Why Meet Kevin Got Away with the “Unthinkable”: DUI

The meet Kevin DUI case has finally come To an end and unfortunately it's not the Ending most people are hoping for if You're unfamiliar with this case it's One I've been covering for almost a year At this point meet Kevin a financial YouTuber with almost 2 million Subscribers went down to Florida in May Of 2022 to see his friend Graham Stefan Fight in a boxing match known as Creator Clash the day before the event Kevin Decided to go to a club and drink and Then went driving Kevin was later pulled Over and the cop said he smelled alcohol On his breath Kevin refused to Breathalyzer and was then arrested for a DUI shortly after this happened I posted The body cam footage of the arrest which Kevin filed a false copyright strike and Took down after a few weeks talking with YouTube I was able to get it restored Now since those events in Fall of 2022 Nothing much has changed with the case Kevin hired some expensive lawyers who Continued to push the date back of the Trial and it seemed like this would go On forever that all changed this week When the public information officer of The Florida Court informed me that Kevin Had reached a plea deal with the District attorney attorney on Monday February 27 2023 Kevin pathrath accepted A plea In Absentia Absentia means Kevin Wasn't present his lawyers did this for

Him so the case has been resolved the Charge was reduced to reckless driving Along with a withhold of Education he Also has to pay court costs adjudiction Basically means Kevin can be sentenced For the crime without formerly being Convicted now ultimately this is a bit Of a letdown for people who followed This case for this to be dragged out for Almost a year and then the State of Florida agrees to a plea deal is Frustrating and raises some questions to How much money the state wasted on this Case if they were going to offer him a Plea deal they should have done it Almost a year ago from Kevin's side this Ultimately wasn't the ending he was Looking for he has repeatedly said he Would win the case on his channel yet Now he is pleading guilty to a reckless Driving charge that a reckless driving Charge will be on his record for a long Time and is a class II misdemeanor it's Not a simple traffic infraction it's a Serious crime and whenever Kevin fills Out paperwork asking he's never been Convicted of a crime time he has to put Down reckless driving on any form that Asks now that this case has come to an End I wanted to get all sides of the Story a few people have criticized me For not reaching out on other stories in The past so for this one I reached out First to the district attorney Jeanette

I had a few questions for her such as Why the state wasted so much time and Money on this case if they always plan To offer a plea deal thousands in Florida taxpayer money just went down The drain I also wanted to know why the State agreed to a plea deal when they Had such damning evidence in the body Cam footage that in my opinion clearly Shows Kevin is drunk why does the State Of Florida want drunks driving around Their streets potentially injuring Themselves and others if the state Doesn't prosecute DUIs and just lowers The punishment to misdemeanors which Seems to be pretty common from what I've Seen this will continue to happen more And more now all of those questions Unfortunately can't be answered I called The District Attorney's Office a total Of five times and not once did Jeanette Ever pick up so it seems she has no Interest in participating in this story Now from there I thought it was only Fair to get meet Kevin of the story so I Reached out to him to ask him some Questions about the case now that it's Over Subscribe Hey Kevin thanks for uh taking This call uh On the phone have we just text no we Haven't just to let you know this call Is being recorded are you okay with that Okay this calls recorded and monitored

You're okay with that hell yeah All right so I just had a few questions About your case I received an email from The public information officer at the Courthouse it says that on Monday February 27th you accepted a plea In Absentia meaning that you weren't there Your lawyer was and that the case has Been resolved the charge was reduced to Reckless driving along with a withhold Of Education basically the judge is Saying you have to go to probation and She's not really convicting you of Anything is that what happened That's my understanding I don't really Fully understand everything uh like what You just said but from what my attorney Said is basically look you know uh the Judge uh and the other side they're Looking at this and they're saying look You know we we can play Rodeo or we Could just go Reckless and be done with It uh and no points you know no driving School or DUI school or whatever none of That stuff it's basically just say like You know it's Reckless you pay a few Hundred bucks and you move on and for me I'm like okay so so we don't even have To fight we don't even have to argue and They're like exactly so yeah and it Sounds good to me is this something that They offered you like six seven months Ago or is this brand new My understanding is this is brand new

