YouTube’s New Policy WILL End Content Creator’s Careers…

So the other day YouTube decided to Release some new guidelines as to what Type of content can be monetized on Their platform and needless to say it's Been a complete train wreck and Universally all creators seem to hate The new guidelines uh that YouTube is Putting out there and it's massively Demonetizing content that has been Monetized on their platform for 5-10 Plus years this content has been there Completely fine and now all of a sudden No No Youtube doesn't want to put ads on It so it's been a complete train wreck Everyone's being affected by some of the Largest creators out there and there's a Good chance that the gaming Niche Specifically is gonna have to make Massive changes specifically who made Content around you know like GTA or Shooter type games that content is going To have to shift massively if they want To continue to make money on the Platform thanks to YouTube's wonderful New guidelines and it's not just gaming This has affected me as well the last Video that I produced just two days ago That video was demonetized based on YouTube's new rules and I had to go back And make some edits to it in order to Pacify YouTube and it gets some revenue From that video so let's go over the Actual guidelines that they are now Trying to force down the throat of

Creators now it's a long list we're not Going to go over all of the two issues I Want to cover are the Violence Section And the inappropriate language so let's Go over inappropriate language first it Says our approach to profanity is Changing all varieties of profanity are Now treated equally meaning they are not Different based on levels of severity so For example light moderate strong or Extreme and we are not treating hell and Damn as profanity anymore therefore Promanity used in the title thumbnails Or in the videos first seven seconds or Used consistently throughout the video May not receive ad Revenue okay so this Is actually a very big change and I want To go over why that is now they've had Guidelines as to profanity in the past And if you wanted to make money you had To follow those guidelines and that's Completely fine but what they're doing Now is they're changing the guidelines And they're actually going back and Demonetizing old videos that were Following the old guidelines right so if You follow the rules two years ago that That video could receive Revenue but the Rules have changed right it's basically They're like Darth Vader from The Empire Strikes Back they've changed the rules And there's nothing you can do about it Uh so a lot of content is being Demonetized based on cuss words that in

The past you could say now you no longer Can so I actually reached out to a lot Of larger creators uh people I've talked To in the past one of the creators is Actually a guy named Isaac Butterfield He has 1.8 million subscribers he's a Comedian based out of Australia now Australians just on average seem to use Uh profanity just in their normal Language more often and I'm not being Racist many Australians will say that And uh Isaac if you actually watch his Videos he's been very good where he Doesn't say cuss words in the first 30 Seconds of the the YouTube video because That used to should be the old guy old Guideline right don't cuss in the first 30 seconds then basically basically you Can say whatever you want after that and You're fine uh and I reached out to him Because in the guidelines it says uh First SEC seven seconds or use Consistently throughout the video and That's what Isaac did right he used to Not cuss in the first 30 seconds and Then after that he would cuss throughout The video and that was fine videos were Monetized he could make money from that He said that many of his new videos that He put out have now been partially Demonetized based on YouTube's new Guidelines and I'm sure this is Affecting hundreds of thousands of other Creators as well so that that's

Incredibly inappropriate for YouTube to Punish someone punish these creators who Were following the guidelines don't cuss For first 30 seconds and then you can Cuss you can say what you want after That and now they're like nope changing The rules your videos get demonetized That's not okay YouTube now I I I'm Actually going to say something in YouTube's defense right now if YouTube Wants to change the rules about Profanity and they don't want people Cussing throughout the new videos going Forward they can make that change but to Go back and retroactively change the Past and demonetize all those old videos Where people were following the rules in The past that's just wrong so the other Issue I want to talk about is the Violent section of the new guidelines it Says non-graphic dead bodies presented Without any context game violence Directed at a real name person or acts That are manufacturing to create Shocking experiences such as brutal mass Killings implied moment of death such as Bombings may not receive ad Revenue Standard gameplay where gory injuries Are present after the first eight Seconds non-graphic tragedies in their Aftermath such as footage of a town Flooded or police seizures as part of a Law enforcement Raymond receive ad Revenue now this is not entirely true

Because this has actually affected my Channel so the video that I posted two Days ago it was about coffeezilla and Logan Paul but at the start of the video I briefly mentioned uh Jeremy Renner if You don't know he's one he he's one of The Avengers he's Hawkeye right and he Was actually recently injured in a snow Plow accident and at the very beginning Of the video I showed the uh image that He released on his Instagram page of him In the hospital now I'll try and show it Again I don't know if YouTube will Demonetize it I might have to cover it Up again uh but it is later in the video Now this image that I showed is in no Way graphic at all right it's just his Face he has some scratches on his face a Little bit of damage but his face isn't Ripped open there isn't blood everywhere This isn't a gory image by any means Whatsoever right and I put that in my Video in the first 30 seconds and YouTube was instantly like nope you Cannot receive money for this that's a Gory image and we don't want to put ads On that that is absolutely ridiculous How incredibly strict these new rules Are that is in no way a gory image right And if you don't believe me that's why My video got demonetized if there's Another Creator watching this put that Picture at the beginning of your video First 30 seconds and it's going to get

Demonetized as well now it actually gets Much worse than that because some of the Largest uh creators on the platform uh Penguin are most critical as many people Know him uh 12 million subscribers he Actually got several of his videos Demonetized as well and what's Interesting is he got his video Demonetrized uh partially demonetized Because he had an ad for his comic book He has an animated comic book and they Made a trailer for it and there's you Know an image of his his superhero Character smashing into a building and You know some people die it's not the Most graphic thing ever but that Actually got his video demonetized as Well even though it's graphic it's it's Not real or anything like that you do YouTube's like no that is no longer Acceptable you're not getting any money For this now this is gonna have massive Implications for many people on YouTube Many channels are getting like half of Their old videos all demonetized and Specifically content uh related around Like Shooters like uh you know a Call of Duty type gaming channel or any type of Content I don't know maybe even fortnite At this point I really don't know but Any type of violent content uh and that That's they are saying that gaming Shooting type games are violent content Anything like that uh now runs the risk

Uh basically being able to make no money From your videos going forward now this Has been big news I know moist critical I think he's made two videos at this at This point there's been several other Creators who have made videos about this At this point and YouTube up until now Has said absolutely nothing right YouTube needs to fix this going forward Putting an image of a dude in the Hospital with some minor scratches on His face the fact that that got my video Demonetized is the stupidest thing I Have ever seen in my life YouTube so Whatever you do you need to make changes To your guidelines and for people Watching please reach out to YouTube Don't say anything mean of course don't Cuss at them because they don't like That when you cuss at them but just very Nicely tell YouTube that you don't like Their new guidelines right this is going To ruin creators that have been on the Platform for a long time and it's going To make the platform uh a lot worse now What's really weird about it is YouTube Has a different platform specifically For children right they have a kids app So kids aren't even supposed to be using The normal YouTube platform it's Supposed to be specifically for adults So the fact that all of this very basic Content that isn't gory that isn't Violent is now getting demonetized for

Adults is just absolutely ridiculous But I'd love to know uh you know your Opinion go ahead and leave in the Comments below what do you think about YouTube's new monetization rules uh is It just something YouTube creators need To work with or does YouTube need to Make some changes and and you know pull Back on a lot of these changes they've Made

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