YouTuber Commits Bank Fraud For Internet Clout

Some people will do just about anything To get their 15 minutes of fame so when An up-and-coming rapper decided to start Making YouTube videos about robbing Banks committing wire fraud and stealing Credit card information that really Should have come as a shock to no one as In the end as long as you become famous The ends justify the means for many Young people these days the individual We're talking about today is known as Punch made Dev who is a YouTuber slash Rapper slash instagrammer who makes Subpar rap songs that don't warrant any Real attention but over the past year or So he's found his niche of teaching People how to scam which has set his Career on fire last year he released a Rap song titled how to write a dump to His YouTube channel which has now gained Over 1.4 million views everybody listen Up this is a punch lesson go and get a Fire card aside go to the dump section Never get a savings account done you Always want check make sure you go and Grab a credit dump they never hit with Debbie for those of you who are Unfamiliar with what writing a dump is It's the act of creating a copy of Someone else's credit card so you can Use a clone card and would draw money From their account obviously this is a Very serious crime and people who do This can spend decades in jail but that

Hasn't stopped punch made Dev for making Rap song tutorials about how to do so Interestingly enough in the description Of his video punch made claims everyone Involved was just acting and no one Should take this video seriously even Though it's a step-by-step guide on Stealing credit card information for the Past year or so punch mate has become More and more popular and this Ultimately led him to fly too close to The Sun and is now facing a serious Criminal investigation a few weeks ago Punch mate allowed a YouTuber by the Name of Tommy G to record him and his Crew committing crimes including Stealing 10 grand from an account and Then filming themselves illegally Withdrawing the stolen funds from their Bank account I'm better hit a wire what Does that mean log in and uh wire Somebody up let me try to learn how to Scale that's what Tommy's trying to do The goal of this episode is to learn how To protect the people at home from this Type of top Foolery how much you're Gonna clean this guy out if they'll give Me when are y'all doing what's gonna Happen you're going to walk in there You're going to wire transfer money to Yourself from someone else's account how Quick is all that's going to happen Again 10 minutes 310. it's hard to believe punch made Dev

Would allow a film crew to follow him Around committing various credit card Scams and teaching others how to easily Steal credit card information so they Can start scamming as well but that's Exactly what happened and it seems to Have paid off for the rapper as he's Gained over 72 000 subscribers to his YouTube channel in the past month and Nearly 250 000 followers on Instagram Since that documentary went live so We're getting into skimmers yeah and Dumps and what's it done to say if I Wanted to write up a dump right I'll get A track win a 101 or a 201 so I'll get The information off my site you can use The white blanks but this one's better Because they got a whole face this the Big boy win the one right here this is The Bluetooth one I got but I couldn't Bring it on the plane with me so if Someone says they're a certified dumper This is what they're talking about they Could either be the person getting the Dumps with the skimmer or they could be The person writing them up using them Say like I know somebody working at McDonald's right I'll give him a skimmer And they work through the drive-through To say somebody's buying some right now Right they'll pay right and then my Person will quickly go like this swiping On the off from my end and that's when I Get all the info end of the day I have

Like a list of like 20 of them better Wipe this one empty I might write up a Dump on it for y'all should we do an ATM And then pick up the pizzas yeah yeah All right we're heading the ATM Now to show you how to use a clone card Real quick easy money man It's like magic all right so what the Hell just happened we just pieced up a Chip took it into the ATM with cleared That I had my Runner going there just a Few years ago I think it would be Unthinkable to see anyone willingly Showing themselves commit crimes on Camera but with the rise of social media As long as it gets fused it really Doesn't seem to matter what you do now Punch me doesn't seem to have remorse About stealing from people his main Argument he gives is that the bank has To reimburse the people he steals from Because credit card fraud protection Laws so in the end no one is really Getting hurt and he gets some guilt-free Money are they gonna eat this cost where The bank eat this cost the bank's gonna They're really good for sure for Something small like this that was a Wire that would be like 10 to 14. so This is where you get a message on your Phone like yeah was this you and you say No and then they reimburse you give it Back in like less than 24 hours tastes Better it feels better when it's free

