Why Nigahiga Quit YouTube – A Full Explanation

Nigahiga hasn't uploaded a video since April 2020 so we're going to provide a Full-length explanation for his Disappearance which can only be Understood if you first realize that the Channel included another person by the Name of Sean fujiyoshi Jon was there for All of the Channel's most notable early Content namely how to be Emo how to be Gangster and how to be ninja with these Three videos acting as a foundation for Nigahiga to become YouTube's most Subscribed channel for 677 days between August 2009 and June 2011. although this Would also be the point at which Ryan Showed early signs that the channel Might not last forever coming Specifically during his celebration of 5 Million subscribers Ryan stated that Producing each skit was significantly More difficult than his audience might Realize which was followed by him Comedically showing his production Company which featured him as the rider Filmer magician and editor perhaps Implying that he was overwhelmed by the Workload to fix this problem Ryan Created the Ryan Higa production company Or the rhpc for short which on top of Sean introduced another five people to Help out with the channel however while This reduced the workload per person it Increased the scale and complexity of The business which wasn't the only thing

Making Ryan's life difficult at a later Day Ryan explained that he'd hit a point Where he was too famous to live a normal Life with that amount of people watching There's always bound to be some sick People like once in my home in Hawaii People came and spray painted Tiki on my Parents house while we were in it that's The scary part people tried to come up To my other house and they tried to come To my windows and take pictures of us Through the windows stuff like that it Makes you think a lot you do have to Live with it which will be the first Example of midi to come where Ryan would Express the downside of being a famous YouTuber despite this he and his team Continue to pump out skits for the Channel although Ryan made it obvious That he already thought his best days Were in the past for example in May 2017 It uploaded a video titled life of a YouTuber in which Ryan outlined the Different stages that every Creator goes Through through with Stage 5 implying That he was no longer enjoying making The videos Ryan were going to explain That the final stage in a YouTuber's Career was to write a book and the point Of the video in the first place was to Announce that he'd written a book Writing a book is a very important stage In a YouTuber's career it means that I Am in one of the final stages of my

YouTube career however while these hints Seem to imply that Ryan was about to Retire from YouTube the uploads didn't Slow down and continued full steam ahead For well over a year that would be until The 2nd of September 2018 when Nigahiga Uploaded a video Simply titled goodbye Sean as suggested by the title Sean Announced that he was leaving rhpc as he Landed a job in the engineering sector And was moving to a different state Altogether I'll be moving to California With my girlfriend and yeah this might Be it and while many of the comments Implied that this would have a major Impact on the Channel's future nobody Could have predicted the impact that it Would have on Ryan himself Sean's Departures seem to suggest to Ryan that Perhaps it was time to move away from These silly YouTube skits and pursue Something a little more age-appropriate His childhood friend who was a year Younger than him was making big life Changes while Ryan was stuck doing the Exact same thing that he had been for The last 10 years I did the same thing Every day for years if you do it for a While you kind of get to the same place I think at a minimum it seemed to Suggest to Ryan that there was better Opportunities outside of YouTuber Because as highlighted by this comment The channel was never the same since

Sean left only six videos after Sean Announced that he was leaving Ryan would Upload a new video titled if I quit YouTube in which you begin by stating That he was bored of making videos over The past year I really have been Considering quitting YouTube it's not That I don't want to do YouTube but I Just wasn't having fun making YouTube Videos anymore and as a result he Planned on Switching up the content There's going to be changes on this Channel and I know that a lot of you Praise me and respect me for not Changing my content over the years but This is something I had to do for myself Ryan expanded on this in a later live Stream frame during which he implied That he was no longer challenged by the Skits he was making there's nothing that I really feel like oh this is going to Be different if I do it it would have to Be something more challenging before Going on a state that he had even grown Tired with the sound of his own voice Watching yourself over and over and over And listening to yourself it actually Used to make me mad it's a weird thing To understand until you do it over and Over and over but I would literally be Like in my head up to shut up dude shut Up because you hear and see the same over and over and over it was like Frustrating because I would

