YouTuber Commits A Felony For Views

I'm sorry if I offended you but At the end of the day you're the one That chose to be offended [Laughter] You don't need to watch my videos like You're here because you're intrigued by The video or else you wouldn't watch it And I'm not saying that in a Disrespectful way it's just the truth It's like you have the freedom to not Watch me but you're watching me so like I'm sorry Now that's the laugh of a psychopath Trevor Jacob was a former Olympic Athlete who threw his entire reputation Down the drain in December of 2021 when He released the video titled I crash my Plane where he made the claim that his Airplane stalled mid-flight and he was Forced to jump out of the plane with a Parachute to save his life within hours Of him posting that video it was clear Lots of people were not buying his story And felt the plane was crashed Intentionally to get views to his YouTube video those suspicions later Proved accurate when the Department of Justice charged Trevor with Intentionally crashing his plane and in May of 2023 Trevor pleaded guilty once This was confirmed many large channels Who had been following the case posted About it including penguin Zio who is a Long time Aviation Enthusiast who flies

Frequently often calling it one of his Favorite hobbies Penguins EO and other Pilots were hurt that Trevor Intentionally crashed his plane for Views and brought a bad name to the Aviation Community they cared so deeply About unfortunately this situation is Actually far worse than what was Initially reported Trevor uploaded a Video mocking people who said negative Things about this video and he also Edited out over four minutes of footage From his viral I crash my plane video to Cover up some of his crimes shown in That footage now Trevor Jacob initially Claimed that he was filming the flight That day because he was planning on Spreading the ashes of his deceased Friend at Mammoth Mountain when Trevor Was over the mountains he intentionally Stalls his plane but tries to make it Look like the plane lost power on its Own he then jumps from the cockpit with His parachute while filming the whole Thing with his GoPro the second half of The video Trevor finds the plane crash And talks about how lucky he is to be Alive and then later hikes down the Mountain and is rescued I guess I should Probably document what's going on I cut my finger pretty bad Got my elbow I'm just so happy to be alive I'm just kind of

Taking in what just happened Well where the hell am I gonna land a Freaking plane I'm gonna die that's why I always freaking fly with a parachute No phone service I'm climbing Literally through the gnarliest freaking Bushes I got so much Poison oak and freaking Cuts everywhere Now the whole situation just doesn't add Up including why he had multiple GoPros Attached to the plane to film all this And why he was wearing a parachute in The first place which is never a common Practice that video is still up on his YouTube channel and has amassed over 4 Million views at this point but what's Really interesting is the fact that Trevor Has altered that video with the Intention of covering up illegal Activities before he was actually Charged with a crime YouTube has a Feature that allows you to edit videos That have already been uploaded to the Platform without removing them this Feature can be helpful to creators if a Portion of your video gets copyrighted Claimed or if you have to cut out a Segment for another reason that appears To be exactly what Trevor Jacob did Because his original upload was 16 Minutes and 41 seconds and the live Version of the video is now only 12 Minutes and 47 seconds I'll have a link

To the Wayback machine longer version of The video down below but the portions of The video Trevor cut out happened at the Start and at the very end of the video The start of the video is actually an ad Read for Ridge wallet who sponsored the Video after the backlash of people Claiming the video was fake and Trevor Being charged with an actual crime Ridge Wallet wanted nothing to do with Trevor And my suspicion is that they demanded The removal of the mention of Ridge Wallet from that video on a side note When Trevor pleaded guilty he did admit That the reason for making the video was To get more clicks for his sponsor he Initially had an affiliate link for Ridge wallet and any sales through that Link would earn him a cut but the Description of his live video is now Completely empty the second portion of The video Trevor cut was at the end of The video following his plane crash Adventure Trevor's video cuts to three Days later when he drives up to the Sierra Nevada mountains and releases his Friend's ashes it's been a few days Since the crash covered head to toe in Poison oak but we are on the road about Four hours into the drive just hoping to Get there and have enough time to get Some sleep So we'll wake up first thing in the Morning and start hiking the mountain to

Spread Johnny's ashes on one of his Favorite mountains in the Sierra Nevadas This is the goal and intention that I Set before even embarking on this Adventure and uh there's nothing that's Going to stop me from following through With that I'm gonna just pour some out In my hand On the count of three to Johnny One two three love you Johnny Johnny Let's have a great flight down man all Right well we got the paraglider all Laid out this this has two problems the First is that it shows how easily he Could have just driven to where he Wanted to go in the first place and Makes the whole plane fight a few days Earlier seem even more sketchy the Second issue is that according to California law when scattering human Ashes on federal or state land you need To get permission to do this Trevor Never shows or states that he got Permission to do this so the end of the Video actually shows him committing a Crime which is probably why he decided To cut it out once this video started to Get massive traction a few months after He posted his initial video Trevor was Loving all the attention it was getting And decided to post the video I lost my Pilot's license at this point the FAA Felt that Trevor acted inappropriately And asked for his pilot license back but

He wasn't formally charged with any Crimes at this point Trevor used this Video to mock those who claimed he had Done it on purpose as well as to promote His new merch line to help him pay for Lawyers fees to fight any legal battles That arose because of this issue send in My pilot's license unfortunately I got Revoked so just putting it in the Box here and uh We'll be landing and sending that off I've been reached out to you about like ABC NBC CNN Fox News like all these Different people they're calling my Family members they're calling my Friends they're like it's just Interesting to see like when the news Wants to jump on something like they all Just attack it like flies I'm on an FBI Terrorist watch list now that's kind of An interesting thing to all you haters Out there or lovers I made some merch to Pay for some attorney fees and I got Like this one that's feeling adventurous Always if you get that one Trevor in the Original video also claimed that he Reported the crash to authorities Immediately but that also proved to be a Lie he returned to the crash site in a Friend's helicopter and retrieved the Crash plane and cut it into smaller Pieces to prevent investigators from Being able to find the plane on May 11 2023 the U.S attorney's office for the

Central district of California announced That Jacob pleaded guilty to a felony Charge of Destruction and concealment With the intent to obstruct a federal Investigation according to prosecutors Jacob admitted he'd applied to Federal Investigators by submitting a false Aircraft accident report and by falsely Stating to an FAA investigator that he Had parachuted from his plane because The engine had quit and he could not Find a safe place to land he also Admitted that he and an unnamed friend Used a helicopter to airlift the wreck To the Rancho Cisco area on December 10 2021 where Jacob later loaded it onto a Truck trailer moved it to a hangar at Lompoc airport cut it up and disposed of The pieces in various locations over Several days all without authorization On why telling investigators he did not Know where the wreckage was with all the Charges Trevor was facing he could have Spent the next 20 years in jail sadly With Trevor pleading guilty to the Concealment charge the other charges Have been dropped and Trevor will now Spend a maximum of 24 months in prison It's unfortunate to see someone who did Something so reckless and stupid just For views get what's amounts to a minor Slap on the wrist with such a Minor's Punishment for this crime I Unfortunately don't think it it's going

To dismay future influencers from trying Similar Behavior if they know the Government is going to be so willing to Cut a deal after the crime with prisons Packed as they are and Trevor's crime Not being violent it's very likely he Will be out of jail in a year or less And be free to act like an idiot on YouTube again let me know in the Comments below if you think the minor Sentence fits the crime or if he should Have received the full 20 years for the Heinous act that he did

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