YouTubers Who Have Spent Time In Jail or Prison

These are 10 YouTubers who have spent Time Behind Bars and we're going to list Them from three hours in jail to 50 Years in prison beginning with Sam Pepper and Ice Poseidon who got arrested Together for the dumbest reason Imaginable back in mid-2018 Sam and Ice Had the genius idea of hiding in a Purple wooden fortnite llama on Wheels So they could sneak past security into VidCon where they'd stay and film a 24-hour overnight challenge everything Seemed to be going well in the beginning A salmon ice cruised into the convention Whilst filming and laughing at security Through a little peephole however the Two seem to forget that they were live Streaming to thousands of people and it Would only take one quarter VidCon to Have their whole plan shut down this Call would happen less than 10 minutes After getting inside which is followed By security and police walking straight Up to them before they'd be arrested Oh what is all this the two were taken Back to the police station banned from VidCon for life and given a notice to Appear in court which eventually Resulted in a further two years Probation a hundred dollars in fines and 80 hours of community service Sam Pepper And Ice Poseidon's arrest was Short-sighted and idiotic however it Still wasn't as stupid as the time Logan

Paul was sent to jail for a whole day After getting arrested in Italy it Happened back in 2017 when Logan was in His obnoxious vlogger phase and prior to The arrest Logan's group had Disrespected Italian Norms gotten kicked Out of hotels and had filmed locals Without their permission so by the time The group made it to Italy's famous Coliseum they were bound to get into Trouble Logan began by stating that he Knew flying a drone over the Coliseum Was illegal I understand uh drone shots Here are illegal so let's definitely do That however after putting the Drone in The air anyway the military were able to Capture it I found it Ellipsis the Military has it and Logan was arrested Shortly there We must arrest you for this okay after Being released from jail later that Afternoon Logan was straight back to his Idiotic self yo I'm a Savage You can't stop Logan and if anything Seemed proud of what had happened I went To jail bro I've been in jail bro while Logan did have to spend a full day Behind bars his punishment wasn't nearly As bad as sniper wolves who after being Charged with armed robbery had to spend Multiple nights in jail it happened back In 2013 before sniper became a big YouTuber and the incident was explained In a video appropriately titled my jail

Story she explained that while shopping At a department store she was asked by Security to check her bag yet since Snipewolf didn't want this to happen she Pushed the security guard and ran back To her car he stopped me ask for my bag And pulled it from me I didn't know what To do I just ran away and got in my car Snipe all the same confident that she Didn't actually have in anything in her Bag I didn't even steal anything and They had no proof I did yet under the Assumption that she was running because She'd stolen something sniperwolf was Arrested later that day they took me to The police station jail they took mug Shots and they asked us a ton of Questions she was then charged with Armed robbery I was charged with armed Robbery how they said it wasn't official Charges they could just pretty much Charge us whatever they want right now Before she'd be sent to a larger jail Complex where she remained for three Days before being released I was in jail For almost three days yet this wouldn't Be the last time that snipe wolf ended Up behind bars because three years later Sniper would take to Twitter to make a New post reading so neighbors called the Cops because they heard screaming and I Got arrested for disorderly conduct LOL At my mug shot though this post was Followed by a video Simply titled

Arrested in which sniperwolf explained That she'd been taken to jail for the Night after getting into a petty fight With her boyfriend so of course I was Screaming I was screaming I got arrested For disorderly conduct apparently you're Not allowed to scream in your own house And while it definitely feels like Sniper is in telling the full story About both of her jail terms there's Definitely no missing details for the Next YouTuber who was sentenced to 15 Months in prison for playing a prank on A homeless person back in 2017 a Spanish Creator with over a million subscribers Called reset thought it would be a good Idea to take the filling out of an Oreo Replace it with toothpaste and give it To a homeless person despite stating That the toothpaste filled Oreo would Help the homeless man clean his teeth The community began to destroy reset Creating 125 000 signature petition to Have his channel deleted which Accompanied a 19 million view video by Auron play titled reset the most stupid On internet however reset's worst Punishment was still yet to come as After the homeless man's daughter Noticed the backlash on the internet She'd take legal action against the YouTuber and reset ended up in court the Judge Rosa aragones noted that it was Not an isolated event and the social

Media Star had a propensity for crawl Behavior and preying on easily or Vulnerable victims she found him guilty Of violating the man's moral integrity Reset was sentenced to 15 months in Prison and was ordered to pay 20 000 Euros to the homeless man reset also Received a five-year ban from all social Media with this sentence commencing in June 2019 meaning he'll be able to Return to YouTube in June 2024 although Certainly with a downtrodden reputation Beam scored was another million plus Subscriber Channel who managed to land Themselves in prison although for an Even longer time than reset the two Owners of the Family Channel billion Eva Were often seen on social media with Luxury cars and extravagant homes yet it Turns out that not all of their money Had been made through their YouTube Channel because on the 23rd of February 2020 that upload a video titled we kept This a secret long enough we were Arrested in which they'd explained that They had a court date for an unspecified Charge yes we were arrested and we have A very important thing we have a Sentencing day that will change our Lives forever the the good or for the Bad a month later it was revealed that The couple were being accused of Identity theft and defrauding the Government having accessed or attempted

