YouTube Needs To Delete This Channel

So what we're going to be talking about Today is the most disgusting and Inappropriate material I have ever seen On YouTube by far nothing even comes Close Uh obviously this video is for adults Children need to run from the room I'd Walk run from the room this this content Isn't even safe for adults what we're Going to be talking about this this Should not exist and it actually breaks YouTube's guidelines it breaks their Policies so it shouldn't be on the Platform at all but the uh the channels That we're gonna we're gonna take a look At they're kind of trying to Be dishonest as to what type of content They're actually pushing so it seems to Be like YouTube apparently doesn't know Um that what they're they're pushing Should not be on the platform we're Going to be talking about so what we're Going to be talking about is both Zoophilia and bestiality and there this Content zoophilia uh there's a bunch of This content on YouTube and several of These channels actually have direct Links to bestiality uh content that Should not exist at all Um yeah so we're going to get into it One thing I want to say before we Actually look at the channels is Obviously I do not condone any Harassment of any of these channels

Please do not harass anyone I want to Make that very clear don't leave hateful Comments or anything all I ask is that You report these channels to YouTube That's all you got to do because the Channel should not exist on YouTube so Just report it don't harass the Individuals at all so now before we get Into the actual Channel I want to go Over just what actually we're talking About the difference between zoophilia And bestiality so this is the Wikipedia Definition sufilia is a paraphilia in Which a person experiences a sexual Fixation on non-human animals bestiality Instead refers to cross-species sexual Activity so zovillia basically is when You're thinking you know you you have Sexual feelings for an animal but you Don't actually act on them bestiality is When you actually go through with the Act right that is illegal in most of the US I think it's like 46 States uh it is It is legal and depending on the state Some some it's a misdemeanor others it Is a felony you can go away for a very Long time so not only should this not be On YouTube it's illegal I I have Reported these channels to YouTube I Will be reporting this to the FBI as Well because this is crimes there are Crimes that are being involved in this YouTube channel but I just wanted to Make it very clear what zoophilia and

Bestiality the difference between those Two are now how I found this channel uh Generally I go on Reddit I try and find You know news stories potentially that I Could be making videos about One subreddit that I'm involved in is Some ordinary gamers he has a very Active subreddit and this person posted This about 15 hours ago talking about How they found a channel name oluski I Think that's how you pronounce it uh Claiming it is a zoophilia Channel on YouTube and obviously I needed to check It out and see if this is actually true Right and it turns out it's actually Must much worse than that it's not just Zoophilia Um the creator that created this channel Sorry this is a really difficult uh Subject to talk about but the Creator Who actually created this channel Um They they actually have bestiality they They're promoting it they have direct Links to it uh so yeah let's get into it And I I do want to show you that it is Um against YouTube's policies this is YouTube guidelines right here you can See things that are not allowed Bestiality or promotion of bestiality Not allowed on the platform at all so if We actually go to the channel this is The channel that they were talking about A lusky or something like that they have

8K subscribers 291 videos and you can See they have a lot of videos about Their dog their Rottweiler is a female Rottweiler And they actually refer to their their Rottweiler as their wife in all of the Videos and all the titles you can see Update on the wife broken nail they're Not referring it to their dog their Friend their dog is their wife that is How they refer to it now if you actually Go to the popular tag you can see and I'll actually have to block out part of This because uh the video the thumbnail Is basically just the vagina of the dog Right in the the center of the thumbnail That's what it is and it says Rottweiler Wife in heat Rottweiler wife not just Rottweiler dog Rottweiler wife in heat Breeding now if you actually click on it And I won't show you I'll block out the Actual inappropriate part uh the entire Video is just the camera staring Directly at the the dog's vagina uh While it's in heat that's the entire Video and you can see that this video Has three million views okay So Clearly there's a lot of people who um Either want to watch this or got it Recommended to them and again there's There's no This video is not educational there's Nothing funny or entertaining about it

In any way it's just staring at the Dog's vagina that's the whole point now What's really interesting is if you Actually go to the comments and you can See that Um the actual creator of the channel Responded to this comment says my sanity Left faster than your dog less faster Than your dad sorry And if you actually scroll down one Person says bro is this even legal In your country and he responds it is Illegal that being said the law is Unconstitutional so the creator of the Channel is admitting they know that what They are what they're talking about what They're doing with their animal is Illegal they should be in jail they know That and they're like oh it doesn't Matter the law is unconstitutional I can Do whatever I want with my animals Um so yeah it's uh it's pretty bad now It actually gets much worse than that if You go to the community tab You can see right here and I'm going to Block out part of this because I'll Explain in just a minute but basically It just talks about here are some Pictures of my beloved husband and the Husband is a dog So he's referring to his dog his his Male dog that passed away and the last Line it says don't Google and then it Gives a phrase and I'm gonna block that

