YouTubers Who Ruined Their Image With 1 Single Video

These eight YouTubers did irreversible Damage to their Channel with one single Video and we're going to begin by Talking about jstation whose entire Career came to an end as a result of an Upload titled my girlfriend Alexia died Rest in paradise last night we lost Alexia around 11 p.m I got a call from Her parents telling me what happened Jaystation stated that his girlfriend Alexia had gotten into a car crash and As a result had tragically passed away Jaystation would also go and visit his Girlfriend's Memorial on the side of the Road this is actually the same road that She passed away on guys I'm getting so Emotional just being on this road where Jaystation seemed so emotional that he Could barely get out of the car to look Okay let's just go see the final goodbye For her everything's gonna be okay I Don't know if I can do this however his Extremely emotional state here ran Contrary to a video that he'd post three Days later titled Dead Girlfriend Ouija Board challenge at 3am gone wrong in Which he couldn't stop smiling we're Doing the Ouija board Challenge on my Dead girlfriend but smash the like Button right now Guys One mic equals one Prayer for Alexia guys rest in peace J Station's complete lack of emotion in This new video LED fellow Canadian YouTuber some ordinary gamers to call

The Canadian police and say if any Alexia Murano had recently passed away Nobody by that name specifically has Suffered any form of death right well [Music] As mentioned by the police officer Nobody by the name of Alexia had died And after other channels such as penguin Zero covered the story Alexia came Forward to confirm that she was still Alive I'm sure a lot of you are really Confused as to what's going on right now And Jay and the videos that he posted Alexia would go on to explain that she Had nothing to do with the jstation Videos I was not a part of any of them It was just Jay and I didn't even know What he was gonna say in those videos Before he posted them and as a result The two had broken up Is constantly being mean to me for some Reason the times he was mean to me it's Just like he was so mean however Jay Station then clapped back by showing Alexia helping out with the videos Before trying to expose Alexia as being The crazy one out of the pair I've been a good person to you Alexia This one original video didn't only lead To the collapse of their relationship But it would also eventually result in Jaystation's entire Channel being Deleted therefore jstation probably Should have gotten some advice from Sam

Pepper who had already ruined his image By posting an idiotic fake video it went By the now Infamous title killing best Friend prank and it began with Sam Stating this let's see how he reacts to His best friend of five years being Killed in front of him the premise of The prank was that two friends get taken To a rooftop somewhere where one of the Friends who was in on the prank is shot With a fake gun to see how the other Friend will react even though they Eventually reveal that the whole thing Was one giant prank the absolute Magnitude of the stunt helped it to go Viral racking up over 9 million views in A little over three weeks but while the Extremity of the video helped it to go Viral the prank also began to receive an Unbelievable amount of backlash it was Obvious that Sam didn't care about the Controversy in the beginning as he'd Respond to the drama by promising to Delete his YouTube channel if he was Donating 1.5 million on GoFundMe your Goal is pretty steep here 1.5 million Dollars I just thought if everyone hates My channel so much like I'll put that Money while our mouth is you know yet This only seemed to add more fuel to the Fire as he was still getting heavy Backlash over three months later at Which point it became all too much to Handle sandpepper would not only delete

The original prank but he'd rather Unlist every single video from his Entire Channel leaving only one fresh New upload titled I'm sorry in which He'd come forward and explain that the Video was fake no why do people hate me Like I've been an idiot like I've been Stupid and you know exactly what I'm Gonna say now of course it was fake However the damage had already been done And while Sam Pepper has since had some Success on Tick Tock his channel never Really recovered after posting the best Friend prank Brook House channel never Recovered either as after she'd Accidentally upload a video of her Mistreating her dog her reputation was Destroyed permanently in the lead-up to Posting the video brookhouse had gained 300 27 000 subscribers which as you can See from the videos on her Channel had Been aided by her pet Doberman named Sphinx Rook always put up the facade That she loved her dog more than Anything else obviously me and my dog Really close were besties we hang out 24 7 we're like 25 8 am I right however Less than a month after stating this on The 6th of August 2019 Brookwood Accidentally upload a full uncut clip of Her pranking the dog while treating it Like absolute garbage as the video began To spread throughout social media almost Every single news Outlet wrote an

Article on the story prompting a petition titled banned Brookhouse from YouTube which received Over 67 000 signatures Peter would also Take to Twitter in a post hoping that She was banned from the platform yet Incredibly her Channel remained active Helping her to post a bizarre apology Video about a month after the original Incident first I want to start this Video by saying thank you I just want to Genuinely say thank you although this Video did nothing to fix her image as After taking a seven month break from The platform should return with an Upload titled where I've been which Received an impressively terrible 98 Dislike ratio solidifying just how much Damage this one video had done however Elise Brook was never arrested for the Controversy as when count dankula posted A 2 minute 23 Second clip of his dog He'd end up appearing in court the video Was uploaded in April 2016 and the Premise was as follows girlfriend has Always run and Raven about how cute and Adorable hubby dog is so I thought I Would compliment is the least cute thing That I could think of in order to Achieve this count dankula taught his Dog to perform a very controversial Salute with the video racking up 2 Million views in the weeks after it was Uploaded initially the video was seen as