Self-critique too much having lost the Love for his original type of content Ryan made a quick migration to a Podcasting series named off the pill Stating that the series was the only Alternative to quitting altogether in The podcast everyone said don't put it On your channel but I was just like so Over it at that point make what I want To make or essentially quit in a Different video Ryan promised to Continue uploading skits in between age Podcast episode and while he would abide By this promise in the beginning the Podcast eventually became the dominant Type of content on the channel Presumably because it was significantly Easier to make in late 2019 Nigahiga Uploaded 13 podcasts in a row without Any other type of video prompting an Upload titled why I haven't been posting In which he'd explained that his Original type of content no longer Suited the current YouTube meta I don't Even know when exactly it started to Happen but I was getting a little Frustrated with YouTube and getting Really just bitter I guess with how what What YouTube had become Ryan then added In a live stream that he was almost Never happy while making skits can you See you're happy about your life I can't Say that the whole time during my YouTube career was even in its peak and

That's probably when people thought I Was the happiest adding in an Anthony Padilla interview that he was always Burnt out how have you prevented Yourself from feeling YouTube burnout I Didn't I'll admit that I was burnt out for like Years before implying on more than one Occasion that becoming successful did Almost nothing for his own personal Fulfillment finding famous and money Doesn't bring happiness at all but you Don't really know until you really go Through it Ryan they made it obvious That as someone who made everybody laugh At the expense of his own mental health He related to the life of Robin Williams The Robin Williams incident where like It can be the funniest most respected Famous loved and no one knows what You're going through so how was his life Better than the guy who's working a nine To five right now and it still has a Family that's a better life before Adding the becoming so successful in his 20s might have been a negative as he Didn't know what else to look forward to Damn if this is my goal and I reached a Score and I'm still unhappy then what am I doing like what else is there it was Obvious that Ryan was feeling a little Lost which began to reflect in The Madness of his video uploads as his Channel became a mix of skits podcasts

And advertisements for his new energy Drink guys I release my own energy drink Isn't this crazy this persisted until The 41st episode of off the pill at Which point Ryan disappeared altogether Before returning three months later by Uploading a video were titled my midlife Crisis so this is definitely the longest Break I've ever taken from not posting Videos on this channel in my entire YouTube I begin the video by explaining That he was going through a breakup I Don't usually talk about relationship Stuff here on YouTube I am no longer Dating anyone I'm not dating Mrs Mrs Che Anymore before stating that he wanted to Step back and figure out exactly what to Do with his life the real reason why I Had to take this break was because I Need to reflect on my own life I'm Freaking old man I mean I just realized That I'm going to be 30. instead Ryan Uploaded one final video on the 25th of April 2020 before going silent over on Twitch Ryan explained that the pandemic Made it almost impossible to film Anything for YouTube I Can't film with The team I was already burnt out of YouTube we didn't know how long it was Gonna last the freaking lockdowns and Stuff and as a result he'd become a Full-time streamer which he enjoyed Significantly more but by that time I Already started liking streaming I

Haven't felt that from anything YouTube Related in a long time years Ryan went On to explain that this was the ideal Scenario as it meant he got to choose When the channel came to an end the only Time it really did end is when I chose To stop posting during Colvin we could Have kept going it just I didn't want to And I think that's to me that was the Best way to go out on my own terms Versus like oh I can't do it no one's Watching and given his average Viewership on Twitch of well over a Thousand people his migration to the Live streaming service might have been a Good decision plus this isn't to say That he isn't coming back does that mean You're done with YouTube not necessarily I mean I still like I said there's been Some days where I came really close to Just like starting to film again when Asked will you go back to YouTube Ryan Simply stated I don't know I have had Like more interest in doing creative Stuff again yet he'd need to take a Significant break from Twitch in order To do so I would have to take a twitch Break for sure there's no way I could be Doing this keeping up the schedule Ryan Then stated that in order to return he'd Need to find an idea that he felt Extremely passionate about but it has to Be something I really care about I would Have to enjoy doing everything by myself

You'd have to enjoy doing every process And I don't I don't enjoy doing all of It I don't want to go and pull footage You know I've been through all that Already and even then he expressed Concern about how any new video might Perform given the channels inactivity it Would be lower because I've been so Inactive so based on the algorithm the First video I upload would get more Views the second one would probably get Less although just a few days ago Sean Fuji Yoshi uploaded an image to his Twitter showing that the entire rhpc Gang were having a reunion so there Could be some new content just around The corner

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