell it was one think for Jack to Feel entitled to a reaction from the Fortnite streamer but for him to assume The video was somehow helping ninja was A completely different story naturally Jack wasn't satisfied with the situation And tried to pull the same stunt again This time with Ninja's charity stream in August but to no avail the entire Situation did two things to Jack one it

Rightfully gave Jack the label of a Clout Chaser trying to use the name of a Bigger creator for views and recognition Two it taugh him that getting rage fuel Reaction action from people would lead To more views chasing ever growing view Counts and subscribers was the only Thing on Jack's mind and he didn't care How he got it in the following months Jack got himself into all kinds of Trouble for the sole purpose of just Getting higher engagement from falling Around in every Walmart he set foot in You ready guys Boy I need you to get out the store what Need you to get out the store sorry I Was just playing around the get we stop And we'll just buy you need to get out The store I'll get out the store to Allegedly getting involved in an FBI Investigation for Zoom booming School Classes which essentially means hacking And disrupting a zoom meeting him along With another juvenile he's on there Giving him information that video bomb The Madison classroom and that's why Madison Public Schools had to shut down The use of Zoom for Madison yes I don't Know if you got the update yesterday They're no longer the update but I Didn't know why because of video bombing And the video bombing was from his Associate on YouTube he even got Arrested for pretending to be

Intoxicated in front of police officers While all these incidents are troubling In their own right the one that stands Out the most in Jack's long list of Dangerous activities took place on the 22nd of November 2019 when he filmed Himself taking his older brother's car For a joy ride so I'm trying to figure Out how I can get my brother to get out Of his room to know that I'm stealing His car so I'm thinking either me or my Dad or Jacob goes like bangs my Brother's room and say Jack stealing Your car jack stealing your car to get His attention or something I'm just Hoping something like that happens when He runs out and as soon as he runs out I'm just going to take off down the road Oh my gosh she's coming look out look Out look Out Jackie hi M pH hi Mike okay Jack that's Enough Jack Mel this eventually became the Catalyst For Jack making an appearance on the Dr Phil show The Following year where he Would be finally confronted about his Reckless pranks as you would expect Jack Wasn't open to the idea of changing his Ways and instead took every opportunity To disrespect both his father and Dr Phil anyone watching the interview at The time could easily conclude that Jack Was a clat hungry brat who disregarded

Any figure of authority that he came Across and this only further fueled the Negativity towards Jack's image and Subsequently bolstered his notoriety as More and more people began recognizing Him however by early 2021 that quick Rise and recognition didn't seem to Translate into viewership as his average Video reviews went from a million views Per video to only a few hundred thousand It was also around this time that Jack Leaned into his more spoiled rich kid Persona by flexing how much money he was Making which may have put off the Majority of his audience that preferred His Trolling Videos couple this with the Fact that his channel was hacked in May Of 2021 put jacket an alltime low okay Guys so I'm throwing this clip in after I try to post this video cuz I want to Let you know why I haven't posted this Video yet because you're watching this Video you know my channel got hacked Yeah that's basically what this video is About but I'm throwing this clip in here To say the reason I didn't upload this Video earlier is because the hacker got A strike on my YouTube channel I'll show You right now channel violations active Community guideline strike it happened I Got the strike because of the live Stream that the hacker put on my channel As you can see right here for some Reason YouTube rejected my appeal even

Though I told him it was hacked like the Xrp thing whatever that's what hacked my Channel yeah I I wasn't able to upload On my channel for a week because of that A stagnating subscribe count no trend Toat on to and a fresh track on his Channel put jack in a very uncomfortable Position he was in desperate need of a New strategy to revive his Online Career Fortunately for him jack managed to find A strategy that worked well in terms of Financial success but it sadly did Irreparable damage to his reputation and Put him in several life-threatening Situations by January 2022 Jack made two Major alterations to his Online Career One he created his own of account while Managing various of models and two he Pivoted to producing more short form Content at a first glance This might not seem like much but once You look a bit deeper you'll start to See the bigger picture Jack's move Towards creating shorts and Tik Tok Videos M didn't have to spend time going Out to annoy people and instead focused On creating numerous bite-sized prank or Skit videos all right Sam if I this Bottle on the cap you got to give me a Kiss on the lips but if I miss you get a 100 bucks deal fine let's go get out of Here no no going to most of the shorts Featured several models that Jack Managed allowing him to then funnel

Traffic to their respective pages and Boost Revenue in addition both Tik Tok And YouTube were heavily pushing short Form content which only made it easier For Jack to reach more users from March 2022 to December 2022 Jack's viewership On YouTube steadily grew to over 100 Million views per month and his Tik Tok Account reached over 4 million followers However this new Direction in Jack's Career didn't mean he had to abandon his Old ways of wreaking havoc on Walmart Stores yo ready oh right here I'm Open oh [ __ ] okay ready Okay dude L Throw while 2022 proved to be a very Fortunate year for his career 2023 saw Jack making some horrible decisions for The sake of clout in early 2023 Jack's Multi-million dollar home became the Venue for various kick streamers and Influencer parties at first it seemed Like a good idea in terms of creating Content from the ensuing drama but Things quickly became too hot for Jack To handle on the 23rd of August 2023 Jack invited neon fuzy and the Island boys over to his house in hopes Of capturing viral moments from the Inevitable confrontations between them All right guys so basically the island Boys neon and fousy Tube they're all Coming over I bet hell's going to break Out and it's all going to go terrible