While it may be true that in most cases People will get their money back from These types of crimes that doesn't Always happen and even when it does it Can take a long time and put the people Who have their money stolen in serious Pain going through this process one Comment on the Tommy G video talks about How they had a scammer empty their bank Account and are having trouble getting The funds reinstated by the bank all the While the commenter's wife is going Through cancer treatments and they are Now behind on paying their bills due to The missing funds obviously people can Say anything on YouTube so I don't know If that story is true but this type of Crime is in no way a victimless crime And even if people get their money back The bank has to take the hit and Ultimately they are going to pass this On to clients with higher fees the more This happens doing this hurts everyone And ultimately screws over the people And not just the bank with punch made Dev's historic rise after the Documentary he decided to capitalize on His new fame and released the follow-up Rap song wire fraud tutorial to his YouTube channel the video quickly got Millions of views but was then taken Down by YouTube with the claim that it Violated YouTube's terms of service Since it shows people how to commit an

Actual wire fraud punch maid tried to Get the video reinstated claiming the Video is educational and designed to Help people to protect themselves from Getting scammed but YouTube wasn't Buying it YouTube later sent punch made A note is telling him law enforcement Had requested information about his Account and they had to turn it over to Him by law punch maid posted this image As a story to his Instagram and some People have claimed it's fake with him Just trying to get more attention but no One knows for certain at this point one Thing that is certain is punch mate is Loving his Newfound Fame and decided to Do a live stream with Aiden Ross where He again showed off his fraudulent Skills punch Maids stole Aiden Ross's Credit card information transferred it To a burner card and proceeded to go to Walmart and use Aiden's information to Buy a big screen television but what Should I get here I mean it depends where are you getting The money bro like real [ __ ] where the Fox is money spawning out of bro you're Donating hey I didn't I didn't condone It bro I didn't [ __ ] condone it dude I didn't [ __ ] condone that [ __ ] okay I know it's sad that I have to force the Money out of your pockets those greedy [ __ ] pockets And I'm gonna give the TV away

What the [ __ ] dude You ready Remember the car No way it works dude I see you leaked my you just you just Leaked that you just leave that car That's connected to my [ __ ] Bro Are you kidding me Pick it up What are you doing Now I do have to say that some people Are claiming this was fake as the end of The video has some terrible acting that People claim Give It Away punch mate is Seen trying to leave the store with the TV when he's stopped by security he then Turns off his microphone so you can't Hear what's being said but he's then Seen running out of the store and later Seen driving away in his car at high Speeds so as not to get arrested Your mic your mic nobody can hear you How do you just buy that Well he went to jail Hey yo what happened all right angle I'm Gonna have to call you back really yeah Hold on He eventually called Aiden a day later Claiming he had been picked up by the Cops and just got out of jail after he Was questioned and let go now the whole Ordeal that was shown on the 80 and Ross Live stream feels like an act to me and

May very well be fake but from all the Other videos punch made has shown of Himself stealing credit card information And committing wire fraud it's clear This guy actually knows how to scam People and has now become an overnight Star teaching people how to commit Crimes all of these videos he does Showing how easy it is to get rich Credit card scamming are really designed To funnel people to his telegram group In the group once you pay him a few Hundred dollars punch mate is offering To teach you how to commit all of these Crimes so you can live the life of Luxury that he has many people are Claiming that punch maid doesn't really Commit credit card frauds anymore and His main source of income is now his Scammer telegram group but clearly YouTube doesn't agree or they wouldn't Have quickly taken down his wire fraud Tutorial video within a couple days if It being posted if they really feels it Was just satire and not an actual guide To committing crimes as I said at the Start of the video it really is a crazy World we now live in that people are so Willing to allow themselves being filmed Many crimes just to get some internet Clout but with the modern era of social Media that really shouldn't be a Surprise to anyone at this point punch Made dev's wire fraud tutorial video has

Been re-uploaded by a few channels now And why I won't link to it since it's Against YouTube's terms of service it's Easy to find and you can judge for Yourself if you think he's actually Telling people how to commit crimes in The video I'll have a link below to Tommy G's video where he interviews Punch May Dev and I do have to point out That some people are starting to claim Punch mate is making this all up and his Real scam is the telegram group he Charges hundreds of dollars to be a part Of however after watching the Tommy G Video and others on punch maid it's Clear to me this guy is actually Scamming and it's only a matter of time Before he ends up in jail

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