A bit of comedic fun however on the 18th Of February 2017 approximately 10 months Later count dankila would post a picture To Twitter confirming that he'd been Arrested and would have to appear in Court for posting the video five months Later count dankula would take to Twitter once again stating trial starts Tomorrow no jury only a judge but it Will be an open trial as in members of The public can attend and as a result Many fans showed their support at the Trial however this didn't seem to have Any impact on the decision made by the Judge who ruled count dankula guilty and Ordered him to pay a one thousand dollar Fine the judge stated as a matter of law The test is not whether the video was Offensive but whether it was grossly Offensive I concluded that your video Was not just offensive but grossly so as Well as menacing count dankila was able To overcome this Hiccup and still Maintains his popularity on YouTube up Until this day however the same can't be Said for the try guys member Ned former Whose entire career came to a crashing End after a single video was posted of Ned cheating on his wife the girl in the Video was fellow BuzzFeed employee Alex Herring who had been in BuzzFeed videos With Ned before and after the original Screenshot of the two kissing went viral A bunch of other evidence surfaced to

Confirm that Ned and Alex had been Seeing each other behind the scenes the Event was so scandalous not only because Ned his wife and Alex were all public Figures but because Ned's main stick Within the videos was that he loved his Wife so much and was therefore extremely Dedicated to the marriage Ned was Literally known as the wife guy and Would constantly talk about his wife and How much he loved her to the point where People have made compilations on YouTube Of him mentioning her as a result of the Scandal Ned was fired from his high Status position as one of the try guys Which was followed by the group posting Their own video to explain the decision Nedformer is no longer working with the Try guys we found that Ned had engaged In conduct Unbecoming of our team and we Knew that we could not move forward with Him he's now been fired and has publicly Embarrassed his wife and two children Turns out Mr Nice Guy Dependable isn't So nice and dependable after all Nedformer had months to stop his Eventual collapse however PewDiePie Wasn't quite so lucky as after making a Single joke in a single video he'd Accidentally changed the social media Landscape forever bar the video was Titled I've discovered the greatest Thing online and it was posted on the 11th of January 2017. the premise was

That PewDiePie was testing out the Website Fiverr there's a website called Fiverr where you basically can ask Anyone for anything for a five dollar And therefore as you might suspect the Video wasn't all that controversial in The beginning he'd order a subscribe Message from Jesus pay to have his Pictures photoshopped and even had Someone sing to him in Hebrew however it Will be after PewDiePie ordered from the Guys dancing in the jungle that things Became controversial as a part of the Fiverr deal PewDiePie was given the Opportunity to write a five-word message Which the guys would hold up on a sign In the video well PewDiePie decided to Have a bit of fun with it and wrote an Anti-semitic phrase just to see if They'd do it and as you can tell from PewDiePie's reaction they most certainly Did leading PewDiePie to State this I Didn't think they would actually do it I Feel partially responsible but just I Didn't think they would actually do like I'm not anti-symatic or whatever it's Called okay so don't get the wrong idea It was a funny meme and I didn't think It would work okay which was followed by The video being uploaded as usual However the response of the video Generated certainly wasn't usual as only Three days later articles began to pop Up explaining that PewDiePie had been

Dropped by his Disney owned Multi-channel Network upon seeing Disney Drop PewDiePie other advertisers such as Johnson and Johnson the UK government Coca-Cola and Dr Pepper removed all Advertising from the platform fearing That they might be put beside some Unsavory content in order to get these Advertisers to return YouTube introduced The demonetization of non-family Friendly content leading some creators To instantly lose more than half of Their revenue work with us our YouTube Money was cut by more than 60 PewDiePie Has since made a pretty good argument For why the adpocalypse wasn't really His fault however there was definitely No argument that Ryan Taylor could make After he'd post a complete lately Unhinged video titled Nerf war in Toys R Us the video began with the explanation That Toys R Us was closing down Permanently and therefore it would serve As the perfect place to have a Nerf war Before they officially closed however For the exact same reason the staff Members seemed completely unconcerned About keeping their jobs and began to Tackle the boys instantly Oh boy After this exchange occurred the Conflict escalated further you have no Authority foreign Good I'm telling you right now

Josh ready Which eventually resulted in them being Kicked out and Wrecking half of the Store in the process the video most Certainly received a mixed response some People saw it as a hilarious piece of Entertainment While others saw Ryan as Nothing more than an idiot messing with Low-wage workers who are already about To lose their jobs but while Ryan Taylor Had some support for the controversial Video the same couldn't be said for Logan Paul who quite possibly holds the Gold trophy for the most damage done to Our reputation as the result of one Single video Japan Forest Vlog three Words that transport everybody back to The 31st of December 2017 when Logan Decided that he wanted to have an Unconventional New Year's eve two years Ago I fell in love with the idea of um For New Year's slowing it down like Going somewhere that's really isolated So we're in Tokyo Japan right I figured This was the perfect time to do it Because if you look to my right low gang I give you the Aoki gahara After deciding to camp in the forest Logan and his crew found someone who had Recently passed away and while Logan was Extremely serious in the beginning it Wouldn't be long before he began to make Jokes at this point in time Logan was One of YouTube's most hated creators so

When he uploaded the video it created The Perfect Storm for the entire world To pile on with criticism the pressure Put on Logan prompted the now iconic so Sorry apology I've made a severe and Continuous lapse in my judgment and While this video received over 60 Million views making it quite possibly The most well-known mistake in YouTube History Logan was eventually able to Repair his reputation using some very Unique strategies

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