YouTube’s Most Controversial Influencer Ends His Career

YouTube's most hated crypto influencer Just had one of the craziest downfalls I've ever seen and it all happened in Just a few days a week ago Big Boy Crypto was promoting his latest crypto Project called bencoin and within days He was fired from his job admitted to Taking multiple drugs and then came Clean about cheating on his wife it was An insane few days watching the downward Spiral of one of the most notorious Crypto influencers ever so in this video Let's break it all down so the Individual we're talking about has been Known as Big Boy crypto for many years And most people know him by that name But his real name is Ben Armstrong which Is important to remember for later in The video bit boy has been a notorious Crypto show for just about every crypto Project that has hit the market on his YouTube channel of 1.4 million Subscribers he talks about hundreds of Different crypto projects every year and When a few of them eventually go up Massively he makes sure to let everyone Know he called it and you should always Listen to him when you throw 100 darts At a board obviously some will hit the Bullseye and many crypto and stock Influencers have been using this Con Game to make them look like experts for Years however what made Big Boy Infamous Was when he sued a YouTuber by the name

Of atozy last year he did this after a Tozi claimed that big boy was scamming His audience after coffeezilla and many Other large creators made videos calling Out bitboy for the stupid lawsuit and Atozi ended up raising hundreds of Thousands for his legal defense bitboy Dropped the lawsuit realizing he was now The laughing stock of YouTube and Wouldn't be able to financially screw a Tozy into the ground anymore here's Where we're at okay where at is at this Point it has become public it's become An absolute default we know Kobe game 100 000 so uh you know hopefully that Money will go to good use um so at this Point like I said there is nothing Really we can do Um you know the monies came in on his Side the lawsuit was never about money Um so hopefully you know it tells you Now that we're going to be officially Dropping this I don't I email my lawyer About 15 minutes where we went on air Here so that is going to be happening That event was what really made bit boy Notorious in my opinion and he's had a Few other scandals since then including His meltdown after being included in a Billion dollar lawsuit for promoting the FTX platform which he claimed he never Promoted but in far better lawyers to do Your due diligence to find out that I Never promote FTX instead of putting me

On there get slammed up with everybody Else the judge of Thor probably throw it Out because it's frivolous since these Stories it's become more apparent to a Lot of people just how unhinged this guy Really is and that became even more Apparent about a week ago when Ben Armstrong AKA bitboy was fired from the Bitboy YouTube channel now for most People myself included thought that Ben Armstrong was the owner of the bit boy YouTube channel if you look at the Oldest video on the channel it's from Five years ago and Ben is in the Thumbnail so he's always been the face Of the channel when it was announced he Was fired just a few days ago it had a Lot of people scratching their head not Understanding how this happened and for Me brought to mind the spider Spider-Man Meme with multiple versions of Ben just Pointing at each other because bitboy Crypto and Ben Armstrong seem like they Were one in the same after doing some Research it seemed that Ben had given Over control of running the business to Another man by the name of TJ shed who Runs the hit Network that bit boy crypto Is a part of it seems like Ben wanted to Focus more on making videos and spending Time with his family and leave the Day-to-day operations of running a Business to someone else other big YouTubers have done this as well with

Linus Tech tips being a good example Linus started out and ran the company For many years but has since appointed a New CEO to run the company while he gets To focus on making videos a few days ago The bit boy crypto Channel had a live Stream and in that stream they announced That Ben had been removed from the Company with their reasoning behind this Being that Ben had relapsed into Substance abuse and had also physically And emotionally damaged the employees of The company hello yesterday BJ Investment Holdings the parent company Of hit Network took decisive legal Action in removing Ben Armstrong from The company and specifically the bitboy Crypto brand This is a difficult decision is a Culmination of a prolonged effort to Help Ben during his relapse into Substance abuse as well as reconcile the Emotional physical and financial damage He has done to the employees of hit Network And the bitboy crypto community The bit Squad deserves better and we're Going to get through this together we Wish him the best and regret that it has Come to this and are hopeful for the Future of bit boy crypto hit network is Committed to empowering creators and we Will continue to do that every day thank You that clip they released made some

Pretty bold claims and if Ben was Physically attacking employees and doing Hard drugs could lead to some serious Legal issues for Ben if true now Ben's Initial response to all of this was Extremely combative he had been removed From the bitboy crypto Twitter account But began posting on the Twitter account Of his new crypto coin called bencoin Which he still controlled after the big Boy team claimed he was doing drugs Again Ben released a photo of a drug Test he did on Twitter that he claims Showed he was clean of any drugs in his System this was his first of many Attempts to discredit the accusations Against him Ben later went on to say he Was going to do everything in his power To fight the bitboy team to get his Company back and things looked like they Were only going to heat up from there But that's when things started to take Another strange turn a few days after The initial story about Ben being fired A lot of rumors started to spread in the Crypto world the story was Far bigger And that Ben had been cheating on his Wife for many years with the Chief Operating Officer of his crypto coin Named Cassandra wolf now normally when It comes to family matters I wouldn't Really talk about this since it was Initially all just rumors and looked Like an attempt to make Ben look even