But drop a like subscribe if you're new Because this is going to be a crazy Video I can't imagine what's going to go Down all I know is neon say he's going To go off on the island boys a bunch of Security guards going to be here and I Don't know shit's just going to get Crazy like I think everyone knows that So once his first guest fuzy arrived so Did the drama as he would waste no time Before antagonizing Jack for quote Faking his pranks unquote fire do you do Real pranks or fake pranks be honest Yeah it depends on the they're fake [ __ ] Be honest Own your prank hey I give away money People they're not real giving away Money to people is real but you tell Them hey I'm going to do this and then Give you money no we'll live stream it Really yeah okay but all your pranks are Fake no yeah they are depends prank Right now some videos are skit some the Videos are skits that's the fakest ever A skit yeah guys hey guys it's a skit I Know she sucked my dick on camera but It's a skit your pranks are fake I had Enough balls to say it you're 19 own Your [ __ ] I said some of them are some Of them aren't no which ones are real Show me a real prank right now not make PR it's not that deep it is that deep Cuz you're trying to stand on something That's not true you're trying to build

Your business you're trying to build Your business on the live your Lamborghini [ __ ] your McLaren you're a Liar yo that was the craziest switch up I've ever seen in my life like good yeah Meet the legend F all right I like that Whatever one by one the other guests Arrived and as their numbers Rose SED The tension between them oh you're a bro To my face you're a [ __ ] my face [ __ ] I'm in this house they're on the he Wants to kiss Them hey ask him what Happened why are you pushing me what's The That one more they're good they're good They're good keep going take his CH not Long after things reached their breaking Point and Jack got a surprise he wasn't Ready for now we can't box there a Whole I slapped the dog evenur I slapped The dog [ __ ] out of you you punching a I Hit him events that transpired that Night were unexpected but they ended up Working in Jack's favor as the video Featuring foozy racked up an astonishing 3.9 million views this opened Jack's Eyes to just how much he had to gain From kick streamers and with that in Mind he decided to join the platform Himself to reap the benefits there was a Growing Market of people who were very Interested in watching hated situations Like this unfold and Jack was willing to

Give the people what they wanted a few Days later Jack went live on Kik to Recreate what happened with fuzy and Achieved a similar Result oh my God then leave oh You you're next though once I drop your Z won't leave my house watch mck's Literally in my room in the shower and Zura [ __ ] just snuck in my room Somehow I don't know how he got into the Passcode Lock look at this dog [ __ ] [ __ ] He's fousy he ripped my sign down guys Look things would have been fine if he Restricted these insane confrontations To the Realms of his own home but Jack Wanted to know just how far he could Push the envelope by the end of September 2023 Jack tried his handed IRL Streaming on Kick with a personal Bodyguard the streams would range from Harassing more cops to intentionally Pushing random people on the Street wait little problem what you Going to do what you going to do Jack Even got a security involved in the Confrontation that ended with a random Party goer getting knocked out [Music] Stop oh no you stop stop everywhere Jack Went trouble and controversy were sure To follow however when things did get Too hated Jack would quickly cow behind His bodyguard but sometimes that wasn't

Enough langu kids around here I didn't Say any curse words what' I say SW your Language what I say you got a stupid Shirt on over there yeah yeah yeah your Kids can't read though talk your kids Can't read can they I'm see your kids Watch you started talking to me buddy Get away you get away from me watch your Kids go walk Away you mother hey hey hey hey Hey hey what the [ __ ] back up back up back up [ __ ] what The [ __ ] your problem Jack was pushing His luck too far and if he wasn't Careful he wouldn't be the only one that Would get hurt on the 11th of November Jack would put his girlfriend in Hospital after crashing a golf Cart wow one Try antagonizing people engaging in Dangerous stunts and generally being Offensive towards others gave Jack two Things he craved most in the world Attention and money it didn't matter if His childish Antics resulted in the Entire internet hating him as long as it Drove clicks and Views to his channel Fundamentally Jack hasn't changed much Compared to when he started YouTube he's Still simply jumping from one viral Trend to another acting immaturely and Trying to provoke innocent people for Clout just like with Ninja back in 2018 Jack is doing everything and anything in

His power to annoy the people around him For the sake of making content the only Difference is that the stakes back then Were much lower back then it was a kid Throwing things around Walmart for Attention now he's pushing grown adults On the street and messing with police Officers considering how frequently Jack Streams like this it would only take one Random person with an unusually high Tendency towards violence to push Jack Into a life ore situation somewhere down The line Jack has to ask himself whether Money and Clouts are worth risking his Safety for if you're interested in how Penguin zero destroyed a psycho YouTuber Then click the video on stream see you Next time

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