Out because I don't want anyone to Actually Google it but it actually gives A phrase and if you Google it and I Googled it earlier uh it leads directly To bestiality porn the first thing that Comes up is this guy and his dog Performing sexual acts together I'm not Going to go into more detail as to what It is but it's it's full-on bestiality Porn first thing that comes up and it's Like you don't even have to search for It it's just right there at the top of Of Google straight up Um yeah so this guy it's the same Individual right so this individual he Tells you don't Google this phrase it's It's right there at the top and you will Immediately get access to bestiality Content it's the same person so they're They're performing this content uh with Their animal if you go to their about Section and one of the reasons I think Why these channels exist why they Haven't been taken down yet is because On the actual Channel They don't like actively promote Bestiality or anything like that they Just provoke promote zoophilia right and It seems to be I'm not sure but it seems To be YouTube's policy that talking About zoophilia which is just the Attraction to animals is okay I guess uh So that's why it seems like these Channels exist and have not been taken

Down yet but like I showed you if you Actually go to the community tab Um you go to the comments you can see They're they're actively saying that They know it's illegal they don't care If you go to the community tag they Provide you with a link a very easy Google search to find bestiality porn Now what gets even worse than that is if You go to channels This channel has a link to a bunch of Other channels that also offers a bunch Of Um zoophilia slash pedophils suvilia Slash bestiality content they actually Have a zero then Val podcast where they Talk about all of this right here now Some of these other channels I pulled up Are incredibly inappropriate as well This channel right here alooski is the Worst by far but many of these other Channels this one right here actually Talks about in special breaking news and Busy as hell I'll show you a clip they Actually talk about how an individual in Their group actually went to jail for Bestiality so this isn't just something That's you know they're joking around They're fake talking about this this is Real an individual they were friends With Is now in jail for a very long time for Committing acts with an animal uh Mr Krase was arrested for in the state of

Maryland aggravated animal cruelty which I believe bestial acts is filed under Now if you have had any contact with Mr Krace with Quantum Kitty with Quantum Deer with any of the known Quantum aliases that Sean goes by And you have been in his telegram groups Or any of his Discord servers or like in His Twitter circles or anything If you've given out personal identifying Information that is now in the hands of The Saint Mary's County Sheriff's Department and it is also in the hands Of the state prosecutor for Maryland Sean had a video on his phone of him Masturbating and stimulating his male Dog he showed a video of himself Masturbating his male dog And the video was taken on his phone and Sent to another party And when it was sent to another party he Also sent the text of basically saying That he would allow this person to have Sex with his dog there's a very Important lesson to be learned here and That is that you probably shouldn't film Your beastial Acts or use them as fetish Material And you definitely shouldn't on public Or archiving platforms like Discord Twitter WhatsApp Instagram Etc You definitely should not be sending any Of this data unencrypted and you

Definitely should not be you know making Such offers on public messaging services That it's very easy to get you know Access to it's very easy for law Enforcement to get access to these Things all right so this guy's talking About how a friend of his uh in this Community is going to jail for Bestiality acts he recorded himself and Then he doesn't tell people in this in This podcast this video doesn't say guys You should be doing this you shouldn't Be doing bestiality he says you Shouldn't film it guys if you're gonna Do it don't film it you'll get caught That way don't do it so he's He's actively promoting This illegal activity he just says don't Film it right Now there are a bunch of other channels This channel talks about another Individual uh named sappho who was Apparently arrested as well for Bestiality this channel is Mr bestiality There are plenty of channels this is the Podcast that they have so this is not Like an isolated incident this is this Is I I don't know Like 10 15 channels of Um Inappropriate bestiality content Masquerading as zoophilia content right And it seems to be like I said that's How they get a get around uh being

Banned on YouTube they're just like oh Zoophilia that's that's okay everyone Has their little kinks we're kind of Attracted to animals no big deal but in Reality most of these creators as I've Shown you in the comments uh in the the Link in the community post it links Directly to bestiality of this guy who Created this channel performing sexual Acts with his dog So that's inappropriate now like like I Said it's YouTube's own polities policies Bestiality or promotion of bestiality is Not allowed Yet here it is uh existing on YouTube Now from what I understand uh it's Apparently Um illegal and I think 46 States and Like I said some states it's just a Misdemeanor other states it is a felony But it appears that even in the states Where it is legal like there's no laws Against bestiality even in those States The police force generally will go after People if they find them doing that and They will charge them with animal Cruelty right so there's no like actual Bestiality laws uh I think in like Hawaii and a few other states I'll put Them on the screen uh but they if people If the police find the individuals doing That they go after them for Um misconduct with animals right now

Like I said I I don't I don't think this is a controversial Topic I know I did a video like a few Days ago which was very controversial I Would think that pretty much everyone Apparently not a few people because some People are really into this I guess that Video like I said has three million Views Um but I would think the majority of People understand that this is this is Really effed up this this should not This should not exist Uh and there there definitely shouldn't Be Direct links to Hey Google this and you Can find me effing my dog right that That exists on On on YouTube and it should not be there So like I said the intention of this Video is to uh get these channels Removed and I I do want to say like I Said at the beginning do not harass Anyone do not say you know do not try And uh do not try and harass these People at all all I ask is that you uh Get this video out to YouTube and Report Those channels to YouTube because that's Not something uh that should exist on This platform at all right I'm someone who actually I worked at a Doggy Daycare when I was in in college All through college I very much care About animals and this is this is animal

Cruelty right these channels all of them Basically say that animals can consent Which is just the dumbest statement uh You can possibly possibly make Animals cannot consent to to your your Sexual advances right this should not Exist so I I'm I do not want this to Exist and hopefully uh after this video Hopefully YouTube will take these Channels down

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