To access Social Security accounts Belonging to over 1400 different Individuals without the victim's Knowledge or authorization still in Identity to you know to make money that Was my hustle back then I knew what I Was doing was wrong but it was just I Needed a way to make money the couple Explained that all of this had happened Five years prior to beginning YouTube Although this didn't seem to matter to The judge who sentenced the couple to Three years in prison I got two years Anybody got one here I got a year and a Day she has a year and a day as well as Ordered them to pay back the ninety four Thousand dollars that they had stolen in True Family Channel fashion they then Used their time in prison as click bait For Content yet this Behavior wasn't Nearly as bad as Russian YouTuber Rosalind sokolovski who was sentenced to Three and a half years in prison for Playing Pokemon go in a church in early August 2016 sokolovsky filmed a video of Himself catching Pokemon in your Cateringberg's church on blood the video Stirred up a controversy among Believers While a criminal case was initiated in Accordance with the Russian criminal Codes articles citing in excitement to Hatred and enmity denigrating human Dignity as well as violating the right To freedom of conscience and religion

The alleged crime playing Pokemon go Inside an Orthodox Church sokolovsky Shared a YouTube video that showed him Playing the smartphone game his video Went viral and prompted a police Investigation officials said the video Was one of many by the young blogger That questioned or criticized the church In May 2017 approximately one year after Posting the Pokemon Go video Roslyn was Handed a 3.5 year suspended prison term And while his 500 000 subscriber YouTube Channel is pretty much dead these days He's still yet to spend any time Behind Bars Jen's the Beast had a harsher Sentence than anyone else on this list So far although he was actually able to Use YouTube to improve his reputation After getting out of prison Jen's the Beast explained that his life began to Spiral out of control following the Death of his mother at the age of 24. he Was sent to prison for the first time Back in 2009 after getting into an Altercation with the nightclub bouncer Yet after to finishing this first prison Stint it was sent back two more times Totaling four years spent Behind Bars During his final stint Jen's made the Decision to get his life together the Last prison sentence that I got I used a Lot of my time finding myself with Cognitive therapy and anger management Stuff like that so I cleared up my mind

Decided that I'm not going back and After being released from prison he Launched his own coaching program before Joining Rich piana's five percent Nutrition group and with the assistance Of YouTube and Instagram Jens was able To turn his life around completely less Than three years ago I was released from Prison and now I got two companies going Working with clients all over the world And doing Expos and got so many fans and Followers so just I'm really really Grateful however while Jens is certainly One of the scariest looking people on The platform his four years in prison Still seems minor when compared to Saucy And honey who were facing a seven year Sentence for a YouTube prank this may Have been fun for those YouTubers but Tonight they're facing some serious Felony charges and up to seven years in Jail in February 2022 the 25 000 Subscriber Channel Channel post a video Titled 24-hour overnight challenge in Target where is that suspense In Target we're gonna spend overnight in Target after introducing the video the Two would hide in the store and wait for It to close they'd then walk around Filming themselves before walking out in The morning stating that they had been There all night Are overnight challenge The video went up like any other however

The couple was arrested after the video Was watched by police West Whiteland Police saw the video and arrested Johnson Larose and Charlotte Fisher for Criminal trespassing and conspiracy Criminal Trespass which is felony the Third degree they're not they're not Entitled to be there so which makes it a Crime not only did the News expose their Challenge as fake using security camera Footage which showed them leaving the Store at 3am but after being arrested The two were charged with criminal Trespassing conspiracy and are now Facing up to seven years in prison However seven years is still nothing When compared to Wes Watson who's 10 Years in prison acted as a basis for him To become a multi-multi-millionaire now Wes was already a millionaire prior to Entering prison however this money had Been earned via illegal activity and Would therefore also become the reason For his time Behind Bars after 10 years In the California prison system Wes Decided that he was ready to his life Together and instead of taking on a Normal post-prison job he instead Created a YouTube channel titled GP Penitentiary life Wes Watson where he Began to tell stories about what prison Was really like his Ideal prison-like Image helped all of his videos to Explode in popularity so I went on that

YouTube channel and it blew up every Video got millions of views I got a Hundred thousand subscribers in 28 days And with his physique also being in a Very enviable position from his time Away Wes sold fitness programs and Coaching via his social media channels Who has also put out a book and only Three years after being released from Prison Wes had once again become a Multi-millionaire that's why I've been Able to make myself a millionaire and Stay fit this quick three years after Doing 10 years in prison everybody told Me Wes get a real job like how are you Going to support a family online Coaching huh would you accompany the Whole new series of videos in which Wes Preaches the importance of good habits In the most brutally honest way possible You will have zero value in your life Zero worth if you don't put the work in If you crack that bottle and think it's Gonna do it massive downside hey look at Me I'm having so much fun we know how You look in the morning throwing up in The toilet looking at your bank account All however while prison-led West Watson To become a successful motivational Speaker for the final YouTuber on our List the opposite happened and being a Motivational speaker led him into prison He was a Mexican YouTuber by the name of Jamal loera MX and as mentioned

Previously he was known for posting Motivational and business content to his Channel with over 5 000 subscribers However instead of engaging in Legitimate business practice jaman Instead decided to make money by Kidnapping someone holding them for a Hundred thousand dollar Ransom two days After doing so he was caught by police And was sentenced to 50 years in prison Where he remains to this day

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