Worse however a day after the cheetah Group is broke Ben and his wife made a Video where they confirmed the whole Story he admitted to cheating on his Wife he admitted taking some drugs and Also admitted to acting erratically Which he claimed was a result of diet Pills he was taking started a bit Squad I know I let people down The word relapse is an interesting word Because I I think The way I interpreted the way other People may have interpreted are not the Same I haven't done cocaine I haven't done Meth I haven't done drugs like that Didn't relapse But I've been taking diet pills and I've Been taking some steroids some stuff That I thought was helping me it helped Me get my body in shape you guys know I Was very out of shape I was doing Everything I can To try to do the best And you know the thing is is that I guess I was acting crazy I thought I Was And obviously a lot of people know at This point and if you don't you're gonna Know now I had an affair I did And I know That I have a family brand that's my Brand family

And this is my family And I had an affair And it went on for a while And You know The other person is not a bad person I Want to say that I take full Responsibility for all of this now that Clip has a lot to break down the first Is the drug use Ben states that he never Did any hard drugs like meth or Coke but That he was taking diet pills to lose Weight and testosterone and another Steroid to help him stay in shape and Build muscle when he admitted to that Many people thought it sounded Ridiculous because Ben isn't a jacked Guy he has lost a lot of weight from his Earlier days on the channel but he won't Be competing in any bodybuilding Competitions anytime soon as someone who Has watched a lot of more plates more Dates YouTube channel Derek the owner of That channel makes it a point to say Just how many normal looking guys are on Steroids not everyone who takes steroids Is going to look jacked and you have to Put in massive amounts of effort in the Gym and have a clean diet on top of Taking roids to look jacked and even With that some guys will never get Amazing physiques so while it may seem Odd that someone like big boy is on Roids it's not something that's unheard

Of by any means and is a lot more common Than I think most people realize Ben Also claims that the diet pills and Roids are what made him act erratic and Apologizes to any staff that felt he was Inappropriate after making these claims About diet pills and steroids it started To shed some light on past Clips we've Seen a Ben and just how quick he is to Get pissed off at the slightest offense you I received this paperwork I Love it I'm going to bury you I I don't think You understand How misled on the situation you are and How wrong you're going to find out and You're gonna pay buddy go LLY don't Agree that you can just write off all Your bad behavior on the diet pills and Roids it does shed a new light on why Ben has acted so unhinged in recent Videos while I do hope that Ben is Sincere and wanting to get his life back On track I do have to say that a lot of This feels like a way to weasel his way Back into the bit boy company in that Same video Ben talks about how he's Going to sit down with the big boy team And hopefully work something out which Is a far cry from a few days ago when he Was extremely combative and said he Would be taking them to court I think Ben realized that if you went that route It could take months or years before it

Could control the bit boy brand back if Ever and trying to reconcile would Potentially be the much better option The bitboy crypto channel has continued To put out videos without Ben and all of Them are now filled with comments saying The brand is dead without Ben so it's Clear that both Ben and bit boy need Each other to succeed I do also want to Mention that there are allegations from Some that the real reason Ben was Dropped from bit boy was his continued Promotion of shady crypto projects Ben Was sued in a billion dollar FTX lawsuit For allegedly promoting that crypto scam And if more lawsuits were to follow and Ben was still running bit boy crypto Those assets could come into play in a Lawsuit kicking Ben from the company may Be a way for the bit boy brand to Protect themselves from the actions of Ben while outwardly telling everyone he Was fired for his drug use I don't know If any of that is actually true but it's An interesting Theory now Ben Armstrong Has been promoting his new crypto coin Bencoin over the past few months and Since news broke that Ben was fired the Coin has tanked in value many of the Investors in the coin feel Ben Armstrong's firing and admission of drug Use and inappropriate behavior has Tarnished the coin and won out where all Of this goes from here I really don't

Know but it's clear that both Ben Armstrong and the big boy crypto YouTube Channel need each other if they want to Succeed ultimately I hope Ben gets his Life back on track at the very least for His family's sake but is it's hard to Feel bad for Ben after everything he's Done over the years including trying to Silence multiple influencers who spoke Out about him let me know in the Comments below if you think the bit boy Brand will take Ben back or if this is The end of the line for both bitboy and Ben

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