But but I don't know if it's ever been Offered uh it's the first time I heard About it it seems like kind of a waste On the uh the state's case to waste a Bunch of money to pursue this case if They were just going to always offer you A plea deal later on Although I honestly don't know how much Work they did They did footage uh and because Apparently they lost it from here to I Have no idea but what I will say what's Very interesting is uh the apparently When the attorneys told the judge that We're taking it my attorney called me Back and said hey it's John by the way The judge was so relieved because she Had been getting so many emails from People about this case apparently like a Ton of people were emailing the judge All the time like who don't like me and Uh if anything to me it sounds like my Attorney and I we were kind of joking It's like is that why they offered us This to get this off their plate because It was so annoying of a case for them And so we're like oh maybe we owe a Thank you to all the people who are Emailing with hate or whatever so thank You to those people Okay so originally I I think you said in One of your videos that they uh you they Couldn't find the dash cam footage so You're saying they eventually found that

That's my understanding All right so I know initially you said In your videos that you you felt that You were going to win this case and now You're accepting a plea deal so are you Are you happy with that are you you feel That you should have just beat the case Out right Oh I I'm confident I would have won Outright but it's it's a stress factor Right when I was a law enforcement Explorer what we we were always taught Was the process is the punishment it's It's not the it's usually not the win Lose it's all it's what it is is dealing With the attorneys the emails the Arguing this responding to letters and Showing it's it's all of that that's the Pain in the ass or like your friends Being you know uh called in for Testimony or subpoena it's all of that Garbage that is just not worth it for Anybody's time but for me I think the Big takeaway is look first of all I got Myself a designated Mormon so I don't Drive anymore uh I can drive I got my Life I've never lost my license uh but Uh he drives everywhere which is Fantastic because you know he only Drinks diet coke uh and then when we fly I'm not a pilot so I don't fly so I you Know uh so I think the big takeaway is Don't drink and drive and you know if You've had a few drinks uh at uh at a

Restaurant or whatever you know check Yourself with a breathalyzer make sure You're you're like my thing and Obviously I'm not an attorney but I Think the best recommendation is you Should probably be under like 0.02 uh Because you don't even want to cut it Close so that that'd be my my thinking You know hashtag not drunk advice I Don't know okay so it also says in the Email that I received that you have to Pay court costs and I reached out to see If you have to play uh the plaintiffs Cost and I wasn't able to do you have to Pay for the state's cost in this or no I was told that whatever the costs are Should be so nominal that it would be Less than the 500 Bond or whatever we Paid which means I'm expecting a check Back from the state Okay and so you don't have to go to Probation or anything like that at all There's nothing on your record Pretty sure Reckless is like a second Degree misdemeanor whatever but yeah I Mean it's it whatever it is is I'm my Attorney told me look I have to do Pretty much nothing like if I say yes I'm done okay and I know there's there's A distinction between a wet reckless Driving and a dry do you know if you Have that or no I don't even know what either of those Things are okay that's fine

Um I'm just curious I noticed uh on your Uh subreddit people were posting that You I guess mentioned last night or Something that you were going to go out Drinking uh you think maybe you should Be talking about drinking after all of This or you just don't care Hell yeah I talk about drinking all the Time because drinking's fun uh but I Encourage responsible drinking so I Didn't drive I uh our um the drove Yesterday oh McKay drove yesterday and He didn't have a single sip to drink Okay ultimately like I said I think many People are going to be dissatisfied that This DUI was eventually turned into a Simple misdemeanor as someone who's been Affected by the callous actions of a Drunk driver I don't like seeing a state Decide to go soft on crime I think the Silver Lining is that at least Kevin was Convicted of reckless driving and I do Hope that he learns from this and no Longer drinks before he drives but from The conversation I had with him it seems He's not taking this that seriously and Still thinks he can drink it on occasion As long as his portable breathalyzer Says he's under the limit let me know What you think about this case I know a Lot of people have different viewpoints And I'd love to hear all of them

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